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  1. Here is a shot of TR:FF at PKD. TR:FF was down most of the day.
  2. If you like shows, I could see spending a full day.I went in December so I missed all the water rides.Maybe thats why it seemed so quick of a park. We did 12 laps on Thunderhead, 6 on Blazing Fury and around 8 on Tennesee Tornado. That said, I think you could get a whole day in if you wanted to.
  3. I'm surprised they have two red cars, shouldn't one of them be white like in the movie?
  4. Hairy arms,man hands and plain pasta had to be Elissa ^ lol
  5. I could never find time to get a trip together with everybody to go, so I went by myself at one am in the morning from Jersey. I arrived at the park by 9 after a quick trip to Mickey D's. Next I found myself in the 2 hour line to ride. I was psyched to ride it more than anything else. After getting to the station I stood in line for the front. The crew kept calling out single riders, any single riders, but I wanted the front. It was now only one train away until my first ride on TTD and than the train died. Wtf? just my luck. Well, lucky for me, only 20 minutes and I'm on the next train. The best part was sitting there waiting to be launched.I was pumped,but I don't remember climbing the hill or anything just looking out into Lake Erie for two seconds, spun down, flew into the brakes and that was it. This was the first time I bought an on ride photo just to prove that I was at CP. In all I drove 14 hours. waited 6 and half hours for three rides TTD,MF and Raptor. What's that about 4minutes 17 secs lol. Bubba" I would have waited if I knew KK would be at my home park" Z
  6. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=500 here are the pics, I thought it was going indoors as well WTF? Even the picture on the website looks like it's indoors, nice and dark.
  7. Wow :shock: Maybe he was thinking about that Mexican place over by Rolling Thunder. If it was closed, how was Robb eating there in his video? Bubba" I couldn't imagine not using my free egg roll coupon" Z
  8. ^^ It says the 23rd of February on the pictures, but I'm going opening day so I will take pictures and let you know if it is open.
  9. I never went out of my way until last year, mostly we went to the Wildwood boardwalk here in NJ . Than if we were at a park we would do the water park as well. HH sfgadv,sfne,sfa. Water Country USA and Dorney. This year we're going to Mountain Creek Park.
  10. I learned on a 67 veedub when I first got my license. The first time I drove an automatic I would always press my foot down looking for the clutch and instead hit the brake all the time. Now I drive an automatic since my 73 VW is dead in the garage. One day it might come back alive.(doubt it)
  11. Last DVDs, Harold and Kumar go to WC. funniest part was with the cop, Kumar? Whats that like two O's and two U's. Shark Tales, Grudge, Open water, Friday Night lights, Shaun of the dead and Vote for Pedro(Napoleon Dynamite) Last big screen movie: Bogeyman. It had a couple of good parts but it wasn't really scary. White Noise and SAW, now on DVD Bubba "Can't wait for the Ring 2 "Z
  12. PKD OPENING DAY SFGADV about fifty times Clementon Park HP,KPP.KW,DP,DW PKI SFKK SDC Dells Orlando SFA BGW SFNE Bubba "try and see my brother in Austria for a kiddy credit" Z
  13. I would have bought this instead last year at the Dutch Wonderland auction. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v490/FunnelCake/0117a524.jpg It was 2,500 just to take it down. Bidding started at 10,000 than 5k,2k, 200 than dollar. I didn't remember seeing last time I went so maybe they sold it, or went off to scrap yard or museum.
  14. first go to rcdb, find the address for both parks. Than, take that info and go to mapquest or any other map service and you'll have an answer.
  15. I voted SheiKra ,because I have never been on a drop coaster. KK will be cool becuase it's only 30 minutes away instead of 7 hours.
  16. Hello to everyone. I'm Bubba and live in NJ. My home park is Story Book Land. :shock: anyway Robb and Elissa it's great that you added a forum to you're site.Thanks to you're trip reports I have made more visits to new parks last summer (16) than the past 5 years. If anybody is headed to Kingda ka this summer Hollar, because I'm always up to meet new people. Bubba " only 6 weeks to go for 2005 season" Z
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