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  1. If you wanted to credit run these parks I could see doing it in 25 days and adding parks like... Holiday world, Beech Bend, SFKK, Martins, Clementon Park , more of the Jersey piers and Sea Breeze. Day one.. Playland Park open Lake Compounce mid day Six Flags New England close Day 2.... Dorney Park 10-4 Knoebels 6-cl Day 3... (In PA, you could add, Lakemont, Del Grosso's and Idlewild.) Hersheypark Day 4 ... (they could be more of a struggle to add tho) Kennywood Day 5.. Waldameer Day 6.. Darien Lake. Add on Martin's and Sea Breeze. Since coming from NYC I would do these parks in this order ( Sea Breeze, Darien, Martin's ) plus do Niagara Falls at night !! DAY 7 &8 .. Canada´s Wonderland (2 days) I would stop at Marineland. DAY 9 ... Michigan´s Adventure DAY 10, 11 AND 12 Six Flags Great America Indiana Beach Add on Holiday world, Beech Bend and SFKK. Day 13 and 14... Cedar Point (2 days) Day 15 Kings´s Island Day 16 Camden Park Two hours here then Keep driving that day to save time. DaY 17... King´s Dominion Day 18 & 19 ... Busch Gardens (2 days) add the water park day 2 Day 20 , 21, 22 Six Flags America and DC. Day 23.... Moreys Piers Playland Castaway Cove Gillians Wonderland ....add two more piers, Jenks and Sea side. Day 24 and 25.... Six Flags Great Adventure (2 days) You could add on Clementon lake park here in the Morning of day 24. Finish the trip with a night ride on the Cyclone.
  2. You lucked out, Saturday was a buy out day for Pfizer which got cancelled. Now you just need to worry about the rain. If the rain does hold out , you can catch the brand new Fireworks show ! With the rain , I'd play Sunday by ear with the flash pass. It wouldn't hurt getting one since you only have a day to do the park. Unless it's ultra packed, I would than get a Gold. I always do Sfgadv counter clockwise. Start with the Dark Knight, B:tr, Nitro, Skull Mt, Blackbltt, Bizarro, El Toro, Rolling Thunder, Ka, Gasm, Supes. You also have Saturday night to figure out which way would for you as well. Supes, Ka, Toro, Bizarro and Nitro will have decent size lines anywhere from an 45 minutes to an hour. This was yesterday and most schools aren't out yet. Rolling Thunder is the slowest line in the park, Try and ride Saturday in the rain. Should make for a better ride anyway. Best of the West hands down is great inside the park. They also do have a new eatery complex on the boardwalk. I haven't been so I couldn't tell you, sorry. Plus run of the mill things like Nathan's, Johnny Rockets and Papa John's Outside you can find pizza, mexican, wawa, Kfc , Dunkin, Mc Donalds, and Burger King all within a mile of the park. Going around the city seems fine , NJTP is either 14-15 dollars for the whole thing. I know from exit 3 to 7a is $1.60 and to go to exit 14a is only 5.50 from exit 3 . It's not that bad compared to Pa. Look to spend $6 from Nyc to 7a. Might even google that to check. 295 and 195 are pretty much normal roads with pretty much light traffic. Nothing like the loop in DC.
  3. Umm... hopefully she got there, this thread is 4 years old. Good for future trips I guess. . So CoasterJunkie how long did it take you?
  4. What you wanna do is... show up at 9 p.m, get 2 rides on sups, one on thunderbolt and cyclone then leave. That's what we did on friday before we got bored with the park and left for la Ronde
  5. ^ Start up Amusement park geocaching or letterboxing #7 Stupid light bulb/ lamp ?
  6. Nice ..win by default! I really thought that one duck was a lightbulb in that picture. The ball pit one was tough as well, I kept staring at that little kid wondering what he was thinking about.
  7. Philadelphia Crimson Tide Ricochet He Got Game ? Malcolm X ? Bone Collector Man on Fire Fallen
  8. I counted 9, but since all those spots are taken. My final answer is 10. Great trip reports Mike.
  9. Glad I could help out on the roadshow, Big Mike. Hellcat would of been cool on saturday but I was relaxing at Canobie.
  10. If you travel through DE on your way to Ocean City, make sure you stop by your bar and check up on the employee's . While there, you also need to check out the Haunted Mansion at Fun land. Big Mikes Frozen Tundra 1904 Highway One Ste 1 Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
  11. Dave, I'm finally glad you got your Batman credit. I still forget why we didn't ride that day with Guy ?
  12. ^ I enjoyed it while it was called Wildcat at Williams Grove as well. I'm glad the town didn't make the park owners tear it down after putting so much work into it... (Something about permits and height and Blah blah blah) the trains and track look amazing. If you ever find yourself going to Wisp Mt from the east, this park is along the way. Well westbound side, anyway Check it out!
  13. BM, This place is a dump. Half the rides and games are broken. I wouldn't waste any more gas money by going to this place again, good luck! Haunted Coaster... -1 credit. I've Been broke for over a month now! Planet Dud! Please call before you leave!
  14. 1. Kingda Ka 2. No Hay Ride this year, pretty much just the actors walking around are the best part since the lines are super long and not worth the wait. Here's a review from my friend at Gadvupdates. gadvupdates.com/forums/index.php/topic,1792.0.html 3. Go towards closing hour after everyone else has ridden it. 4. Yes you can leave the park and Re-enter 5. Best of West. Pricey but good! 6. Again Yes , just ask someone at the main gate for one.
  15. Robb, the reason for the change were for the Asian high rollers. They felt as if they were being eaten by the tiger when walking into the casino. That's why they changed it and placed the new statue out front. It's all about Feng Shui and superstitions, just as most casinos hotels don't have a 13th floor. Ok back to Disney talk, sorry!
  16. Criag, they have Hercules at the best arcade ever here at Fun Town pier in Jersey. It's called Flashback featuring all the greatest games from the 80's As for the Kiddie credit, I did hop on with my daughter but the ride-op asked me to please get off. I guess next year I'll have to do the event!
  17. That's not fair, I'm just as big as you and they let you on the Kiddie coaster at lakemont. Well, it's great to see a different train other than #8 on Leap-the-Dips. You now also have two credits I don't have as it was raining the day I went and the Toboggan was closed.
  18. Ted, it was finally great to meet you at one of the best events of the season! Hopefully next year it will actually be Phall and not summer.
  19. Dude , Ive been to that Wendy's and it sucked. They always seem to be out of Dr. Pepper when I go! Nice trip Reports guys! Wildcat was my Final credit in NJ and I was also glad it was open when I went.
  20. It's been the best season ever at Sfgadv since 99, 00. Every time I went to the park this year I've had the same experience. I think most people find S:UF boring and not worth the wait if the line is over an hour long.
  21. 9/1/07 Thriller - L.OM.B , morning Wildcat- Keansburg , lunch Kingda Ka- First Night Ride.
  22. Every time I see one, I think of Nitro and want to drive to the park.
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