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  1. ^ That was actually Walt's personal plane. So we were told on the back lot tour. 1. you know where to find me 2. sounds good
  2. Yeah I suck, looks like I miss out on a great time!
  3. Wally, you should be on the food network and Host $40 a day. You go to way more superior places then Rachel Ray and the food looks 10x better. Maybe you should just write a book about great beer and food in Nor-cal ? Coaster Palooza Agreed!
  4. ^ Dave, you better hurry back for your credit on B:TR before the whole area gets knocked down. Only kidding about that, you have at least one more season I'm going miss the drop part of the ride, the rest was just painful. I guess we have about 8 flats left in the park now worth riding.
  5. I'm still trying to convince my wife to transfer to the Hong Kong Ikea. The people without Ikea don't worry, they are building 10 new stores a year.
  6. The map of SFGADV is so retro as well. It's amazing not seeing Nitro, Medusa, S:UF ,KK and of course El Toro. The only thing I would want them to bring back is the season pass parking lot in that picture.
  7. Great night shots! I also experienced the same thing on FOF. I think it has something to due with the orange seats ? They seemed lower than the blacks ones. I was also stapled and couldn't wait to get off. The best part of the night was the final lap on volcano, as we had the whole train to ourselves.
  8. The Dragon at Rye Playland or Thunderbolt at SFNE. I had so much fun on those coasters.
  9. Any TR with White Castle is awesome The Schaumberg Ikea is the Highest volume store in the U.S. right now as my wife works for the one here in Phila. Somehow I got the Deja Vu credit on the first try but no Whizzer due to rain Cloud gate looks amazing and for 23 million it should. Again great TR, I now want to go to Weber grill!
  10. ^ Yes, it's the blue train. I always found the back to be rough before the accident but that's just me.
  11. ^ I was going to ask the same thing. I should of went to one of those parks last year than going to SFAW. Looks like you had a blast , Thanks for the pictures.
  12. Dave it's not called whack the Iraq but it still there. It has something to do with Insurgents now. Joe nice re-cap of my summer, good Job.
  13. I feel like I heard this news back in June. The Catanoso brothers lease was up and Trump wanted to extend the Taj Mahal across the boardwalk with Condos, shops and resturants. I was just there Thursday night. I bought a booklet of 35 tickets for $25. I figured I had the credits so I would just ride the Disko and my daughter could get her credits on the Wild mouse and little leaper. Well, we both ended up only riding Disko and the Mouse for 34 tickets. Lucky for Hannah, our friend showed up with extra tickets so she could get the little leaper credit. So, if you plan on going buy the all day wristband for $35. As for Funtown, I heard it will take at least two more years before it closes.
  14. Ouch. Check out that outfit! Standing in front of the original Journey into Imagination. ^ I don't see anything wrong with wearing a green and white strip shirt. By the way, are you the only member left ? I'm not sure if I like the Epcot pictures better or the picture of the BK'S I admit, I too had the jacket and the shoes at one point in my childhood.
  15. I don't want to stray off topic and make this a pet thread , but Damm that cat looks just like mine. edit :resize photo Mustafa from ECW!
  16. ^looking forward to the rest , Especially the KD part since you hated XLC.
  17. I just clicked on RCDB and this came up Coaster: Sierra Tonante Park: Mirabilandia Looks like I'm going on the Spain/Italy trip. Waits for flyer!
  18. If you go after 5 it's only 14bucks Great TR I like the Super-Troopers moment with the maple syrup, and Flying turns looks awesome.
  19. After finding out I fit on S:ros on Tuesday, I decided to go back with Drkliter (Tom) and meet up with Frissbeking (Rob), and Mike on Thursday. This time the traffic was much worst and took around 4 hours to get there. Once we parked at Cooks in the Kitchen ( 5 dollars cheaper) we headed over the bridge to met Rob and Mike who had been at the park since opening. They had already purchased a gold q-bot so we headed straight for S:ros. Signature shot One #2 S:ros was very forceful in the second helix. That, or the heat and not eating was killing me so we headed for a a slice at Papa Johns. After this we decided on walking to the far end of the park for Batman the Dark Knight. First off, we had to say hello to Kevin Smith's favorite character before we rode. I found the back much smoother than the front. This shot cost me 5 bucks as I couldn't fit the whole sign in a picture. Next time your at the park try it for yourself. Since the Superheros rides were done, we headed back to Thunderbolt, but first we got a little looney ^They must of rubbed off on us because we actually stopped and rode an open Mind Eraser that we heard might be down all season. Tom found out Vekoma Hang and bangs aren't that fun and they should stick with Mad Houses, not coasters. Rob looks like he is having fun. After that quick ride we rode scream and made or way over to an empty T-bolt station. The ride doesn't look like much but it did deliver a couple of surprises. Next we found ourselves in the back row for Cyclone, Wow talk about getting your spine adjusted. I could only imagine going down the original first drop seen here. If that wasn't enough we rode catapult. This is one of the Craziest flat rides ever. The restraints kept on getting tighter and tighter before the ride even moved. I was worried about the ride breaking again upside down, but luckily it never happened. Here is the new queue.(Sorry I didn't get the ride , it was closing time when I took it) Another crazy flat was the Huss Frisbee. This was my first and last time going on one of these as I almost made a friend with a tree after my ride. We forgot Tom's token credit on Flashback and than headed for Fun ride but we spun more in the final break run than the whole ride it's self , oh well. This ride also offers the single rider line for you sad and pathetic riders. Now for some night photos and a quick walk back to S:ROS OK, so we made it back Back inside the station the crew was on fire with 2 minute dispatch times. This sad and pathetic guy kept on holding the train for some odd reason. Night rides are insane! After 7 laps I was now understanding how good this ride really was. Too bad it broke on lap #8 No more trains for the night. We Stopped for some snacks while Tom white Knuckled No Tom ,that's not you. By the time Tom finished his ride on Night Wing it was time to head home. This might have been the only time I've been to a Six Flags park where every ride was open, Great Job SFNE we had a blast! This trip report brought to you by a and a duck! Thanks for reading.
  20. ^^Thank you Katie . I wasn't sure if they were talking about the West va located in south asia ? Now that would have been a huge mistake to say it was close to Pittsburgh.
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