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  1. I'm not even sure the curtain was working last time i went. The thing you do need to worry about is the three inches of water in the bottom of the raft and you're drenched shoes when you get off.
  2. Indiana Beach Rocks ! It reminds me of Wildwood meets Knoebels. I need to get a Taco the next time I go. Thanks for the pics!
  3. Yes, it scanned at the gate. My friend has a Dorney pass and he walked right in as well.
  4. Yes, I used my Carowinds pass at KD without any problems. Now I just need to see if it works at an original Cedar Fair park.
  5. ^ Very true, I'm lazy and spent 129.00 for my Sfgadv pass as I could of drove to SFA and gotten it for 49.99. I lucked out and bought my Maxx pass at Carowinds for 89.
  6. Hey Sue ! We rode the Flyers five times in a row. Grizzly three times Hurler twice, you get the point. Rain, plus cheerleaders = empty park, it was great! Oh by the way carolinacaniac, I was the one in the Carowinds sweatshirt .
  7. Yes the park is full of them. As well as signs on 95 going to the park. I've heard it will take at least a year to phase them all out. Same goes for Carowinds as I was there the week before. I'm happy to report the NC/SC sign is no longer cut in half and replaced with a new one. If I hadn't left my camera at my sisters house in Va I'd post it.
  8. Agreed, Head for the back on El Toro. As for the station, I find that most people wait for the front on El Toro leaving the back half pretty empty. KK, ride in the First two cars only! Do not sit in the back due to major rattle.
  9. No it wasn't busy and Chiller was closed. They were however sending trains out.
  10. I would agree with James the Comet is a lot bigger in person. That picture I posted was taken only a month ago so it's pretty much how it looks today. hmm and I thought CLP was ghetto..pause....NOT! well compared to that picture it's not.
  11. The Comet. The lift hill fell down from the weight of a snowstorm a couple years ago. This picture was taken from Geocaching.com ..I went up about a month ago but forgot my camera in the other car
  12. MF and TTD have the shortest belt's on any coaster, make sure you use the test seat before waiting in line. Like Carnage said, "You will have more problems on Intamin than B&M". ^As you can see I was about 255 @ 6''0 tall opening day taking up most of the seat. I also had to suck in my gut a little for the sensor to go off, but I could breathe as some weren't so lucky. I also have skinny legs, which I think help out a lot fitting on Toro. Any launched coaster with OTSR's shouldn't be a problem for anyone under 280 lbs. T bars forget about it.
  13. We have the 3 at the Miami-Dade County Fair /\/\/\/\ Look at the calandar. Oh my bad, didn't realize you <3 wacky worms so much. I'd rather sit through an off season waiting for El Toro to open than ride one of those three coasters at the fair. Oh and "calandar" is spelled Calendar look up there ^^^
  14. Yeah Uncle Bernie's kicks ass. Oh, wait.... that's in Ft. lauderdale . I forgot you're from Miami where they don't have coasters . I now understand you're point!
  15. Today was my first time on Gwazi and I found Lion to be actually good. While Tiger was very rough and painful as everyone else told me it was going to be. I was just happy they were running BOTH sides today!! It was a one train wait for both sides. Sheikra, good, but too short. I enjoyed watching it more than riding. 3 train wait front . Walk on back. Kumba was just as good as I remembered from opening day. 2 train wait for last row. Cheetah Chase is the slowest mouse I've been on. Overall wait time 20-25 Min's. Finally, Montu! The best ride in the park and overall the best Blue B&M coaster out there. It really was the Bomb! Longest wait of the day being around 30 Min's.
  16. Taken from their web-site. Also posted to TPR a while back. My question is, How often do they run only one side on Gwazi compared to both? I would hate to miss the one credit on my only day there. Great pictures Erik , Thanks !
  17. Happy Birthday E ! You're Whack a mole game should be there any day now
  18. http://www.lo-q.com/ This will you tell you all you need to know.
  19. ^Smelly cat, smelly cat! sing along Great photo's, glad you had fun in Cali
  20. As Sfgadv being my home park, Sfgam is totally different even with the two clones. Sfgam has way more flat rides, a free water park, and a better atmosphere. It really is one of the nicer 6Flags out there.
  21. They should also add games like Washers and lawn darts. I'm sure I would head out to the park just for that alone.
  22. ^It's a stand alone attraction. I know Tommy( Tommy and James.net) did a P:TR of it somewhere. To sum it up it was really bad and not worth the $12. I can't wait to get back to DollyFood. So wait, no shots of the library?
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