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  1. He does look like Hr puff and stuff with a touch of Grimace, No Not you Robb, the crazy zoo character.
  2. I have never seen the park look so busy, and to think those people were actually waiting in line for Shockwave I'd have to agree with finding the Grizzly entrance. It was hard enough before to find it let alone find it tucked away where it is now. Stupid Go-karts
  3. NO ERT this year, and I'll make sure I walk pass the bushes slowly so I won't get scared!
  4. Since both BB and SFKK can be done in three hours , what else would he do for the rest of the day. Both IB and HW are better parks at Night. BB by 10 leave by 12 HW do 3 -cl SFKK 11-1 IB 4-CL session.
  5. ^^ I remember that update! $12 bucks and still getting bad reviews. looks like I'll just drive by the next time I go to DW.
  6. Clementon is definitely a drive by park on the way to the Jersey shore. You could fit in about a dozen laps on Tsunami (J2) in about an hour or two depending on the ride-ops. Plus it's only 14 dollars after 5 o'clock on certain nights , so it's totally worth it just to ride Tsunami and experience the log flume. Here's another Idea for your trip Day one Wildwood, Ocean City, Clementon Day two SFGADV Day Three SFNE /LC
  7. 1. Jack Rabbit CLP 50. Sooperdooperlooper 100. Beast 150. Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain Last coaster ridden 164. Might Mouse
  8. Soren, First off it's nice to Hear that you are still alive. It's also nice that you started with AKL, because I plan to stay there come October. The lobby looks amazing and my daughter will love the animals being right next to the pool! Erik, All Star wasn't the greatest but the rooms seemed just the same as being over at Caribbean Beach. I also like the fact I don't need to drive if staying on Disney property. The shuttle buses are so convenient when leaving the park tired. With you being a local I guess it's easier just to drive everywhere because you know where your going.
  9. Article here says it was reopened yesterday at 1pm timesdispatch
  10. Did you find the basement at the Alamo ? Great TR so far, SFFT looks nice, it's one six flags that I'm still looking forward to.
  11. These changes won't be happening anytime soon, you have at least two more years to get the credits. I'll miss the Flashback Arcade more than the pier itself.
  12. ^^ Those are the reason why you should love S:uf , not hate it.
  13. I wish they would do more with the Halloween tours, It looks like the day trip is better.
  14. Here's some photo's and a quick tr of mine to Centrilla Well I found out the hard way never visit Hershey on Memorial day weekend. I never thought it would be that busy! That picture is just a glimpse of the how many people were at the park. It reminded me of the time I lost my car at Epcot the first time I went in 1990. We parked at location 64 and made our way to Chocolate world. If you didn't know by now they totally re-vamped the whole themeing to the ride with singing cows Iwish I had better photo's of the tour , but I really don't. Just imagine parts of the old tour ripped out and replaced by the singing cows. The ending is now a wall of movies every where you look instead of the light up pictures. They also show how they package their products and don't worry about the on-ride photo, it's still there only now a cow takes your picture. Ok, so after that we get our free sample of Kissables , cruise the gift area and leave. Now outside, we debate about spending any more money here. The answer, No ! We end up next door at Wendy's and Decide our next move. But first more pictures. This would be the closest I would get to any coaster at Hershey. Plus, here's what's New in 2007 Now with a full belly ,we decided to do some Geo-caching in Centrilla. Now I've passed this place before going to Knoebels on RT 61, but never knew the whole story until this year after the making of Silent Hill . Here is a Web site about the town and what happened. http://www.offroaders.com/album/centralia/centralia.htm So , if you read the link, you get the Idea. Here are my photo's as well. We entered from the south end of 61. Walked about a half mile to the good stuff As you see they try and repave the area but it keeps cracking The white area in the photo is steaming smoke, if you didn't know what you are looking at. Another hill side on fire Me and my 250th cache! The empty town, with maybe a dozen houses left. That whole area was pretty cool, but be very careful if you plan on going ! Well since we found the town, and followed signs that took you to Knoebels I decided not to turn back on 81 and stay straight on 54 to 487 to the best Old school park in the world It seemed just as busy as Hershey But once inside it was only a two train wait for the Phoenix. It seemed to be running great especially the double down. Tom rode everything else by himself and then we took my daughter to the pool to cool off. It was now 9 o'clock so we Grabbed some potato pancakes and Headed for home. It turned out to be a great day ...One coaster, one cache, and 360 miles later we were home a little after 11.
  15. ^Still laughing at that caption. Great update, Speed looks sick with all that curved track.
  16. I'm confused, It's Sunday June 11th today, but your trip starts on Sunday June 9th. If that's the case your trip isn't till 2013 or already happened in 2002? That or Holiday world has a special time machine your posting from.
  17. Great TR, way to represent by going to WC ! $5 dollars worth, is 9 burgers without cheese 7 with.
  18. Adventure Express, with the themed lift hill as the ending.
  19. Guy, I had a great time showing you around the park. Plus, I also got the added bonus of meeting Dave. Sorry you missed out again for the B:TR credit Dave. The log flume experience was crazy. Guy, I wanted to give you the honor of posting first. Then add the little pictures I had as well instead of starting a new topic. Thanks Nate for taking our picture. El Toro waits for your next visit. I warned you about the G's Skull Mt . as seen through trees. It's Nitro... Is that in your Top 20 Guy? Here is another shot of Nitro for you. So, what did you think? It was heavy metal!
  20. Are we playing "Guess where were going?" game. Or are you done making Video games and building a resturant with all this talk about drywall and soup.
  21. Great picture Guy, Yes indeed, Kingda Ka was open today running two trains with an hour wait. Erik, Looks likes you will be coming at the perfect time to go running with the Bull. Well at least I hope so.
  22. Wait, I didn't think Elissa was a big fan of Hershey!! "Stupid prairie dog" If anything people should visit the Swing man at Clementon this year for their 100th year anniversary.
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