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  1. Here's how to score over 260k. I still have more fun randomly placing mine. There is also a couple of cool video's on You tube. www.shinobibmw.com/FlashElementTD/
  2. Does anyone remember Crystal, A.M., Kona and Blue Pepsi ? They failed just as bad as the New Coke.
  3. I only scored 2200 @level 35. wrebbit how did you manage 8200? Edit: It's a wonder how much you can learn by reading......
  4. I was so happy when we got Forsberg but he never played as well here with all his injuries. I hate the pens but Crosby is a talented kid and I'm glad Mario wants to keep the team in Pittsburgh. The deal they could of had in Kansas city tells you they aren't going anywhere soon. OK maybe Oklahoma unless Ed Rendell can help figure something out. The only thing left in Philly to root for is a #1 draft pick. Somehow they will mess that up too.
  5. It's about 2hrs , or you could do the preview plan at Hershey which is only an hour and half away.
  6. ^In that case you can be done the park in 4 hours and head over to Knoebels at night.
  7. ^ It was a funky little park. The best things were Twister, Dante's Inferno , wildcat, Cyclone, Fun house and that little mushroom ticket booth. I'm glad I got to experience the park once. Will I miss it , not really. The Wildcat sold and the Cyclone wouldn't of been any better last year.
  8. 69 OK, seriously, the P:TR of the Space Center was pretty cool even if it's dated. The other thing that got my attention was you went Geocaching. How many caches have you found in the Bahamas. I'm up to 531 caches locally, but my favorite find was at top of the sky ride at Lake Compounce.
  9. I'm going with Sarajevo Bobsleds for my fondest memories back at Sfgadv. Of course that ride is now Alpine Bobsled at Great Escape. Problem is, it could have changed so I couldn't really say if I would still enjoy it now. With all that said, I picked Avalanche over DT.
  10. Remember ....Rider117 is just a produce worker. Would you like some Apples ?
  11. I'm going with BBW, XLR8 and Iron Dragon in that order, Top Gun was down the day I went
  12. Awesome story Don ! We did the same thing at SFGA to an expert coaster freak while waiting in line for Deja Vu. You know the typical stat guy who must tell everyone the dynamics of the ride. So we just started talking really loud and started to throw out random facts about different boomerangs thinking that they were the same as Deja Vu. Good thing the ride finally opened so we could get away from him.
  13. Old 99 went up for auction in 03. You could have bought one for 200-300 dollars depending on the shape it was in. If I had a truck that day it would be sitting in my back yard today. I also notice that Williams grove had one laying around near the mini golf. At the auction I bought a Bubba the Bear sign and a playground spring Duck. The best Item of the day was the old blue monorail car , but it was $2,500 just to take it off the track. Then again the highest bid was only a dollar. That whole trip was a lot of fun, too bad they painted Sky Princess those ugly colors.
  14. After reading the IKEA P:TR/ Video I'd like to share with you the new stores coming to the U.S. Some have already been mention, but here's the complete list that's out so far. West Chester Ohio along I-75 fall 2007 Brooklyn, NY Draper, UT Dublin,CA Orlando, FL fall 2007 Portland, OR Round Rock, TX Somerville, MA Sunrise, FL fall 2007 and Charlotte NC in 2009 along I-85 Out of 237 stores, there are only 28 possible credits in the U.S so far.
  15. ^ It was new back in 1927, I think? It's a very rare vintage Herschell brought back to life by Knoebels. I'm not sure but there are only two left in the states.
  16. I wouldn't call it the best or most intimidating, but Dorney really sticks out when you drive pass it. I also wouldn't call Sfgadv that great until you're actually in the parking lot staring at S:UF,GASM, ET, KK, RT, Chiller and Nitro Hershey's nice with Storm Runner, Wild Cat and Lighting Racer. I've never been, but Mt Olympus looks cool with Hades in the parking lot.
  17. I guess you kind of answered you're own question If you found them friendly than that should be the only thing that matters, not what other people think. I've been the last three years and I'll agree with Rider117, it's a great time! As for being a geek, ok you got me.
  18. Best part was when he disappeared off the coaster , great work!
  19. I saw Clarissa one day walking the studios when we sat in and watched double dare live. It was so awesome at the time! I'm right there with you Julie, I find myself watching that show somethings with out my daughter in the room. My all time favorite is still BARF BARF it's Barth Barth whatever "D'ah, I heard that." from ycdtotv and of course Doug.
  20. Can we close this thread now in fear of losing the Treasure cave. It's the only secret left in the park.
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