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  1. No, when it's finished it will look like this: The "roof" will be a little bigger, but other than that I haven't noticed any changes yet. On the bridge to Deep in Africa they have replaced the wall by a small steel fence so it's easier for people to watch the ride.
  2. He officially opened it. The ride was originally called Colorado Adventure but they changed it to Colorado Adventure: The Michael Jackson Thrill Ride about a month after it opened.
  3. OMG! I can't believe how sad an pathetic that fair looks! Only 1 KMG and 1 credit! No one deserves to have that many crappy rides that close together!
  4. Maybe it's because of the angle at which you were looking. Every track has two brake fins, but the one on the right is a little higher than the one on the left. If you look at the tracks from the side you will only see one of the two fins, so it only looks like one of the tracks has shorter brake fins. Why these two fins aren't the same length, I don't know, but I thing it's so it won't hit it's maximum braking force all at ones.
  5. They've been selling pieces of cable for years. Every time a cable gets replaced they chop up the old one and sell it.
  6. I wouldn't call this a recreation. You've changed practically everything about the layout. - The brakes are supposed to be underneath the cobra roll and the station is directly behind the brakes. - Your dive loop makes a 90 degree angle, real diveloops are around 45 degrees. - The zero-G roll goes through the second vertical loop, yours doesn't. - After the MCBR the track first banks and then drops, on your version it's the other way around. If you want to make your zero-G roll better, first try making a normal airtime hill, and then spin the track around it's heartline.
  7. And when exactly was this song performed by someone talented?
  8. ^^ Yes, but if they would touch the ground at that speed no one would survive.
  9. Dave Schroyen, the drummer of the Belgian rock band Millionaire is my moms first cousin. I've only met him once or twice.
  10. The music is better, Alanis can actually sing, she looks a lot better than Fergie too and most importantly, this version didn't give me the urge to trow anything with speakers out the window. Now the only bad thing about the song are the lyrics.
  11. ^ You were expecting a cheap Mercedes or something?
  12. ^ The first thing they said when they entered was: Ben: "Who left this open?" Juliet: "Tom was down here a couple of days ago." Ben: "Tell him to cover it up with the plane." So I guess they just came through the hatch, like everybody else.
  13. ^ I'll take that bet! I think it's a picture of a very thirsty guy.
  14. Six Flags actually bought only two things in Europe, the Walibi group and Warner Bros. Movie park Germany. Warner Bros. Movie park Madrid was build by the city of Madrid, SF only owned a small percentage because Madrid wanted them to run it. I think SF would have bought a park in the UK (and other European countries) if the other parks were more successful.
  15. ^ I hate the Corsa C and D, but I drive a Corsa B myself and I don't have any problems with it. (The ones in the show are Corsa C)
  16. I like the idea but the match-ups make me wonder if you know anything at all about geography or coaster builders. Since I've only ridden two wooden coasters in the U.S. I only looked at INTERNATIONAL but I noticed you only matched coasters that are on opposite sides of the world and can barely even be compared. This way, you don't just make it hard to pick one, but you also make sure hardly anyone has ridden both coasters. IMO it would be better if you match up similar coasters that aren't that far apart. For example: "Robin Hood - Weerwolf" (both Vekoma and in neighbouring countries), "Stampida - Tonnerre de Zeus" (CCI and neighbouring countries) or "Colossos - Balder" (both Intamin Prefab)
  17. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective "He insist we not fly in case the Jews repeated their attack of 9/11."
  18. Die Hard AND Die Hard: With a Vengeance. "There's always a bigger fish."
  19. Spoiler warning! Do not read this if you don't want to know. ^ (select to read) I've known that for months. The first hint I noticed was when IMDB listed Kevin Tighe as Anthony Sawyer instead of Anthony Cooper. This was removed later. The second, and more official hint is on the Season two DVD in the "Lost Connections" section which reviews the connections between the characters. This shows that Locke and Sawyer are connected and the connection shows a video of Locke asking Sawyer why he uses that name. Thanks to these connections I've also known for months that Jack and Clair are brother and sister.
  20. ^ That drop doesn't look so crazy to me. Half the rides out there have a drop like that. Why don't you look at the layout yourself: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=25902&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=109
  21. Then you may have noticed that the temperature in Florida rarely drops below 48 degrees. When it gets colder the grease in the ball bearings becomes thicker and because of that the trains don't make it back to the station. And since the park has to close all of their coasters it doesn't make much sense to keep the rest of the park open. I can't tell you exactly at what temperature a ride should close because some rides are more sensitive than others. It all depends on the size and type of the coaster. I only know EGF won't open below 48 degrees Fahrenheit while Black Mamba at Phantasialand can still run at 23 degrees Fahrenheit.
  22. ^ If he hits 88mph he'll end up in 1985 and he might end up making sure he'll never be born.
  23. It is real. I was a stunt to promote formula 1 a few years ago.
  24. I don't really understand what they are complaining about. An average forest that isn't doing anything produces about 40 decibels and since Alton Towers is completely surrounded by a forest it would be impossible for the Ropers to even hear the park. A few years ago it was announced that Mr Roper's pottery company produces about 85 decibels. If I were AT I would sue the Ropers cause their company's noise disturbes the park guests.
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