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  1. Just before Christmas 2005 Plopsaland Indoor Hasselt opened its doors, but I hadn't visited it yet. Since I didn't have to work today, I thought it was time for some credit whoring. It's not very big and since it was friday, all rides were walk on so after about an hour I got tired of the park and went on to Toverland. Does anybody need some balls? Kabouter Plop was there too. And now for the Kidtums proof area. It does look kinda cool. Can anyone guess what this does? I don't think these guys belong to Studio 100... The bumpercars in "Spring" theme. (Spring is a Belgian band/TV show from Studio 100) Piet Piraat was still on his ship. And this is where you get eaten by the skull shaped rock. The credit, AKA Piratenbaan. The "Scheve Schuit", the pirate ship of Piet Piraat. The statue of Gert and Samson. One of the characters was waiting for me inside. At least this park posts the accessablity of all their rides at the entrance. The Studio 100 characters want to go too. Plopsaland's entrance
  2. ^ The Haunted Mansion Man 1: Danger's my middle name. Man 2: Mine's Cornelius. You tell anybody, I'll kill you.
  3. My best guess, they found it since all of the gibberish in Lost is normal speech played backwards. I've just recorded the section into an editing program, reversed it, and here is the result: http://home.scarlet.be/~gj014022/wishmaster/Tsol.mp3 Thanks for pointing it out, BTW.
  4. A man like George W. Bush could only become president if the present is already like the movie Idiocracy. (No offence to anyone who didn't vote for him BTW.) I think that by 2057 this planet will be several pieces of inhabitable radioactive dirt floating randomly throu space.
  5. ^^ They can't air two "new" episodes for the simple reason that actually have to film it. The filming proces usually takes about 9 days per episode so at the end of each season the airing catches up with the production. If they aired more than one episode per week they would run out of episodes before the end of the season and we'd get an other mid-season stop.
  6. I love both rides, but EGF wins because the first drop is just so insane.
  7. ^^ I actually hope the point where they meet up doesn't fit. On Tonnerre de Zeus that's my favorite part.
  8. I'm more interested in the fact that Mittelos is an anagram for "Lost time". The show is filled with easter eggs. Some are just for fun, but others are actually hints. On the main island, about 9 miles from the tail section (Ben said Goodwin needed about an hour to reach it) and a little further from the fuselage than the distance between the fuselage and the tail.
  9. ^ Yesterday's episode was #7 of season 3. There are still 15 episodes left until the end of the season so it'll be at least 4 months before the DVD's come out. I loved this episode! Never expected they'd actually do a flashback from an "other".
  10. On wooden coasters I always use auto supports, but I add a few steel beams on places where they would be added in real life. On steel coasters I don't use prefab because they just aren't that easy to use on compact rides, and they just don't look realistic.
  11. ^ It looks like a part of the lake is ruined, but the rest of the ride is located "behind the scenes."
  12. Kill Bill Vol 2. "You're going to die young because you smoked 30 cigarettes a day since you were 15... and you're going to go to hell because of the life you took. John... You're f....d."
  13. ^ In Belgium, most people have Dutch as a first language so they know what Donderstenen means. And not only that, but in holland the word donderstenen also translates as brats. Since it's a kiddie the name Brats doesn't sound that random to me...
  14. If a park without theming theming isn't right for the coaster, than how would that thing fit into the most themed park ever?
  15. ^ Yes, in most of the Mad Houses I've been in, a ride opp stays inside until the lapbars are closed.
  16. ^^ True. Winja herself is a woman. Winja with a statue of herself. A close-up.
  17. You guys seem to think it's an elementary school or something. It is in fact an high school. The rides were build bij the students, mostly from the metal department but also from the wood department. The kids who got to enjoy the rides were mostly kids who lived in the area. My mom actually used to go the the playground a lot, but she can't recall there ever being a rollercoaster. She was only 6 when te playground was closed down.
  18. I was looking on RCDB for female themed coasters (see this tread) and I ran into this: http://www.rcdb.com/m/pd1519.htm . I did know they used to have a playground but I never dared dream they actually had their own roller coaster. Why did they remove it before I got to ride it?
  19. Part 2. This is what you get when you eat in front of an African. Derek gets to use Dave's basement as his secret lab. I wonder what he's trying to make... OMG! It's Robb and he hasn't eaten in half an hour! Black Mamba was here! For that, mama will eat them all! The Chinese ghosts stole the baby dragen! Ah, a lovely African Garden with a lovely B&M flatspin build over it. Hi again Joe! Translation: Build by Anton. Michael Jackson was popular today. Hi Joe! Tuxon Mina Compania AKA Anton Inside. They also have snowscooters for the kids. One of the winter rides they build.
  20. It's the last weekend of the winter opening in Phantasialand so yesterday I went there. It was very crowded and I even saw queus forming on rides that haven't had any queus in years. (Temple of The Night Hawk, Gondelbahn 1001 Nacht,...) Dispite the crowds I still had a great day. Now it's time for some pics: And now, on to Dave's house. No trip to Africa is complete without saying hello to the Black Mamba. Then it was time to visit the African village. Not even the 10 workers building the damn thing. The 2007 ride. No one has any idea what it will be. The welcoming commitee has already set up for Ryan's visit. The wuze support Dave's ducks. Time to enter Wuze Town. It's the dancing snowflakes! The parks other hotel. But for some reason they don't seem to have any rooms... Black Mamba. An area of forrest they have cut down. Rumored to become the 2008 ride. The hotel entrance. They closed down the bridge due to wether conditions. Hotel PhantAsia with an Intamin giant frog hopper in the background.
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