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  1. ^ None, it's made out of glass.
  2. I've found proof there is no heaven, so I'm not really worried about not getting there. As for the proof, I don't think I am the right person to proof to anyone their religion is wrong, so I won't post it on a public forum like this.
  3. ^^^ Why would you want to see a movie about a rodent? Oh wait... I'm looking forward to: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Shrek 3
  4. Why can't stampida have any vertical loops? I love Kumbak trains in vertical loops! Stupid CCI building wooden coasters without vertical loops...
  5. ^ The only rollercoaster in all of the Chech Republic is in a (city)park near the center of Prague.
  6. Goudurix! When it still had the Arrow trains it was the worst coaster on the planet, but with the Vekoma trains it only hurts a lot. (Yes, for Goudurix that is an improvement.)
  7. I don't. When the queues get longer they just put the other 6 trains on the track as well. They also have two lifts. When one train leaves the lift ot the top, the next one already enters the lift at the bodom. The capacity will be about 800 people an hour. Not that bad if you know Boomerangs are only 760 people an hour.
  8. How could windows make a building more detailed if the real building doesn't have any windows, either? I don't have RCT2, but from what I can see in the picture it couldn't get much more realistic. Great job!
  9. Two more days till Chistmas, most of the gifts are ready and packed onto Santa's sled. So what do the elfs do now? They dance.... http://www.elfyourself.com/?userid=f09d0f8f5bc780e05ae64c9G06122308 http://www.elfyourself.com/?userid=c5663e81c6952ca1a31b8b5G06122308
  10. part two. This livesized wind-up toy waves the people farewell. Pardoes says it's time to go home. Even the Japanese aliens were there. And it seems he was wrong. Since Rumpelstiltskin didn't believe Mother Hulda could make it snow, he, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Pardoes started dancing for her. The bird finally figured out why he was invited to the Christmas dinner. See, it's Red Dragon 2000. I'm gonna get that Red Dragon 2000. Look out, Led Dlagon 2000 is sitting alound the colnel. It's a Fata Morgana! Even the little mermaid was cold. Translation: Don't feed, abominable snowman. Kids sliding down the hill. Just use this mic to call her. From now on mother Hulda provides the snow.
  11. It's almost Christmas so a lot of parks have set up their Christmas decorations. Yesterday I checked out the Winter Efteling. Besides the decorations they also set up an ice skating ring, a snowcovered hill, stage on the main square and they even added a new permanent building to one of the fairytales. Just in case you get cold. And so do it's owners. Even the bird celebrates Christmas... I wonder how many times he had to start over. Oh well... A few ACErs discussing wether powered coasters are credits. And a Melly Chlistmas to you flom Japan. Asjemenou! Time for some carnaval in France. At least it's a white Christmas. And on other one No dream is complete without a few trolls. So, this must be what astronauts dream about. I have a dream... or was it dreamflight? They even decorated the lamps. Is it me, or does every park have an oversized snowglobe?
  12. ^^ Yes and no. The dashed line is the train line, but up is still north.
  13. ^ Demolition Man My last quote still hasn't been guessed: "You're not people, you're Americans"
  14. That looks awesome! I did find this (http://www.fantasticable.com/) but I don't know how usefull it is since I don't speak french.
  15. Harry Potter. Not sure which one, but I guess The Sorcerer's Stone. "You're not people, you're Americans."
  16. I love all Florida parks, but it's things like Twister and Spiderman that made me go for IOA/USF.
  17. Jurassic Park "This is Buttkiss, Klahn's bodyguard - he is tough and ruthless. This is Kwong, Klahn's chauffeur - he is rough and toothless."
  18. It is their first and only complete ride. They didn't finish it because they had some trouble with the lifthill and since they couldn't fix it in time the Efteling fired them and asked Intamin to solve the problem.
  19. They also refurbished Space Invader (2) in BPB and made new trains for Python in the Efteling.
  20. There was only one line, and that was for the woudracer. All the others I could just walk on (when they were open).
  21. Part two. And the constuction again. This little German girl was really slow. But at least she was faster than Joey. Time for another round on the survival course. Nice paintings in Villa Fiasco. Her pet spider was sitting by the window. Toos got a lot of presents this year.
  22. Yesterday I went to check out the progress of the new coaster in toverland. I arrived at the park around 13:00. Since it was a quiet day they didn't have much staff there so they only ran the rides for 30 minutes at a time. Still, I managed to do most rides at least twice in just 4 hours. The floating bridge of doom! More Vekoma goodness. An other shot of the constuction site from the entrance of the survival course. To bad they removed the "cross" where he nearly killed himself. Now for something Joey will enjoy. And then it was time to check out the construction site. And they're off. My first ride of the day, Booster Bike.
  23. ^^^ I'll go right behind Joey this time. That way I can "help" him if nessesery.
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