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  1. Part 2! Bye guys! See you next time. How to make a group photo. Dirk posing next to his own statue. ...others just take pictures. Some Themeparkers have fun... At least I got the Jeff Johnson Credit. It's a bird! It's a plane! It's superDirk! Dirk's signature move. What was your nickname again? It took about 2 minutes for the frog hopper to get this high up. It's true, enthusiasts never grow up! Photo Finish! Time for some air hockey. "Damned, I've been caught." "I take this picture and I'm gone before anyone sees me." Yes, Dirk really is weird, but than again, what enthusiast isn't? Even on the roller coaster he can't stop taking pictures. Group photo. So much space, but Dirk has to stop and take pictures of Troy. Filthy tree hugger! Finally, we're going again. C'mon guys, move it! More waiting. "Just waiting for the slow guys in front of us to get to the next section." "Damn, that's high!" Making of: a really weird video. Making of: The moonwalk.
  2. It's still winter and most of the parks are still closed, so a few guys from Themepark.nl decided to go to Toverland and since I didn't have anything better to do I went with them. Unfortunately a Dutch supermarket chain had organised a trip on the same day, but a little crowd didn't stop us from having fun. Romesh didn't want to be in this picture. But it's obvious why he wasn't. Timmy really wanted to be in this picture. Peek-a-boo Dirk is spinning as fast as he can. I don't even want to know what Bas is thinking! "Coming through." Fun on a rope. Pile-up in the slide. Going down is so much easier than doing up. "You won't escape me now" Finally, a hammock. Time to sit down. Dirk is still in pain. I don't wanna go! Some people just enjoy the pain. That was fun, but it hurt. And yet, this slide was not build by Vekoma. Roller slides are can be very painful. Looks like Marco enjoyed BB. Chris pretends operating roller coasters is a real job. Toverland is also Derek friendly. Toverland is baby friendly. The latecomers finally arrived. Themeparkers on a conveyor belt. Time for Dirk to start stripping. Toos comes to say hi. This is what the park looks like a few seconds before they open the doors.
  3. These things are awsome, but the Summer Toboggan are still better IMO.
  4. Here's my new coaster. It's a Schwarzkopf transportable coaster but with one thing Anton has never done. This one is dueling. Both sides are about 1037m (0.64 miles) long, 35m (115 feet) high and have a top speed of 90 km/h (56 m/h) twinforce.zip Now, it's your turn. Have fun! One last shot of the fireballs in action. OMG! I'm being attacked by the purple fireballs! It really has a lot of track! And one made from the exit. A nice photo made from the queue. This is what the ride opp stares at all day long. Enter, if you dare. The first dueling Schwarzkopf: Twin Force.
  5. ^ Most inverted coasters are best in the front and so is Express at Walibi World (the outdoor RnRc clone), but Black Mamba, Katun, Goliath (Walibi World) and EGF are better in the back. If possible, I'll ride every coaster 3 times. Once in the front, once in the back and once in the middle to find out what seat on that specific coaster is the best.
  6. Wow, are they really allowed to do that? How is that not some form of discrimination? I can't believe they haven't been sued for only allowing workers in that area to be black. That seems like segragation to me. It's not that they allow only black people to work there. They actually allow only real Africans to work there, just like EPCOT only has real Germans in the German area, real French people in the French area, real Japanese people in the Japanese area,... So why is it that Disney hasn't been sued for discrimination?
  7. ^ That actually did happen in the Efteling with the Vekoma trains on Python. You could always try getting one from a park. That's how I got my collection. A final pic of the entire collection. Flying Dutchman Gold Mine at Walibi World. A friend won two of these in the same lottery, but since he didn't want them, he gave them away. El Condor at Walibi World. This one, I won in a lottery during one of the fan days. Either Air Race or Revolution at Bobbejaanland. I got it the same day as the LS wheel. Sadly, Jacky (the former owner) didn't know from which ride it is. Looping Star at Bobbejaanland. We got one as a gift after riding LS a full day for charity.
  8. I don't vote because my answer isn't in this poll. It depends on the coaster.
  9. He? You mean that Justine Timberlake is a man? I always thought it was just a very ugly woman with no boobs! Firmin - It's a Belgian comedy about a former boxer called Firmin Crets. Thirty years ago he was a great boxer, but after he lost the fight for the Belgian championship, he never fought in competition again. Now, thirty years later, a young moroccan guy askes him to train him and help him become the new Belgian champion. The main caracter (Firmin) is played by one of the most popular Belgian comedians, Chris Van Den Durpel, who is known in the US as the magician from the Hummer V3 commercials and his rival is played by Jan Decleir, best known from the movie Daens.
  10. The first two episodes just aired in Belgium (VT4 pasted 2 episodes together) and I loved it! I can't wait till next week.
  11. ^^ 19% is average in Europe. Luxemburg is has the lowest with only 15%. Besides, in the Nederlands the tax rate has always been 6% for essential products (food, water,...) and 19% for luxury items. The only thing that changed is that they finaly figured out people don't really need amusement parks to survive.
  12. ^ No it's not. In Belgium it's always been 21% and in some Scandinavian countries it's even higher.
  13. ^ This topic reminded me of something similar from the movie "Demolition Man". (In that movie all meat was banned)
  14. ^ They still have enough land to become maybe 20 times as big.
  15. The "Express" (a German newspaper) has just anounced that Talocan will be a Suspended Top Spin! The article can be found on Onride.de.
  16. Thanks for the pics. I really love that park. Too bad it's on the other side of the country for me.
  17. ^^ No, I don't have a video cam. My photo cam can make video's but the quality isn't good enough to film in the dark. I did find a video on YouTube of Donderstenen in Hellendoorn. It is outdoor, but it has the same layout as Piratenbaan.
  18. ^^ I've been to Toverland so many times that I didn't bother yo take a lot of pictures. I have almost every angle of every ride on photo already anyway. ^ The park also has a Zierer Kontiki and a Zierer Freefall.
  19. It is the highest and second longest GCI so far, but it's only a few feet bigger than most and it's still average compared to wooden coasters from other builders. But as most enthusiasts know, the size doesn't say very much about how good/bad the ride really is.
  20. Part 2. At least they allow adults to ride, so Jeff can still come and get this credit. I actually know some one who considers this a credit. And the weird thing is, his names isn't Jeff Johnson. The Sim-Sala-Kroeg. Can some one please explane why Derek isn't doing the Spain trip Add-on! And now on to Toverland. They are celebrating carnaval. Tht tiny pirate ships and the tiny giant sea monster. HEY, that kid is shooting at me! An overview of the entire park from the top of the slide. A slide hidden away behind the rollercoaster's theming. The oversized Four-In-A-Row game. He doesn't look to healthy. The back of the "Scheve Schuit". Oversized Jenga blocks! The candy house from K3 (an other band) The TPR approved ride! In case you forgot where this is. Streets of Plopsaland. (Can you spot the hidden advertising? The outdoor part of the park.
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