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  1. This is my entry for the first round of the NL tournament 2007 on Themepark.nl. Sadly it was not good enough to make it trough to the second round, but I still want to share it with you guys. I hope you enjoy it. Danger Zone.zip The download! Have fun!
  2. I understand what you mean. When I was there I didn't expect much of most of the parks, so they weren't really a let down for me, but I too did expect a lot of IOA and ended up having the same experience as you did. Alton Towers is also a park that I expected to much off. Nemesis, Oblivion and Hex are amazing, but the other rides I found average at best. Don't get me wrong, it still is in my park top ten, just not at the top.
  3. You haven't seen the doors to the main show, have you? Wanna bet it's a haunted house?
  4. I visited the park today and I made a video of one of the testrides. Video All the video is missing is this:
  5. Never smoked, never will smoke, will try to avoid people who are smoking!
  6. ^ It has a few different types of cars. Floorless, floorless + tilting and stand-up + floorless + tilting if I'm not mistaken. I haven't ridden it myself yet, the people who did claim that Hurakan Condor is awesome.
  7. ^ The cable will break because it was miscalculated. They forgot to factor in the extra weight of these bigger trains.
  8. My new wallpaper. Still Talocan at Phantasialand.
  9. Yes, Belgian gas taxes are high. But no matter whether the money goes to taxes or to the gas company, I still have to pay that much.
  10. We're From Barcelona - I'm From Barcelona
  11. Damn, gas in the US is cheap! Last time I filled up my car (yesterday) I payed €1 a litre (5.13$ a gallon) and that was just diesel. Normal gas costs 7.25$ a gallon. Note that my tank holds about 45 litres (11.89 gallon) so filling it up costs me $61!
  12. ^ MP-Xpress is the SLC and the wooden is called Bandit. MP-Xpress is the current #1 on my Not-to-Ride-Ever-Again list and Bandit is still in the top 10. Coaster Express is the wooden in Parque Warner Madrid (also in the top 10 of the Not-to-Ride-Ever-Again list) and Xpress is the RNRC clone in Walibi World. (which isn't really that painful)
  13. Oops, my mistake! (I'm not really a Blues Brothers fan)
  14. Part 2. Goodbye Jimmy. Maybe I'll see you guys during Halloween. Goodbye Dora. Now it's time to go home. Goodbye Bikini Bottom. "Hi Penguin, Yeti Ball and KidTums. In a few months I'll be living with you guys." This girl looks vaguely familiar, but I cant remember where I've seen her before... I want to ride it again! Come on Jimmy! If you're so smart, then why can't you fix a simple roller coaster? ...But when they got back to the car, they found out that Jake & Elwood had stolen it. The cops had to come and arrest the crazy German guy... A view of Nickland. So Jenny had to protect us from the killer coaster We wanted to ride the Atomic Flyer again but, like most of Jimmy Neutron's inventions, it broke down. Why do people build their beach houses so close near alien infested volcanoes? This volcano is taken over by aliens. I didn't know they had 200 foot Intamin towers in the Wild West! More Jeff Johnson credit. An RCCA wooden coaster featuring trains with square wheels. (or at least they feel like square wheels) An other very powerful weapon you'll need to become governor. If you want to fight people from other planets, you'll need these. A very powerful jacket. If you wear it you can do anything, even become governor of California. The referee was a tough guy. ... but I lost. In the movie museum, René won the boxing match... Santa Monica Pier wasn't open yet. Not that it really matters, it only has a few flats and a Jeff Johnson credit.
  15. Since our Movie Park Germany annual pass expires tomorrow, René (Coasterchi) and I visited the park yesterday. During the winter they've build two new themed areas, Nickland and Santa Monica Pier. Nickland has a new credit, Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Flyer. It's a Vekoma suspended family coaster with the latest model inverted train. It has really comfortable seats and lap bars which you don't even feel during the ride. The train also has spring loaded wheels and the seats can swing a little to compensate for the lateral G's. It was a really smooth ride and I hope that it remains that way. And now for a few pics. More merry-go-round. Wonderland Studios has a very weird merry-go-round. This shop is very Elissa friendly! But he's still the coolest character in this ride. Oh, that's why he hasn't found the giant acorn yet. He got himself stuck again. Taekwondodos! Manny, Sid and Diego are about to start their trip. Wow! A giant acorn and Scrat hasn't found it yet! It was around 84 degrees outside so we needed to cool down a little. OMG! It has been taken over by Skulker! WTF is happening to this Pavilion. Even the Backyardigans have their own ride. Map shows him the way. Dora's Adventure Express, ready to go on a new adventure. Squidward didn't really seem to enjoy it. Welcome to Bikini Bottom and the Spongebob themed Splash Battle! Now it's time to visit Patrick Star. Jimmy again. This is how René looks when he takes pictures. I love the new Vekoma train. Off course we had to start with the new credit. On the main street, we saw this very Ryan friendly truck. We're at Movie Park Germany! Awesome! Before we entered, Charlie Chaplin explained to us what to do with our trash.
  16. They're not that big. Only about the size of an English Bulldog. I love rats. They're not as dangerous as most people think. In fact they are much better as pets then even hamsters.
  17. I drove by yesterday at about 6:30 PM. The first drop looks awesome!
  18. ^ Wrong. Roland and Jürgen Mack own the park, Michael Mack is Roland's son. The coaster company is owned by Kurt and Christel Mack-Even. Kurt and Christel are cousins of Roland and Jürgen though. The park was originaly build as a sort of showroom for Mack Rides.
  19. Europa Park > PortAventura > Alton Towers All three are great parks but the theming at AT isn't nearly as amazing as at the other parks. Between EP and PA it's a bit harder. I put EP first because the rides have such an high capacity. I've never waited more than 30 minutes for any ride, even on the most crowded days.
  20. ^^ It's from 1996, when Jacko was still popular.
  21. ^^ Mostly make up, and the fact that the movie is 8 years old by now. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0198911/fullcredits#cast
  22. The bible also says you are the result of inbreed. Do you believe that to? I don't want to insult any religions or anything, but I think some people take theirs way to seriously.
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