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  1. Communism... Most developed nations have a universal health care system, and yet they aren't communistic. Michael Moore is douche. At least the douche isn't affraid to tell the truth. Seriously, whats the point of minimum wage? We already have mexican "slaves" working crops in the south that work for next to nothing that is obviously below minimum wage. And how many people work LEGALY below minimum wage? Maybe your boss should pay you $0,50 an hour from now on. You think everybody could be at one place in a second to save a major city? If an hurricane expert tells you six months in advance that a major storm hits the area every 300 years and you're already living om borrowed time, you might want to think about taking action fast. Kinda agree there, heck, we should booby trap that entire area with grenades. Do you know what the US/Mexico border looks like? Security is insane enough, so they are protected. What security? Last april I went throu two airport security checkpoint with syringes and needles in my carry-on baggage. Ofcourse I have the necessary documents, but nobody even bothered asking for them. How could they know I'm not some drug dealer/addict? Come on, its not like Big Brother is watching me. Nope, he just watches whatever you do. No doubt the FBI, CIA, Homeland Securety and the Pentagon are keeping an eye on this topic. Don't be so smug, we won't run out of oil in 5 years. However, they have been trying, its just that the news media covers it up with what liberals say. Nope, 20 years. Obviously oil barons like Bush are looking for alternative fuels so they wil lose millions of dollars. It's not like rich people do everything in their power to earn even more money.
  2. Robbie Williams - Rudebox Bob Sinclair - Rock This Party Anything by Justin Timberlake Anything by Black Eyed Peas Anything by Natasha Bedingfield Anything by Sean Paul And a lot more crap they play on the radio these days.
  3. ^^ I don't really care who does the dancing, the song alone gives me nightmares for days!
  4. ^^ Robb's the one who's into Aqua.
  5. These things are fun! I rode one on an event organised by a local bunji company. They had all of their rides set up next to each other. Here is a list of all their stuff. http://www.benjifun.be/overview.php?cid=16
  6. ^^ Actually, whenever they want to build something they ask the GP what they prefer. It's the GP in the south of Germany that don't like inversions. When they were started planning to build Silverstar they let people choose between a coaster with inversions and a high, fast coaster. And we al know what they prefered.
  7. ^Efteling doesn't have any thrills. I would suggest Phantasialand, or if you don't mind traveling a little further, Europa Park or Heide Park.
  8. ^ What would you expect from a park that has an anual construction budget of 20 million euro.
  9. ^^ Perhaps the loop was based on the loop from Indiana Jones at DLP, which is an Intamin with the layout of a Pinfari TL-59.
  10. Congrats guys, although I'm not sure the world can handle an other Alvey.
  11. ^^ You never visited Spanish parks, have you? WBMW isn't bad but it's not that amazing, so I doubt Terra Mitica has any trouble competing with that. As for PortAventura, that park (IMO) is even better than IOA, so they won't really need to worry about any competition. I don't really know what to expect from a Ball Coaster, but I have learned not to judge a ride by its size or appearance. These little things can be just as intense, or even more intense, than most of the giants out there.
  12. ^ I've met them a few times before. I know so many entusiasts in Belgium and Holland that it's become almost impossible to visit a nearby park without running into someone I know.
  13. Part 2: Look who's waiting at the park exit. Who wants surgery? "Cut it!!!" The fear machine seen from a distance. Shocking... Kees got to hold her too. "Come and see my slave!" Yvone was caught. Dr. Shock and me. (I'm the one on the left) Told ya. Nobody leaves this walkthrough alive! The machine is on, let the horror begin! And then it got hotter. But they scared him to death. They found a volunteer to charge up the machine.
  14. Since I heard last years halloween event at Walibi World was so great, I decided to go check it out my self. I arrived at the park alone, but on the main street I ran into a few other entusiasts and I walked along with them for the rest of the day. In the morning there wasn't much to see, exept for some random theming, so we just rode a few rides until the Happy Halloween opening show at 1pm. Happy Halloween is the event for the kids and it has one walkthrough called "Spook Boerderij" (Haunted Farm). It was about a Californian scarecrow family who were on vacation in Holland and for once wanted to get scared themselves. At 6pm, the opening show for Scary Halloween started. A local doctor called Dr. Shock has searched all his life to find cures for all know diseases, but unfortunatly, his testsubjects didn't always survive and when the authorities discovered this his carrier was ruined. Now he has developed a machine to revive all his victoms and restore his reputation, and this machine is powered by fear. Now he invites us to visit his hospital, the carnival of freaks, where some of his failures live and the local ranch, home of a Texas-Chainsaw-Massacre-like family so they produce the fear to charge up the machine. And here are the pics: Doctor Shock! There's Helga, ready to introduce... Time to check out the fear machine. At least we brought our own zombie. More red water, but still no B&M inverted. The Vekoma Boomerang! And now something really scary... Proporty of the Six Flags Holland Maintenance Crew. And here is the entrance to their cornfield maze. Grandpa didn't want to come out of bed. Filthy creatures they are! The scarecrow's dining room. Dikke Dokus enjoys his lollypop. The scarecrows are sleeping, time to wake them up! Red water? Did they build a new B&M inverted? Goliath as seen from the parking lot.
  15. ^^ Alpine coasters/slides are moron proof. They were build so can do a complete stop and still get it going again without getting off. That's why they NEVER go up or have any flat sections. The bunny hills you mean are actually a series of small drops. They may look like bunny hops on video's or photo's, but that's cause they are build on slopes that seem to be level on the video.
  16. ^ Alpine coasters don't go up (exept on the lifthill offcourse) so they don't meet all the criteria. To me they're just Alpine slides on tracks, so not a credit. I've had better.
  17. ^ You're supposed to guess the one above yours before you can post a new one. And I think yours is "Nothing to Lose". And now back to this one!
  18. The park did close at 8:00. The last pics were made around 7:30, just after all the rides closed. After that there just was an halloween parade. Phantasialand and Movie Park Germany stay open a little later, but for those updates you'll have to wait a few more weeks.
  19. Part 2 Good night EGF, see you next year. There are still a few empty seats. Even EGF can operate in the dark. Why does he always have to be in the spotlight? It's starting to get dark. Dunlop! An other traitor hanging out near EGF! How's my flying, dial 555-iamdead There's something hiding in the trees... And going over it's first camelback. A view of EGF going off it's first drop. Here is it, Lighthouse Tower! It's the hitchhiking creep! theparks.it was here! This is where we met Freddy Sr. and Pennywise the clown. That's a weird place to die. Ton likes taking pictures of EGF too. Every enthusiast's dream, a coaster that dives straight into the kitchen! EGF actually has Continental tyres!
  20. It's October so most themeparks are celebrating the only holiday I actually like, Halloween, and where to celebrate an holiday better than at Holiday Park! Most of the Halloween theming in the park wasn't that great and the walkthrough could have been scarier too, but they did have one great thing. They filled the upper level of the darkride with smoke and had a few actors scare the unsuspecting victoms.This was actually more funny than scary so we ended up riding it 4 times. The park also opened a new ride this year, a Star Flyer named Lighthouse Tower. It's located next to the lake and as the name suggests, is't themed like a lighthouse. To bad it has such a crappy program. And now for some pics: And now back to the good stuff... "I'm watching you!" Dinner! This guy is really pissing me off! The council of the bush. "I don't wanna be on a cake!!!" I don't think Asterix really wanted to be in this picture. And Ton just had to joint them... Outside a few witches where playing dress up. The park also had an other Intamin ride. For the ocasion they allowed Leatherface to hang around the exit. But first he has to get past Dave. And now Freddy Jr. is back to claim her soul... OMG, I didn't even know she was dead! Finaly, a picture that shows the location of their wooden Wild Mouse! A parkmap from 1986. Weird to see how little has changed in 20 years! Honey, I shrunk the EGF! This thing looks popular. Nice collection of track. Mercedes? Doesn't he belong with the other German hyper? Don't leave me!!! Luckely they also have some beautiful things. This park is amasing! They even have someone that looks like the creature in my mirror!
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