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  1. When it comes to ride quality or re-ridership I really can't choose between Black Mamba and Nemesis. But Nemesis' theming doesn't even come close to Black Mamba.
  2. What a ripoff! I already live in Belgium! I'm going to risk it anyway. wishmaster123456@hotmail.com (Everyone else is also free to add me)
  3. I rode BM yesterday. I must say that it was amasing! Definitely one of the best coasters in Europe! BTW: I also found out why they could never build this ride in the USA.
  4. MAN, that thing looks great! I can't wait till I get to ride Mamba! (this saturday )
  5. ^^ Yeah, especially if you're on the ground watching Joey. @ Hyyyper: Maybe I'll come visit you some time. I've got an anual pass anyway.
  6. ^ I think Lordi is a lot better than HIM. As for COB and Nightwish, is it possible to be any better? Finntroll is also a great Finnish band.
  7. I was surprised when I heared a Metal band won. It seems that people have better taste than I thought. For the ones who don't know the song, here is a link: ^ a few years ago a metal singer won Idols in Belgium. In World Idols he became third, after Kurt Nilson (Norway) and Kelly Clarkson.
  8. ^ It has an eggbeater, but they put a huge cilinder inside so it doesn't look like an eggbeater. Euro Mir also has the eggbeater, but that one is themed like a launchpad.
  9. @ Carnage & Corkscrewed: In europe, most wooden coasters don't have seatbelts! Without the restraint the rider was completely unprotected. @ RCoasterny: Vekoma uses ratcheting type restraints. I'm shure the ride was maintained and inspected properly, but things like metal fatigue are really hard to spot. (even impossible with the naked eye) So I guess all those years of severe beatings in the first drop finaly took their toll on the trains.
  10. Yes, it does. It also says that on the official website from Deep in Africa and on the previous page of this topic.
  11. Yes. In its opening year it used Bones on The Beach. In the second year they changed it to Capricio Italien but a few years ago the second projector broke down (the first one's gone for years) so they started experimenting with laser effects and music and now they ended up with Bones on The Beach again.
  12. Phantasialand has announced the opening dat for Black Mamba! There is a Pre-opening on 23 May (seats for the first ride are auctioned on this site) and the official opening is on 24 May. You can also find the titelsong for Black Mamba on this page.
  13. ^ Yes, the trains are rather small, but that isn't the main reason some people hate it. Eurosat has pretty abrupt and violent turns, slaming the riders around. If you don't know what to expect you could get some bad bruses from it. For some people this is a reason to hate Eurosat, but for others (like me) that is a reason to love it.
  14. There's a countdown page on the official website, but the counter itself isn't on there yet. http://www.deepinafrica.de/eroeffnungstermin/eroeffnungstermin.php
  15. Black Mamba made it's first testrun! (for real this time) http://www.deepinafrica.de/testfahrt/testfahrt.php
  16. ^ It's a Dutch video. Thanks for posting it. KMG is my favorite builder of flat rides and the verry best is the Discovery (the topspin at the end of the video)
  17. You should definitly ride: - Templo del Fuego - Stampida - Dragon Khan - Templo del Fuego - Hurakan Condor - Templo del Fuego - Sea Odyssey - Templo del Fuego - Did mention Templo del Fuego yet? (Yes, it is that good) Also, the Fort Frenzee show should be good, althou I haven't seen it myself yet.
  18. ^ LIM's are basicly the same as magnetic brakes, just used differently. So if Intamin can put magnetic brakes on their wooden coasters why wouldn't they be able to put LIM's on them too?
  19. They tried running it with softer wheels, but then the coaches stalled between the two barrol rolls. As for the G-force on the loop, it's black-out style.
  20. I'd say 7, judging from the pic on this page. http://www.onride.de/viewtopic.php?t=20750&start=160&-1 To bad the quality of the pic isn't that good. I'd love to see a few better pics of the trains.
  21. If you have NoLimits you could install the NoLimits screensaver.
  22. ^ Don't worry, the first drop isn't that intense. However, the loop is. ^^ The roughness has nothing to do with the rain. Some coaches have other types of wheels, which makes them rougher than others. Just hope you get one of the good coaches.
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