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  1. Sooooooo I take it Winterfest was not announced and Dorney Park was trolling like with those Project 2019 teasers? I guess at this point getting peoples hopes up just amuses them.
  2. Man part of me wants to go to Orlando just for a few days to visit Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, Aquatica, and Volcano Bay. This report really showed off how nice Volcano Bay is.
  3. Aw man I actually thought about engineering back in the day props to your toughing it out through school. I ultimately ended up somewhere without Engineering so it became not an option and now I'm a CPA instead.
  4. I agree pretty much anything else Kings Dominion adds is just a "bonus" ride.
  5. I only rode Roar once in 2008 and I found it pretty fun. Definitely in the upper half of wooden coasters I have ridden. I actually like both of SFAs wooden coasters more than KDs. Which therefore makes that the only thing I like about SFA more than KD
  6. Awesome report Michael I enjoy your excellent reports while feeling immense jealousy that I am not able to travel like you do to these parks!
  7. Screamscape stirring the pot about 2019 at Kings Dominion and CGA. Not sure if this means anything in regards to the exact position. If it does then well more Planet Snoopy stuff, yay for those with children. But CGAs marker is outside the front gate which makes me think the coordinates are not exact. Digression if it's not a Planet Snoopy expansion my guess would be some kind of flat.............or nothing since it's November and both of these parks just opened Twisted Timbers and Railblazer.
  8. Has Roar been running well this year? I have not ridden it in 10 years was wondering how it has held up.
  9. Mine would be Impulse at Knoebels. This year was the most my count has increased in years with Tempesto, InvadR, Phoenix, Flying Turns, Twister, Black Diamond, and Impulse. Once I lose more weight I am going to be doing a lot more traveling
  10. Definitely: Kings Dominion Busch Gardens Williamsburg Probably: Six Flags America Six Flags Great Adventure Kennywood Knoebels Hersheypark Carowinds Maybe: Dollywood SFFT SFOT SFNE Lake Compounce
  11. ^Yeah I'm still having my issues with being too big for RMC as this year was devoted to passing the CPA Exam instead of the gym. But I'm optimistic about next year. At least I got to add Tempesto, InvadR, PHOENIX, Twister, Impulse, Flying Turns, and Black Diamond to my coasters ridden this year.
  12. I will most likely check out Winterfest @ KD this year since it's 35 minutes from my apartment. If KD is 35 minutes from you then Great Adventure is about 4 hours. Sounds like a road trip is in order. I mean, you can ride an 80mph hyper coaster in 20 degree weather, just sayin. I need to go back to Great Adventure asap I haven't been since 2011. Definitely high on my revisit priority list.
  13. I will most likely check out Winterfest @ KD this year since it's 35 minutes from my apartment.
  14. I have yet to visit a winter event. That may need to change in the near future.
  15. So I guess the Virginia winter coaster options are: Dominator Racer 75 Great Pumpkin InvadR Verbolten and Grover Better than nothing I will say!
  16. Yeah tree removal isn't just like "okay" with me but I've long wanted a Screamin Swing in Virginia since I rode Barnstormer at Dollywood.
  17. ^That is the opposite sentiment of the reaction I have seen on other (unnamed) pages. People seem to be upset about all the tree removal. Me on the other hand? S&S SCREAMING SWING IN VIRGINIA AT BUSCH GARDENS!!!!!!! Sure it sucks it's less "pretty" in that area but I mean were getting one of the most fun flats out there!
  18. I think Copperhead Strike is going to be rough for drawing lines because of the lower capacity unfortunately and people love launch coasters like that. It's also in a prominent location for them gobble up.
  19. Yeah they wouldn't create much buzz by being like "oh no there's nothing new happening for a while, in fact we might actually remove a roller coaster instead of adding one. You should drive to Six Flags Great America they're opening a new coaster next year"
  20. After my Knoebels trip 1. El Toro 2. Intimidator 305 3. Phoenix 4. Millennium Force 5. New Texas Giant 6. Nitro 7. Storm Runner 8. Apollo’s Chariot 9. Afterburn 10. Intimidator
  21. Twister is a criminally underrated ride. Aside from Phoenix, it’s probably my favorite wood coaster not built by Intamin or RMC. If Phoenix wasn’t a thing I feel like people would rave about that ride. Yeah I’m trying to decide whether or not I like it more than the two “good” GCIs I’ve ridden or not (Thunderhead and Lightning Racer) not that this matters to absolutely anybody.
  22. Now that I’ve been to Hershey, Knoebels, and Dorney Park I need to get to Kennywood ASAP. Definitely looks like it scratches that nostalgia itch like Knoebels does but features a few more modern rides.
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