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  1. This is painfully accurate. My sister goes to Orlando all the time to go to Disney multiple times a year and has never ever set foot in SWO. I asked her why and it's because "well I sent to SeaWorld in San Antonio and I feel like once you've seen one you've seen them all" and my argument of "they have way better coasters in Orlando and the park is just generally much better" had no effect also she had "why would I spend Disney time at SeaWorld?" It's definitely the black sheep park in Orlando no question.
  2. Thanks all who responded! Definitely looks like Dollywood during their Christmas event and SFOG during their Christmas event are solid ways to hit those parks when my home parks are closed or with most of their coasters closed.
  3. Thinking about making my initial visit to this park ever in November the weekend before Thanksgiving. What rides are typically closed for Holiday in the Park? I guess as long as Twisted Cyclone, Goliath, Mindbender, and Dare Devil are open I am more than happy to visit.
  4. I think Impulse at Knoebels as of right now. It was either that or Black Diamond but I think it was Impulse.
  5. I’ve also figured that out and it’s why Knoebels is my favorite park. I do love awesome coasters but I’ve decided to not be a credit whore like I once was in high school because the number isn’t worth increasing by putting my 6’3 ass into a kiddie coaster car. As long as a roller coaster isn’t violently awful and painful I don’t care if it’s not the greatest layout of all time and enjoy the ride for what it is because I’m on a roller coaster and not auditing or something.
  6. Hershey really has blown up now. Wish they’d install a few modern flats here and there. But the coaster line up is absolutely insane now on quantity and quality. If they RMC Wildcat I’m buying a season pass even though I live 3 hours away. Or if RMC appears another way.
  7. ^I can see Pantheon being good enough to creep up into the Top 50 maybe Top 25. Honestly I couldn't be much happier about it being added to BGW. I really need to get on Twisted TImbers .
  8. Great photos and report Chuck! Whoever at BGW that said “hey let’s take this beautiful beer garden with coasters that everyone loves, and add a screaming swing, and 2 huge Intamin coasters” is one of my favorite people in the world.
  9. This will be a very nice addition to SFA for sure assuming it is what were all 99% sure what it is. SFA has had a few nice additions the last few years. No major coasters really but I like the adding of nice flats. The only addition I wasn't crazy about was Splashwater Falls...………..you know because I am single with no kids (and yes I have very similar feelings about "Coconut Shores" )
  10. This will be an awesome addition to Six Flags America for sure. If they added a Raptor in Gotham City as much as we all like to hate on the park they would have a pretty strong collection of rides to the mean.
  11. I've reached a point where I am happy when a park is building "A" coaster period. I just like when they improve their overall value by adding a new attraction period. I must admit being somebody with no kids when the addition is entirely kid-friendly I am very...……..unexcited but I see the big picture and I see it as good for the park. The details like height, speed, etc. aren't crazy relevant I just like when parks build fun rides. Orion looks absolutely awesome. If Kings Island was my home park I would be absolutely thrilled. I like that it has the big wave turn and some clear elements that distinguish it from the other B&M Gigas. Kings Island was already very appealing as is and now I REALLY want to go there.
  12. This is one of my favorite posts I've ever seen on here. I honestly don't even care about the numbers most of the time anymore unless they're just like super slow .
  13. Wow glad to see MiA getting an addition and of course it's a camp they would never put a planet of new rides in there... Also I like the camp theming more than the planet theming anyway.
  14. It's time for Cedar Fair to explore water coasters in general.....
  15. Good lord I never realized the HP even has the wave pool fenced off? Yikes imagine I would just go in there to ride the mat racer, water coaster, and maybe some of the slides on the big tower and that would be it.
  16. I don't disagree at all. Three separate "Wizarding Worlds" feels like overkill. That's like if Disney built a Star Wars land at every single park they have.
  17. So on top of Pantheon we're looking at rumors of a "Red Force" like coaster for BGW in...…..2021? If that rumor is true I wonder what wild Coaster Enthusiast got control of SEAS capex decisions. Also if that rumor is true.....neat.
  18. Heck, I'm pleased with a new Intamin 8 hours and 45 minutes from where I am so long as I can make it there occasionally I agree I am usually very pleased with the addition of a large coaster virtually anywhere. But the more proximate, the more pleased I am.
  19. I am very pleased with the addition of a large intamin 45 minutes down 64 from where I sleep.
  20. I mean it's not like Hershey gives two sh*ts how dumb anybody thinks the name is.
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