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  1. Honestly, I feel like if Six Flags just invested a good 3-4 years into this park it would be a very good park. So much potential. At least they're making yearly investments to one of their lower volume parks unlike Cedar Fair sometimes. Personally hoping for an S&S Free Spin for next year as I would love to have one of those closer to me than SFGAdv
  2. Quite the teaser campaign KD is pumping out. Would be more fun if we didn't know EXACTLY what the ride is or at least the type of coaster
  3. Definitely a needed addition to the waterpark. Nice to have a decent water coaster relatively close to Virginia. Granted I imagine the lines will be awful.
  4. I'm on the Star Flyer train with this for now. It's very difficult to imagine a giga coaster at BGW for me personally. Does not seem their style plus SEAS is having issues these days.
  5. The only type of screaming on rides that annoys me is when there's a girl directly behind me screaming in my ear otherwise I really don't care and to be fair does anybody want anyone screaming in their ear behind them?
  6. That's just rampant speculation. It's clearly a B&M Mega Coaster because the park wants balance its collection. God I hate when people say KD needs a B&M Mega Coaster to "balance out"
  7. There is a very limited amount of roller coasters I would pay $25 for a single skip the line ride on and although I haven't ridden InvadR yet it would not be one of them.....
  8. You really talked to those guys? I'm still hung up on the arena for many reasons. Riddle me this is not leaving (too many people ride it, and the ride itself is reliable), and probably not Rodeo. Blizzard River I can see. RMC, mmm, wouldn't be surprised, but doubt it. So, I'm still 'guessing' that the arena is going for Justice dark ride; I take what Sally said with a grain of salt. They remove the zooamazon falls slides, and put a water coaster there. They'll mess up, and put in a Spinsanity. I'll take a Spinsanity! Those rides are fun and the closest one to me is at Dollywood I think.
  9. That would be a great way to troll the insane coaster enthusiasts out there
  10. Great report! Dollywood really is a fantastic place. Perhaps a TPR visit is a good luck charm for Lightning Rod since it seems to have been up consistently the past couple days. Dying to go check LR out but more importantly JEALOUS of that cinnamon bread you got to eat!
  11. Top 5 Visited 1. Busch Gardens Williamsburg Being from Virginia my parents always told me as a kid this park was the better of the two parks in the state and I find that to be correct I feel so lucky to have this park in my home state because it's absolutely fantastic. The coaster lineup is solid, the atmosphere and theming are great, Curse of DarKastle is amazing, and I just love it everytime I go. I won't lie though when I first rode Apollo's Chariot at age 7 it scared the sh*t out of me. 2. Islands of Adventure Ugh. I wish I rode the Dragons when I went the one time I did in 2003. This one might take a hit on my personal list solely out of anger towards Comcast but hey this post is not about that. I went here when I was 11 and it was the only time I went and the park was amazing and I remember it so fondly. All the theming, spider-man, the water rides, love it. Excited to actually see the Harry Potter section IoA has even though I've already been to Diagon Alley. 3. Universal Studios Florida I've been here twice in the 1990s when I was way too young and then again in June 2016. I will say the attractions are incredible. Transformers, Gringotts, and the Mummy all amazing rides. I also really liked Men in Black. Too fat to ride the Rockit back then unfortunately. But I really like the atmosphere of the place as well and I am incredibly excited for Super Nintendo World. 4. Dollywood I have not ridden Lightning Rod yet and I have a feeling that once I ride that incredibly awesome adrenaline rush of pure insanity that that RMC coaster is Dollywood may become my #1 or #2. Dollywood is amazing. The atmosphere and food (cinnamon bread ) are all amazing features to compliment a fantastic lineup of coasters and decent flats. Barnstormer is one of my favorite non-coaster rides I have ridden. Thunderhead is my #2 wooden coaster, Wild Eagle is a cool fun ride, Mystery MIne is really unique and the only Euro-Fighter I have ridden, and Tennessee Tornado is just pure intensity. All of these things combined plus Drop Line, and Lightning Rod just have me itching to get back to this amazing place. Love love love LOVE Dollywood and I wish it was closer to me since I moved to Fredericksburg from Christiansburg three years ago. Granted I do have i305 and soon an RMC down 95. 5. Cedar Point I mean it's like an island of amazing roller coasters, lots of them and great flats surrounded by Lake Erie. I have yet to ride Maverick, Dragster, Gatekeeper, Rougarou, Valravn, RMC Mean Streak, and Blue Streak because almost all of those weren't there yet when I went except Dragster and Blue Streak. Millennium Force, Magnum, and Raptor were all amazing rides when I went though. Dying to go back. 6-10: HP, SFGAdv, KD, SFFT, SFOT. Bucketlist Parks 1. Six Flags Magic Mountain A polarizing choice to be sure but it has 19 roller coasters and I want to ride all of the non-kid ones. Now. Need to get out to California one of these days. 2. All of the Disney World Parks The only disney owned park I have ever set foot into is Typhoon Lagoon. It's Disney World I want to experience all of it. Especially once STAR WARS LAND opens!!! 3. Busch Gardens Tampa It has Montu, Kumba, Cheetah Hunt, SheiKra, animals, an insane drop tower and I want to experience all of those things. 4. Alton Towers Nemesis. Enough Said. 5. Holiday World The Voyage, Thunderbird, Amazing water coasters, free soda. I've always wanted to go to this place. Runner ups: Kings Island, SFNE, Silver Dollar City, SFOG, SWO. SFGAm, KBF, Knoebels.
  12. Eh in my opinion Six Flags Great Adventure could always use more flats. This is one of the parks I think definitely could use a Giant Discovery.
  13. I have this weird feeling they're going to call it the "Derecho" a storm known throughout Virginia from a few years ago. But that's just wild speculation on my part but it would be a cool coaster name!
  14. Pretty bummed out by this. I really hope a park in the US picks these great B&M Inverts up. I like Harry Potter but I find my liking of it has been decreasing with this development.
  15. If you're going for the Wizarding World then yes absolutely. Diagon Alley is especially fantastic I was amazed when I walked into that section in June 2016. Probably the best section of a theme park I've ever been in.
  16. Yes but it is very useful and interesting information and thanks for making it!. I suppose I will probably limit my Dollywood trips to the Fall and Spring knowing LR is not a fan of the summer heat.
  17. If this is in fact a water coaster that will be awesome. It might have insane lines since the boardwalk has literally one slide tower. I will be happy to have another nice water coaster on the east coast in the Mid-Atlantic area since currently it seems like the only one is the one at Ocean City in the Jolly Roger waterpark. I suppose you could also count RIverRush at Splash Country but I don't think of that as Mid-Atlantic.
  18. I have never met another coaster enthusiast in person. Based off this, what I've seen Robb talk about with the meet ups and public trips, and various other things I've seen on other forums I'm not sure I really want to. Anyways great reports coasterbill they are fun to read!
  19. I love Toon Lagoon. Popeye and Dudley are the two best water rides I've ridden. I am curious to see if Disney buys out the Marvel rights one day or something. I will also be very sad to see the Dragons leave if that happens. I went to IoA in 2003 and wouldn't ride those or the Hulk because I was afraid of coasters with inversions. Man I felt dumb the next summer when I rode Alpengeist as my first inverting roller coaster.
  20. Curse of DarKastle is essentially one of BGWs main attractions. I really don't get the logic behind turning it into a maze. I'd much rather ride DarKastle than go through a haunted maze.
  21. If SFA gets an S&S Freespin or a relocated Intamin Impulse I will be more than satisfied with either! I have yet to experience a freespin but I've been on both Possessed and Wicked Twister and they're both great rides.
  22. To be fair you do live an hour west of Cedar Point featuring Maverick, RMC Mean Streak (soon), Millennium Force, 4 decent B&Ms, TTD, and Magnum.
  23. Imagine how this feels for somebody who lives 40 minutes north of Kings Dominion Also hello all, I've lurked on this forum for probably 5+ years and finally decided to start posting here. I've noticed that this thread seems to be one of the craziest threads on the forum. Makes me wonder if I live near the craziest coaster enthusiasts out there.
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