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  1. Quantity is not always better than quality. I feel Dorney is a better park in regards to operations and they have a much much much better water park. Probably the second best water park within an amusement park behind Holiday World. Both parks opened nothing special that makes them stand out ride wise. We received two used coasters that definitely are not stand outs. Even though Wonder Woman is a fun ride, its nothing new. There are plenty of Sky Screamer's in the world. The water park additions within Six Flags America are nothing new, again cookie cutter slides. Dorney received custom slides or what appears to be a custom slide tower. Both parks received generic carnival style flat rides. On the flip side Dorney started making changes to their park on the operational stand point where Six Flags lacks. Dorney started the Fast Pay wrist band which in my opinion is awesome so I do not have to carry my credit/bank card or cash with me. Dorney is now going to give children under 5 a season pass. This will help so many families. I never understood why parks make you pay for a child that young when they can not participate in 90% of what the park has to offer. Let's not forget Cedar Fair's line skipper in the best in the business. No need to go about your day darting from ride to ride depending on a certain time to ride. At Cedar Fair you can simply go from ride to ride and have one less worry. I don't disagree with anything you've said regarding the comparisons of Dorney to SFA. I like both parks but they are lower tier in my personal park rankings. I was just pointing out Six Flags is at least making investments into SFA with yearly additions while CF seems to invest very little into their smaller low-volume parks in terms of attractions by comparison which is fine, perhaps Cedar Fair does not consider even a minor ROI to be worth putting in a ride (and that's part of the reason FUN is in better shape financially than SIX).
  2. Not to mention a relatively solid flat collection! Delirium, Crypt, Windseeker, Drop Tower, etc (Oh and Shenandoah Lumber Company).
  3. Steel Vengeance looks to be potentially the most insane RMC creation yet . I need to get back to Cedar Point asap. They've now added Maverick, Gatekeeper, Valravn, and now Steel Vengeance to their lineup (also a huge S&S Screaming Swing) since I last went in 2005. Not to mention I've never ridden TTD, Blue Streak, or Rougarou/Mantis.
  4. Excited to see the 2nd Infinity Coaster in the US going up! Also does anyone else find it amusing how in the announcement the guy kept comparing it to a coaster in Georgia?
  5. I mean Six Flags puts a lot more money into SFA than CF does Dorney these days. We've received over the last 5 years: 3 flats, a coaster, and 2 water park additions.
  6. The facebook comments on the parks official page make me want to jump out of a window. I get like the GP doesn't know or care what an RMC is but they really have no idea how good of a ride TT will likely be and they're just trashing it. EDIT: Sorry! Just had to vent about that for a minute. Too many angry negative hateful people on social media. Need to remember Facebook comments are essentially poison to the mind.
  7. The hate for Super Loops is strong on coaster forums. Looks like Cedar Fair is getting their share now. I'm sure they're fun rides I have not ridden any permanent installations.
  8. One thing I am wondering is if they could be adding all these additions to the area where WWL was and creating a whole new snoopy themed area? Although moving the carousel would seem to shoot that theory dead.
  9. I personally really would like for BGW to get a nice flat ride package so hopefully if we do see a new hamlet go in we get 2 or 3 flats going in at some point.
  10. Great photos!! Holiday World is a major "bucket list" park for me it seems like such a nice relaxing park like Dollywood. Really need to make it out there in the next few years. Hopefully part of a Kings Island, Kentucky Kingdom, and Holiday World combo trip!
  11. Yeah I personally know a bunch of people who can't handle I305. I love it but one day when I rode it 5 times in a row I needed a break after the 5th time. A ride op told me once about a guy that literally rode it 92 times in one day. I'm wondering how that man is still alive at this time......
  12. RMC T-REX REPLACING ANACONDA IN 2019!!!! Yeah the people who really want a B&M Mega to "balance" the lineup are the ones that really drive me nuts.
  13. What's sad is even with all those awesome things (and more) in that park there's a lot of locals who demand so much more. I don't even really know what more I could want at KD? Maybe more flats? I love having it 40 minutes down 95.
  14. We're going to make Six Flags America so great that they'll have to increase the amount of flags in the title. Seven, eight, nine, I heard up to forty flags it's gonna be great.
  15. If that's the case then Mean Streak is probably going to be "Outlaw Timbers." CGAs new coaster will be "Railblazer Timbers" and KBFs "Hangtime Timbers" Okay I'll stop now that was fun.
  16. If that is in fact the name then I suppose "timbers" is the new "hawk"
  17. Nighthawk is in SC. However there is a little bit between the holding brakes and station that goes into NC (shown below). Since the station and majority of the coaster is in SC and under it's jurisdiction for inspection , I personally would count it as a SC coaster. For comparison, Fury and Goldrusher also are in both states, but their stations are in NC and under NC inspection so I count them as NC coasters. So I guess my favorite roller coaster in North Carolina is Carolina Cyclone?
  18. Virginia - I305 North Carolina - (I have not ridden Fury yet ) Nighthawk? South Carolina - Afterburn Florida - Revenge of the Mummy Maryland - Superman Pennsylvania - Storm Runner (no Skyrush yet) Tennessee - Thunderhead New Jersey - El Toro Texas - New Texas Giant Ohio - Millennium Force
  19. Pretty jealous of anyone taking advantage of the 5 minute wait on LR right now. It seems like LR is running a lot more consistently which is great!
  20. SFAs lack of trees would never be a reason for me to not go to the park or any park for that matter. Comparing it to KD and BGW it definitely lacks in the shade department but that's okay. I'd much rather be at SFA than work
  21. Agreed I've been noticing people assuming this must mean more than one ride. People we're getting an RMC. Most parks are lucky to get a Troika.
  22. This! Water Country USA is one of the largest water parks in the US and is considered one of the better ones too. I'm actually surprised they have not added a water coaster yet. The mid-atlantic area seems quite slow to add these rides for some reason. Of course Cedar Fair has never built one and neither has SEAS.
  23. Well of course how silly of me . Yeah BGW is on a whole different level than most other parks. SFA has cooler IPs to use than KD but KD is definitely a more enjoyable place to walk around. They have these interesting things called "trees" everywhere.
  24. It definitely could use a few updates in the "charm" department especially when its closest competition is KD and BGW.
  25. Agreed. If Six Flags wanted to invest the money they could make Gotham City pretty awesome. The ROI though probably would not be worth it. I almost never hear of anyone in Virginia talking about Six Flags America. Kings Dominion definitely (it is vastly superior and is about to have an RMC) but never SFA.
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