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  1. Visiting this park for the first time on a Sunday after starting the morning out at KK. How is this park on Sundays lines and crowds wise? I would like to get in the water park for the 2 older water coasters single rider lines. at some point during the day, my main focus will certainly be the 4 coasters. Thanks for any tips! All the weekdays of my trip are at CP and KI so I will be more leisurely at those.
  2. Making my first ever visit here unfortunately Saturday June 25th on my way back to Richmond from Cedar Point. How is this park on Saturdays? Is it manageable? I plan to go open to close that day. Thanks for any notes on KW!
  3. Hi all, I am making my first ever KK visit Saturday next weekend it's the first park of a weeklong midwest road trip with HW, KI, CP, and Kennywood (first time to all but Cedar Point), on the way back to Richmond, VA. Does anyone have experience with this park on Saturdays? Is KK pretty manageable on Saturdays lines wise? I bought a 2 day ticket to start the Sunday there the morning after and then roll out to HW but I'd like to clear as much of KK as possible to get out to HW Sunday as early as I can. Thank you for any notes!
  4. Pantheon is fantastic! Rode it Friday during the previews six times. It was cold but very worth it after all those years waiting and looking at that intamin beauty sitting in its field. The backwards section is not to be downplayed. I had never quite encountered "backwards launching ejector airtime" before until Pantheon and now it's all I want. But yeah the ride is great, the Zero G Winder has nice hangtime. The small outer banks transitioning to the launch track are pretty fun and funky, then when it gets to the swing launch it really picks up the pace and when you start going backwards from the top hat the ride just starts going bananas for a minute. The spike is really tall and you certainly realize that in the back car. The small airtime hill on the backwards pass and the final pass is FANTASTIC with ejector air time. Some minor air at the top of the top hat. The drop is great nothing too wild but still fun and steep enough. The large outer bank turn is very floaty and funky but not quite what I was expecting in terms of forces when I first saw it, I chalk that up to the fact it was in the 40s when I was there but I still found it really fun which is really all that matters. The stall is fun feels more extended and sustained than VelociCoasters and has head choppers but in terms of forces largely the same. Then the head chopper under the drop is a very cool visual and the small wave turn at the end is a great way to end the ride with a bang. I certainly enjoyed Pantheon, new BGW king for me for sure. The ride is rather bare bones in terms of theming/presentation and there is certainly a smell of cow poop as you cross the bridge but at the end of the day in the grand scheme of things I didn't consider it much different than Apollo's Chariots set up and just let it go. I prefer VelociCoaster personally but as an attraction that ride is tough to beat. You could make the argument if you stripped both coasters bare that Pantheon is better for sure but unfortunately for Pantheon, VelociCoaster is not stripped bare and covered with Comcast $s. Overall Pantheon is fantastic and worthy of a visit to BGW alone. I can't wait to ride many times this summer.
  5. I feel like KD can get away with FOF and I305 in the back corner of Jungle-X. They feel very isolated from the rest of the section honestly. Backlot definitely could use a retheme though. Luckily it is kinda also tucked in it's own corner from the rest of the area with trees obstructing its presence if you aren't right next to it. But I certainly think they could just retheme it to a temple of some kind and call it a day. Whether they do or not though I am skeptical, that would not be the cheapest retheme.
  6. Yeah unfortunately it’s a solo trip. I haven’t been walked from Apollo at all this season, if it’s not like significantly stricter I imagine I should be cautiously optimistic. I always go to parks in gym shorts and put everything in lockers. Hopefully another two weeks of meal prep and cardio will give me an extra centimeter to my advantage.
  7. So I am heading here in a couple weeks for the first time. I am slightly worried about fitting on Mako and Manta much more Mako than Manta. I can ride Apollo's Chariot but it always seems to be tricky to hit the sensor sometimes if I sit awkwardly. I've heard Mako is slightly stricter? Does anyone know from experience? I can ride basically everything in Virginia except Griffon because of like a tenth of an inch on the seatbelts and that includes Twisted Timbers. I am 6'3 314 46 inch waistline and might be slightly smaller when I finally go based on trends. B&Ms seem to be a little trickier for the big and tall it seems like especially with OTSRs.
  8. Love the name honestly. Never been on one of these things but I've always liked quirky rides.
  9. Dang! That's a shock. I expected one of those to pop up down the street at SeaWorld San Antonio!
  10. This is painfully accurate. My sister goes to Orlando all the time to go to Disney multiple times a year and has never ever set foot in SWO. I asked her why and it's because "well I sent to SeaWorld in San Antonio and I feel like once you've seen one you've seen them all" and my argument of "they have way better coasters in Orlando and the park is just generally much better" had no effect also she had "why would I spend Disney time at SeaWorld?" It's definitely the black sheep park in Orlando no question.
  11. Thanks all who responded! Definitely looks like Dollywood during their Christmas event and SFOG during their Christmas event are solid ways to hit those parks when my home parks are closed or with most of their coasters closed.
  12. Thinking about making my initial visit to this park ever in November the weekend before Thanksgiving. What rides are typically closed for Holiday in the Park? I guess as long as Twisted Cyclone, Goliath, Mindbender, and Dare Devil are open I am more than happy to visit.
  13. I think Impulse at Knoebels as of right now. It was either that or Black Diamond but I think it was Impulse.
  14. I’ve also figured that out and it’s why Knoebels is my favorite park. I do love awesome coasters but I’ve decided to not be a credit whore like I once was in high school because the number isn’t worth increasing by putting my 6’3 ass into a kiddie coaster car. As long as a roller coaster isn’t violently awful and painful I don’t care if it’s not the greatest layout of all time and enjoy the ride for what it is because I’m on a roller coaster and not auditing or something.
  15. Hershey really has blown up now. Wish they’d install a few modern flats here and there. But the coaster line up is absolutely insane now on quantity and quality. If they RMC Wildcat I’m buying a season pass even though I live 3 hours away. Or if RMC appears another way.
  16. ^I can see Pantheon being good enough to creep up into the Top 50 maybe Top 25. Honestly I couldn't be much happier about it being added to BGW. I really need to get on Twisted TImbers .
  17. Great photos and report Chuck! Whoever at BGW that said “hey let’s take this beautiful beer garden with coasters that everyone loves, and add a screaming swing, and 2 huge Intamin coasters” is one of my favorite people in the world.
  18. This will be a very nice addition to SFA for sure assuming it is what were all 99% sure what it is. SFA has had a few nice additions the last few years. No major coasters really but I like the adding of nice flats. The only addition I wasn't crazy about was Splashwater Falls...………..you know because I am single with no kids (and yes I have very similar feelings about "Coconut Shores" )
  19. This will be an awesome addition to Six Flags America for sure. If they added a Raptor in Gotham City as much as we all like to hate on the park they would have a pretty strong collection of rides to the mean.
  20. I've reached a point where I am happy when a park is building "A" coaster period. I just like when they improve their overall value by adding a new attraction period. I must admit being somebody with no kids when the addition is entirely kid-friendly I am very...……..unexcited but I see the big picture and I see it as good for the park. The details like height, speed, etc. aren't crazy relevant I just like when parks build fun rides. Orion looks absolutely awesome. If Kings Island was my home park I would be absolutely thrilled. I like that it has the big wave turn and some clear elements that distinguish it from the other B&M Gigas. Kings Island was already very appealing as is and now I REALLY want to go there.
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