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  1. Curious question. Is the Coney Island Cyclone as large rider friendly as other wooden coasters are (I rode all the knoebels coasters in October). I am going to be in NYC in May and was considering checking out Luna Park or the Coney Island area in general just to see it.
  2. Truly devastating news such a unique and fun ride. It had its flaws but man was it fun.
  3. ^SBF VIsa must be very pleased they came up with one of the simplest coasters of all time that’s selling like a new Apple product.
  4. Great photos! Such an exciting new coaster. Really makes Kennywood look even more interesting than it already was. I just hope it accommodates larger riders so if I try to go ride it this year I will be okay but there is 0 precedent for it right now.
  5. I prefer politics and nuclear tensions to literally never be on my mind when I am enjoying theme parks.
  6. I'm very glad I am now aware that Six Flags has 56.25% of the total RMCs
  7. ^I read that post and my mouth hit the floor. It began with adding minor theme elements to Steel Curtain and progressed into the Russian collusion allegations against the President being part of the theme.
  8. I think getting a head start on putting up lights is one thing during haunt since when they're off they're not really noticeable especially in the dark but giant ornaments, trees, wreathes I mean doesn't really look great next to things themed to death and horror
  9. I've only ridden Griffon and I love it. The drop is so awesome. I see the criticisms of them but it doesn't matter they're fun.
  10. I have a strong feeling over time they will see the demand for more rides to be open across the chain and will act accordingly.
  11. It is crazy how many of the recent Cedar Fair coasters have been orange or really dark red. Valravn, Rougarou, Railblazer, Yukon Striker, Copperhead Strike, Twisted Timbers, and Steel Vengeance all dark red or burnt orange. At least Hangtime was blue.
  12. Man realizing all the national parks close to Lagoon greatly makes that park a lot more tantalizing. I've never been out west but if I plan a trip to Lagoon I might have to extend it for all the awesome road tripping to do out there.
  13. Grouping all the clones together makes the most sense by far. It's much easier for me to group the 3 batman clones together than trying to actually sit down and think "hmmm SFOT or SFGAdv well SFOT did have that one very minor shake in the 2nd corkscrew" (I've never actually had this thought or cared whether a B&M "rattles" just for clarification I just made that thought process up ).
  14. ^These seems to be a running trend with mid-sized regional parks that Six Flags and Cedar Fair don't care to build huge coasters at anymore.
  15. Unless it's the haunt and you're absolutely blasted on Yuengling. I've never ridden a roller coaster under the influence of alcohol I always assumed it would just make you vomit.
  16. I really hope they at least paint the big gray and orange B&M as part of this "transformation"
  17. Flight of Fear has the issue of being very far in the back of Safari Village which that entire section is not open for Winterfest.
  18. When I arrived at around 5:15pm the line to get in was the longest line I've ever soon to get in. I am sure Cedar Fair is probably very pleased with the turnout they had here Saturday.
  19. Great report Chuck! I was there Saturday evening with family as well. The park looked GREAT! I didn’t get to sample any treats myself however. Did watch Charlie Browns Christmas Spectacular in the KD theater and thought the show was great as well as Cool Yule. We waited about 45 minutes for the Blue Ridge Tollway and they’re doing this thing where they play then “12 days of Christmas” over and over and over. The tower I agree was absolutely fantastic and I really enjoyed its presence throughout the night, Definitely a fun cool event. I think it will start to get crazy busy the closer to Christmas it gets.
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