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  1. ^Coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2020................surprisingly Magic Mountain is now the only Six Flags park to not have a Super Loop or have one coming next year. Even Great Escape has a Super Loop.
  2. So happy to see this going up at BGW!!!! Also a water coaster is something a huge great water park like Water Country USA needs.
  3. At the end of the day I want to ride all three because all three look "fun" which is usually what I go to parks for. I doubt I'll be riding Maxx Force one day (probably not next year) and be thinking "man this launch is so much better than Copperhead Strikes launch specifically." I'll probably be thinking "holy sh*t that launch was batsh*t insane I can't wait to ride this again."
  4. Has anybody gone for Hallo-Fun before? Are there certain rides that aren't typically open?
  5. With as much hate as the Super Loops get are they actually fun? I’ve ridden the carnival fireball rides before and enjoyed them greatly. Do they not improve a parks lineup of rides or do enthusiasts just hate them because they’re loud, obnoxious, marketed as coasters, and not the big RMC/Intamin/Mack/B&M they wanted?
  6. Well...it "is" the first floorless coaster in the state. Just about every park that announces a new ride that is a first for that state, cashes in on that. Yeah I get that of course. Just seems like such a minor thing to brag about when you know way too much information about these things to begin with .
  7. I chuckled at that when I read it. "The first floorless coaster in Maryland" when there's one in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Oh man I better get there next year to ride the ride with that selling point.
  8. As long as it involves Fortnite in some capacity, it can't be more disappointing than teasing a big new ride and actually just giving us a longer lazy river with 3 water features. Yeah those announcements sure are fun it's like "AMAZING NEW RIDE FOR EVERY SIX FLAGS (not SFA)." Granted those of us with SFA as the closest Six Flags to us can just go to another park in the area.
  9. Most SF fanboys should know by now to have low expectations, then anything but a superloop seems great. You have too much faith in humanity.
  10. If this is a floorless conversion that that will make 3 of the last 4 years where the new attraction was what I would like to call a "slight improvement of an existing attraction." Anything is better than nothing though.
  11. ^Oh yes there will be bitching. I look forward to pouring myself a glass of wine and perusing Facebook comments for entertainment.
  12. I'm planning a visit for the weekend after the covered bridge festival and I am beyond excited. Never been. Planning to spend a full day there on 10/13 with my 11 year old nephew, 13 year old cousin, and uncle. Can't wait to ride Phoenix!
  13. There are definitely times I think Six Flags marketing is targeting the lowest common denominator in the general population. In fact I would say that's what a lot corporate marketing you see these days is targeting but especially Six Flags and Cedar Fair.
  14. Us enthusiasts sure do love giant pendulum style rides and S&S Screamin Swings. They should be built everywhere.
  15. At this point Six Flags should install a Zamperla Giant Discovery in every single park it owns including waterparks I think we would all be very happy if they did that.
  16. Wonder what it is they're taking out a whopping 3 rides for? I can't imagine it's a coaster after last year but we will see.
  17. A Zamperla Giant Discovery definitely is on my list of "things I really want at SFGAdv." So if this leak is accurate that is really exciting. Now since I am relocating to Houston, from Virginia next year I will be hoping one goes up at SFFT as well. Granted SFOT already has one.
  18. If SFOT does add a Skywarp or another large flat then they will be developing quite the flat collection.
  19. I could maybe see a Skywarp going in if Six Flags decided to purchase more of them. They do afterall not have a Superloop granted that did not stop SFDK.
  20. Dude Pizza is the worst. I need to think "well the more I eat of this the longer it will take to ride Twisted Timbers"
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