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  1. Interesting I would of thought it was themed to deforestation.
  2. Interesting. Perhaps it's a cool large new flat? Shame to see more enterprises going down hopefully they relocate it but I won't be getting my hopes up.
  3. I agree that was way too much teasing for what was ultimately a slightly larger improved lazy river.
  4. If they change that to SROS I have issue riding that 7 times in a row. However Mind Eraser I prefer to not have CTE.
  5. I'm planning a potential Knoebels trip in October for the first time because I really want to ride Phoenix. Curious question is Impulse "large rider friendly?" Not worried at all about the wooden coasters as I can ride the PTC trains at KD no problem (though I don't recommend another human being sit in one with me). I can also fit on rides like Intimidator 305, Apollo's Chariot, and InvadR. Also wondering what flats may be an issue.
  6. The odds of Six Flags building another ride similar to Kingda Ka are extremely low. Nothing like that or Top Thrill Dragster has been built since 2005 due to a variety of reasons such as reliability and cost. Six Flags has not been crazy about spending that kind of money on one park recently either. It's fun to imagine your home park building an extremely awesome ride like that I understand but most corporate parks don't see the return on investment they would desire from something like that otherwise there would be TTDs and Kingda Kas all over the place at this point.
  7. I used to live 3 hours from Dollywood and now I live 7 hours away. It's terrible. Granted where I used to live the closest park was 2.5-3 hours away in Carowinds before Carowinds got really good.
  8. Oh don't get me wrong I loved it it just didn't give me the "El Toro-like Euphoria" I was expecting. I wanted to ride it in the back but we needed to cover the whole park before it closed for inclement weather that day. Really need to get back to SFOT.
  9. My theory is you had what happened to me with New Texas Giant. I overhyped New Texas Giant so much, I expected it to blow me away like El Toro did. It simply didn't. Now I always just take new coasters as they are and try to keep hype manageable so I don't ruin the ride for myself. Also excellent reports from Japan!
  10. I have I believe a very solid plan of action for fast lane at Dorney Park and that is if I’m going to Dorney Park I don’t buy fast lane ever because I’m at Dorney Park.
  11. Really excited to see this going up. The track style really reminds me a lot of Vekomas newer coasters. Should be a great addition to Kennywood. I wonder when Six Flags America will build a coaster themed to the Washington oh..............
  12. I heard about this and it is absolute BS. Of COURSE a lawyer was on that train and wants to sue and get the incident media coverage. People are ridiculous.
  13. I definitely see why more parks are moving to a locker system. I've seen a lot of snapchats recorded on the map function of POVs on roller coasters and the other day at BGW I saw this kid go down the drop on Le Scoot with his phone out. I was watching a map snap that was inside of Escape from Pompeii and an employee came on the loudspeaker to put the phone away. Now I am getting worried on some rides somebody's giant Samsung Galaxy might hit me in the face.
  14. Yikes that is not great. Glad I don't have any FUN in my 401k right now. Item of note the CEO mentioned they were "pleased" with guest response to "particularly Steel Vengeance and HangTime" but not Twisted Timbers. Probably means nothing in the long run honestly but interesting to me in the least. Guess Twisted Timbers may not be having the impact on KDs attendance they were hoping for.
  15. I can't believe I just poked my head in this thread to see people are trying to argue with Robb Alvey about the amusement park industry . Guess next they will try to argue with Neil Tyson about space.
  16. When I was there on Friday they have a "move your locker" system for $6 which I found to be efficient and nice. Doesn't stop morons from taking snapchats on rides like Le Scoot where I saw some guy going down the drop with his phone out. Side note: Rode InvadR for the first time friday. Cool ride, only rode once in the back after the 3ish hour long rain delay.
  17. If you're considering Fast Lane Plus for 2 days I recommend spending less money on that and spending some time at Busch Gardens!
  18. I just had a co-worker point out "another disaster at an amusement park" in regards to Superman getting stuck on the lift hill. The media is so useless sometimes
  19. ^ I think if they build an S&S Sreamin' Swing in 2019 it means they're building an S&S Screamin' Swing in 2019 and I for one could not care less what else gets added to this amazing wonderful theme park that I love so much anymore because they will then have my favorite flat.
  20. I am so excited by this development I've always thought a Screamin Swing would be a fantastic add to Ireland! Not to mention it's my favorite flat.
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