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  1. I do enjoy Harry Potter but I have to point out a “Ministry of Magic” expansion after Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, and a New Potter coaster is starting to sound like overkill. I mean I get it, it prints money.
  2. I'm starting to figure out it's not even my waist that gives me a ton of issues with rides it's mostly my chest, broad shoulders, and thighs. InvadR we really had to push to get the one click to ride, the bar wasn't even toughing my waist and when I try the TT test seat I feel like the bar hits my shins before it even gets close to my waist. Also I need to check again to really figure it out because it's not fun to do that in front of people.
  3. I'm just going to make sure my expectations are as low as feasibly possible after last year.
  4. Screamin' Swings are glorious creations I really wish Cedar Fair would of went on a buying spree of them when they bought Skyhawk and Xtreme Swing. Way too excited for the one going into BGW.
  5. Yeah if Dorney was close by I would swing by there fairly often. My one visit was rather pleasant.
  6. Six Flags could install a Zamperla Giant Discovery in literally every single park in the chain and I would see no issue whatsoever.
  7. A lot of people in Northern Virginia that I have spoken with over the last few years seem to have no idea there's even a Six Flags here and some people are critical of how "unthemed" Kings Dominion is so I can't imagine their reaction to SFA.
  8. I have more or less reached a point where I don't even care what Six Flags names their rides after we got "Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster." They could build "Supergirl: Super Thong of Destiny and Greatness" and I would still ride it.
  9. ^If I am being honest I would gladly accept a Giant Discovery at SFA. If they keep adding cool flats I'm all for SFA having a strong flat collection.
  10. Well I havent gotten back to SFA since it was built (despite living in Fredericksburg VA the last 4 years)..........................shucks.
  11. I agree I rather like “Yukon Striker” more than names like Superhero X:Something
  12. Their track record of “fun” coasters though makes this very exciting
  13. As with any park related announcement, there are tons of dumb/negative comments, though the overall reaction seems to be positive. I'd normally retract these peoples names but eff that, they deserve to be publicly shamed. Negative facebook comments on new ride announcements are just awful. Nobody is ever happy with the new attraction. I always love the comments like "what about people who DONT like roller coasters?" I recall when Fury 325 was announced I saw a woman say "another huge coaster that parents can't ride with their little kids! SHAME ON YOU CAROWINDS" like really? Shame? What?
  14. The amount of coaster dorks I've seen on forums that throw a fit whenever an RMC is not built is depressing. I saw people on another unmentioned forum saying how the new BGW coaster needs to "contrast I305, and Fury 325" and I'm over here like "I just hope it's fun."
  15. Well this along with Leviathan, Behemoth, and the plethora of cool flat rides skyrockets Canada's Wonderland up higher on my list of most desirable parks to visit.
  16. If you went to Dorney for 8 hours I assume you could do every single major attraction twice, and then do a 25 ride marathon on Hydra and Talon each.
  17. ^ I actually consider theme parks a great "excuse" to check out cool places around the US. Great reports Bill the Northern California parks look great. Shame you missed out on Railblazer but I'm sure we will see more of those soon.
  18. Thank you sir and noted. I will probably shoot for a Saturday in mid-October. Looking forward to riding Phoenix about 50 times.
  19. I am planning to go check out Knoebels for the first time in October with my nephew, cousin, and uncle. I was wondering what the crowds are like usually on Saturdays and Sundays in October. I know must parks are usually batsh*t crazy on Saturdays in October but was wondering if Knoebels is any different since it is smaller.
  20. Very exciting expansion. This makes three roller coasters added since I last went in 2012, and the added flats are certainly a plus! I was hoping for another larger more modern flat but this looks fantastic. I can go to Barnstormer ( ) or Drop Line for my large adult flat fix.
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