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  1. ^I agree. I have not been since 2012 so I am dying to get back. The park used to be very "meh" to me when the highlights were Intimidator, Afterburn, and Nighthawk with virtually no flats or any major/decent flats. Since then, 2 waterpark expansions, Camp Snoopy, Fury 325, 4 flats, Harmony Hall, and now Copperhead Strike and Mountain Gliders being moved into a non-kids area.
  2. I love how this ride is coming along. Side note: I just realized this brings the total "vertical loops" Carowinds has to 8 total. Is there any park with more vertical loops? EDIT: Six Flags Magic Mountain has 9. Yay research!
  3. ^I mean if were being honest it's not like Downdraft was a "mild" ride.
  4. Definitely something I can appreciate at Busch Gardens Williamsburg is their trio of fun water rides. I think more water coaster style rides will be added to some parks going forward but it's difficult to see any of the traditional ones going up with the rare exception of Infinity Falls.
  5. I do have to wonder what the odds of them adding a new Mack coaster anywhere else anytime soon is. Copperhead Strike is apparently crazy expensive partly due to Mack track needing to be manufactured in Europe. Maybe Kings Island or Canada?
  6. Great report boldikus your reports are always fun to read. SFOG is one of the few east coast parks I've never set foot in and it keeps adding great stuff to make me want to go even more.
  7. Okay RCDB has posted an Intamin LSM Launch Shuttle coaster coming to BGW for 2020. Not sure where this stems from? Hopefully not that leaked PowerPoint BUT if it is in fact a nice Intamin coming to BGW I am fully game.
  8. Yeah I really don’t get the leftover track at all. Perhaps it was slightly more expensive to remove than the rest of the entire coaster. I also never understood the explanation that Rolling Thunder had to be removed “for Zumanjaro.”
  9. True those did suck. My frustration stems from Twisted Timbers not accommodating me this year while Tempesto did and I am blaming the shin guards because I'm tall (when it's probably 99% my guts fault).
  10. Hoping these shin guards are good for tall people and are more like Impulse shin guards and not RMC shin guards.
  11. I really need to ride one of these Giant Discoveries. The closest one to me has always been Black Widow at Kennywood which I have never been there. This should be mended next year.
  12. Yeah a lot of average non enthusiast type people look at rides like Pendulum style rides as "carnival rides" which is a lame way to look at something fun.
  13. Facebook comments are an absolute cesspool of complete garbage especially on official park pages. It really frustrates me as it exposes the "ass" of humanity for what it is. We already have people in KDs comments calling Kings Dominion "neglected" since there doesn't appear to be anything new for 2019. Apparently Twisted Timbers "doesn't count" people are so dumb.
  14. I mean to be fair my non-enthusiast friend after riding El Toro for the first time said "I think I just came" when we hit the breaks on El Toro due to how good that coaster is. Now an RMC & El Toro orgy is quite beyond anything I can come up with involving an RMC being in close proximity to El Toro. I was thinking more like "man won't it be cool to have an RMC and El Toro in the same park?"
  15. As a 6'3 individual I agree. I would like to ride Riddler's Revenge some day since it's "the best" stand-up but I have a strong feeling I will not like it that much at all despite the excellent layout due to my disdain for stand-ups.
  16. “Billy” If there is any truth to Six Flags wanting to put a launch coaster in at SFOG I’m in favor. I feel like all parks should have a launch coaster in there lineup if there isn’t one it feels like something is missing but luckily I still have fun because I’m at an amusement park.
  17. I am with you! I always just go to have a good time. I know nothing and no where is perfect. Even the best parks in the world have issues. I have learned to be like this since my home park is Six Flags America. I really like going there - I just do not focus on the negative. Yup! I have only went to Six Flags America once 10 years ago and I had a blast. I need to get back hopefully in the Spring after I hit the gym really hard over the offseason. Six Flags America is a flawed park but it has a fun coaster collection and they've added some cool flats the last couple years. I just want them to add a Giant Discovery so bad. It is overshadowed by Kings Dominion and BGW for sure but it's always fun as most amusement parks are. I feel similar about Dorney Park. I had a great time when I went just none of the coasters really blew me away and it's four hours away and there's been no coasters added so I am not really itching to go back.
  18. ^Agreed 100%. I go to amusement parks for "fun" and do my best to avoid looking for negatives as I am out to have a good day, unless the negatives are aggressively in my face or something.
  19. I was saying if somehow the AB takeover by InBev and Blackfish somehow ultimately leads to me looking at a Super Loop at BGW called "Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth" or "Harley Quinn's Spinsanity" after all these years of that place being this wonderful European themed park that is beloved by all of VA I wouldn't be sure what to think.
  20. Man the troll face meme is perfect for Dorneys social media account at this point.
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