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  1. TRIGGERED I need to get to SFOG in the next few years it seems like such a great park. Goliath and Twisted Cyclone will give it a very solid 1-2 punch at the top of its lineup.
  2. This truly flabbergasts me that people take their $700+ phones on roller coasters. I had a friend that took his cell phone on Kingda Ka. Came off the ride pissed that his phone fell out of his pocket then made our whole group spend about 45 minutes in the guest services office trying to get somebody to go search for his (likely) shattered, destroyed, useless phone that went flying off a train going 128 mph.
  3. ^It's probably worth noting in all of this that there is a 15 year difference between when the coasters were built so who knows how much B&M has changed the inner workings of their mega coasters since Nitro was built.
  4. Superman Krypton Coaster Bizarro Dominator Hydra I love all 4 of them they're all fun. I do admit I do not like B&M Floorless coasters as much as B&M Inverts.
  5. 1. Nitro 2. Apollo's Chariot 3. Intimidator 4. SROS @ SFA 5. Titan 6. Magnum XL-200 7. Steel Force I imagine Skyrush is likely to claim #1 in the near future.
  6. I have a Wawa within an easy walking distance of my apartment. Like less than a 5 minute walk. Greatly looking forward to reading this report as Coasterbill and Boldikus tend to write the most entertaining stuff.
  7. I'm really hoping it ends up being an extreme Mack spinner because that would be a really cool addition to Dollywood. If not I am also very intrigued as to what quality fantastic attraction this heavenly place in Tennessee could build.
  8. I agree 100% with the logic of roller coasters should be "just fun." There's no need to compare them all constantly. Maybe if you're bored one day and have a ton of free time it can be kinda interesting to think about but there's no need to be thinking about how much better you think Afterburn is than Alpengeist when you're at Busch Gardens. Just ride Alpengiest and have fun. I had one person say when I listed off Kings Dominions 5 best coasters next year that "Flight of Fear was a weak fifth coaster." How? Why would you consider a fun indoor launched coaster that's intense and claustrophobic "weak?" I just think it's really fun.
  9. To be fair, your GCI is INCREDIBLY mediocre. It's cute... Absolutely fair. I've ridden good GCIs though at least. Hershey is only 3 hours north of where I live so if I need a solid GCI fix (as if I'm some sort of coaster junkie that just craves specific coaster makes and models as I go through day to day life) I'll go there.
  10. Kings Dominion really is a stacked park (ducks before the B&M Hyper dreamers attack) Us Virginians are quite lucky to have KD and Busch Gardens in the state and SFA not too far from me but compared to those two noooobody cares -Insane Intamin Giga -RMC -B&M Mega -B&M Invert -B&M Dive Machine -B&M Floorless -Unique Intamin Launched Inverted Coaster -Premier Spaghetti Bowl Indoors -Verbolten -Sky Rocket II -GCI -Premier Themed Family launch coaster Not a bad lineup to have within 1.5 hours of where I sleep.
  11. Great report! I've always thought the non-Gotham City areas of SFA looked "fine" if only they could make Gotham City somehow replicate it. I may need to check out Holiday in the park sometime next year. Would this year but probably still need to drop some lbs before I try riding a PTC train.
  12. That hill that goes under the lift hill in particular gives me an "OMFG " type of vibe.
  13. I'm sure I'll have plenty of fun on it. Really wish this part of the country would get a more "modern" spinner.
  14. I would be down for a few marathon rides on Wild One and Roar. I have yet to ride Apocalypse or Ragin Cajun.....Not in too crazy of a hurry for those credits though. SFA despite being close to me is a park I have only visited once in 2008 (I used to live in the no-coaster no-mans land that is Southwest Virginia). Looking forward to a return trip in the coming years. Bummer the only coasters added were a B&M Stand-up and old school zamperla spinner.
  15. ^I mean lets be honest my pants have been missing since I realized an RMC was coming to the park 35 minutes down 95 from my apartment.
  16. I really hope they simply shut it down for maintenance for a season instead of just axing and turning into "event space." But given SEAS financial problems these days I have very little reason for optimism in this situation.
  17. So those photos are fantastic and it would appear that my pants are missing.
  18. I guess Curse of DarKastle may be BGWs casualty of "Blackfish." Such a bummer if the rumor turns out true because I really enjoy having such a cool dark ride here in Virginia.
  19. So there's rumors that Curse of Darkastle may be on the chopping block (not sure if sharing the article I read is appropriate so I won't post the link). That's a shame that ride is really cool and really enriches Busch Gardens lineup of attractions.
  20. 1. El Toro 2. Intimidator 305 (Rode it Saturday 4 times ) 3. New Texas Giant 4. Millennium Force 5. Nitro 6. Apollo's Chariot 7. Storm Runner 8. Thunderhead 9. Afterburn 10. Intimidator Carowinds I have yet to ride Fury 325.
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