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  1. ^hence why I am not getting my hopes up. Plus let's not forget the teaser sign that is literally inside Hurricane Harbor.
  2. The hype train for RMC Roar seems to have exploded on r/rollercoasters today. I am not getting my hopes up but my god would that be awesome for us Virginia folks.
  3. I feel trolled so hard by SFA with all this teasing. Seriously NO IDEA what they're announcing tomorrow. The Star Flyer caught me completely off guard last year.
  4. ^Hopefully most of the people who disregard the rules were weeded out on Cedar Fair day.
  5. Kingda Ka is insane. I rode in the front the first time I rode and as we pulled out of the station it hit me what was about to happen and I started saying "oh sh*t." What an adrenaline rush that ride provides.
  6. I went to Six Flags America once in 2008 and I had a great time. It certainly is a low-tier park for me and shocking I've only been once since for the last three years I've lived down in Fredericksburg making it easily accessible. I do find the companys desire to invest in it lately somewhat encouraging. It's certainly a solid park and I love Superman, Roar, Wild One, and JJ. I do agree the atmosphere is pretty lacking and it makes it more difficult when you have people that frequent Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens like me comparing it.
  7. So weird they're teasing the removal of Gotham City/Pabst Blue Ribbon( ) when there's a sign in the water park teasing the announcement and footers going in at the stunt show area. I'm like 80% sure it's a waterpark expansion. I'd be shocked if Six Flags was making a capex expansion in both HH and the dry park.
  8. Steel: I305. Wood: El Toro. Very curious as to what may top those.
  9. I've learned that clicking the "comments" section on any major announcement of new roller coasters is poison to the mind. I remember when Fury 325 was announced this lady commented saying "another huge coaster that parents can't ride with their little kids. SHAME ON YOU CAROWINDS!" Not to mention the complaints about walking slightly farther to the entrance.
  10. Hershey is adding one for 2018 (though, I guess that's only a factor if you are more on the Maryland/PA side of the park and not the DC/VA side)... Yes I am excited for that to happen as well. Hershey is a 3-4 hour drive from me where SFA is a 1-57,392 hour drive from me (since it requires driving from Fredericksburg up I-95). But the drive to SFA is a lot easier to do in a day.
  11. I am 100% in favor of a potential Thunder Rapids like addition since we have nothing like that in VA or around DC. The closest water coaster currently is in Ocean City. I do admit I was hoping for an S&S Free Spin, or Zamperla Giant Discovery but like most disappointing additions I will survive.
  12. Friday 100%. Amusement parks on Saturdays in October can set record crowds. I was assuming Friday would be better crowd wise, but was also wondering if the two extra hours the park is open on Saturday would give us more time to do things. Is Quick Queue worth it? The website says it's only good on 4 rides. I'm gonna say the extra two hours while the park is potentially at max capacity may give you time to do one additional thing but it's also possible with how busy it could be you would do less throughout the day. Not sure on Quick Queue. Never really been a skip the line type (because money ).
  13. Friday 100%. Amusement parks on Saturdays in October can set record crowds.
  14. I noticed on SFAs facebook post they responded to an angry commenter complaining about "another handmedown ride" and the park responded saying "not even close!" So I suppose we can take that for what it's worth.
  15. I would be perfectly content with a Cyborg themed Zamperla Giant Discovery. It could be the "world's first" Cyborg themed ride.
  16. I did enjoy Hydra when I went. Hydra and Talon combined are both solid B&Ms. No they're not Bizarro/Dominator or Montu/Afterburn but they're great rides regardless.
  17. Why is there a need to compare Twisted Timbers and Steel Vengence? They're both RMCs opening in 2018 yes but there is no point in letting a larger faster longer coaster overshadow another one. I'm not going to ride Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens and be bummed that it's not Intimidator 305 or El Toro. If you constantly think about how much better coaster x is than other coasters it makes the hobby a lot less fun for you. Just ride coasters and have fun.
  18. The funny thing is that while you're joking you're still overestimating the wait times by a full 2 trains. I've been going to Dorney since I was a kid (mostly on weekends) and have never seen a 2 train wait for Hydra in my life. Wow I went once in 2010 and if I remember correctly it was pretty much a 1 or less train wait for everything. Now when I got there Hydra.....,,actually had a line for the first hour because there were summer camp kids in the park. I also remember seeing somebody throw up after riding Hydra and that's the only time I've seen somebody vomit from a roller coaster in person ever and it was from Hydra
  19. Hopefully the gap will be less than 8 years but if it's not at least KD is an absolutely stacked park.
  20. That could be crucial for those Saturdays for some local people. Without fastlane you might have to wait a whopping two trains to go out before you get on Hydra.
  21. ^ I can just imagine "sweet time to check out Zumanjaro!" *starts walking* "is it getting bigger?" "oh god......" "I regret this decision."
  22. I am so excited for this coaster! It looks awesome. I really like the unique cutback after the series of epic looking camelbacks. Some people are already saying it looks like a "low tier" RMC but to that I say "what do you call an RMC that's not the best RMC?" the answer is "An RMC."
  23. I have not been since Zumanjaro opened. I can only imagine the crippling anxiety some people experience making that hike.
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