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  1. I am 100% for Vortex getting converted because it would go from a terrible coaster to a moderately fun ride.
  2. No way would I ever pay $400 for a season pass to SFA. Or even most amusement parks for that matter.
  3. For some reason I have a weird feeling this will be a Dive Machine. I guess that weird feeling is entirely because CW is getting one and Valravn at CP appears to be a hit. One could look great right in that spot too.
  4. I'm semi-concerned that if the park builds a GCI at all in the next few years that it's going to be called "Carolina Timbers." Hope I'm wrong.....
  5. I "like" Volcano but that 2nd half is just meh. It's crazy how people just flock to that ride. I'm like okay you guys have fun standing in line I'll be at the big red giga coaster over here........
  6. I highly doubt Six Flags is straight up losing money on SFA otherwise it would of probably been sold off a long time ago when they were liquidating in bankruptcy.
  7. I believe I saw the park said it was on facebook to a non-hostile commenter. I hope it's legit Kings Dominion could use a nice improvement to the food options granted it would be hard for me not to go to Panda Express because I love their orange chicken.
  8. VA: Intimidator 305 MD: SROS PA: Storm Runner (no Skyrush Phoenix or Phantoms Revenge yet for me ) NJ: El Toro Ohio: Millennium Force North Carolina: Carolina Cyclone? (Haven’t ridden Fury yet) South Carolina: Afterburn Florida: Mummy Texas: New Texas Giant Tennessee: Thunderhead
  9. People have been arguing about statues for months but they change the name of a roller coaster and suddenly we’re in 1984?
  10. Okay you have an opinion and that’s whatever but most of the people on this website come to this website to discuss roller coasters and theme parks not heritage and politics.
  11. The Facebook reaction is insane. I saw somebody started a petition over Rebel Yell saying its as bad or worse than statues. ITS A ROLLER COASTER!
  12. Why did they rename Rebel Yell? Is it because it has Rebel in it? Also Apple Zapple???
  13. I would also argue that Flight of Fear is an extremely solid #5 as well!
  14. Such a nice looking ride. Gonna make for a solid 1-2 punch at KD with plenty of excellent supporting rides.
  15. Try having your school mispronounce your state as "Virgina" on their diplomas one year.
  16. That may be one of the greatest amusement park shirts I have ever seen.
  17. Why would anyone want a T-shirt comparing a new roller coaster to an old roller coaster? Did they make that for the silly people thinking the park is building a recycled ride or for people trying to prove a point to those silly people? Weird. Thats fine if somebody likes that but I'd be shocked to find anybody wanting to argue about that in person .
  18. A "DC Universe" with some flats expansion for Gotham would be fantastic as long as it included about 50 trees and a bathroom (I know this is an absolute pipe dream at this point).
  19. Very bummed out by this news. I really was looking forward to there being two cool dark rides at Busch Gardens to compliment the coasters. Hopefully they'll use that money they saved to fix Verbolten's special effects.
  20. Congrats Robb and Elissa! You guys have run an awesome website and made great videos for a long time!
  21. 1. Intimidator 305 (Although lets be honest if you can ride that roller coaster period it's a great day) Hopefully my 50lb and continuing weight loss pays off this year and I can get on some more stuff notably Twisted Timbers (really worried about that notorious RMC lap bar). Hopefully I can lose another 20lbs before KD opens this year. Might be a tad difficult with the CPA exam dragging me out of the gym.
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