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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe they were put there to stop a train from traversing through the rest of the course in case another train valleyed.
  2. Dang, those light packages look AMAZING! Great trip report as always Robb! I can't wait to return to Pigeon Forge next year to ride some of these!
  3. 5 Year Plan for Canada's Wonderland: 2018: Planet Snoopy Expansion, new Hotel 2019: Looping Coaster of some sorts in Skyrider's spot (most likely a wing rider but maybe a T-Rex?) 2020: Rebranding of waterpark, including second wave pool, play structure, and water coaster, Timberwolf Falls removed 2021: Unique flat ride/rides, removal of the dreadful duo (Flight Deck & Time Warp), Xtreme Skyflyer sent to Timberwplf's spot 2022: B&M Invert in Flight Deck, Time Warp, and Xtreme Skyflyer's spot.
  4. Of the ones I've been to: Busch Gardens Tampa Dollywood Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  5. Top 5 Favorite Parks: 1) Dollywood- Located in the Smoky Mountains, Dollywood provided me an experience like no other. Great theming, great reliance on nature's beauty, and even some sections of the park that didn't even feel like an amusement park! Of course Lightning Rod was broken down, but at least I got to try what is now my favorite sugary sweet… Cinnamon Bread! 2) Kings Dominion- For a Cedar Fair park, I was pretty darn impressed at how clean and beautiful Kings Dominon was both of the times I visited. Every ride had a fresh coat of paint, almost every walkway provided natural shade, and there wasn't a single coaster that I disliked (at least out of the ones still operating). Can't wait to go next year to try out RMC Hurler! 3) Busch Gardens Tampa- I'm certainly a huge fan of the coaster collection, especially Kumba and Montu. Falcon's Fury is also the best drop tower I have ridden, and even though it's scenery isn't as beautiful as its sister park in Williamsburg, it's still stunning to look at. Too bad I had a cold when I visited, otherwise it could land higher on the list. 4) Animal Kingdom- Before 2017, I probably wouldn't have thought twice to put this in my top 5. However, Pandora was incredibly immersive, and Flight of Passage may just be in my top 10 rides I have ever ridden. Even better than more than 95% of the coasters that I've ridden! Along with the new night show Rivers of Light, tons of animals, beautifully sculpted landscaping, and my second favorite WDW attraction, Everest, this is by far my favorite park in the resort. 5) Six Flags Great Adventure- I've visited this park twice: once as a GP in 2011 and as an enthusiast visiting its first Holiday in the Park event in 2015. Although my 2011 experience wasn't very impressive, my 2015 trip was very charming with some solid B&Ms, fantastic light displays, and overall great charm. Top 5 Bucket List Parks: 1) Cedar Point- Pretty obvious. The coaster collection is just so good! And the location is very stunning! Sure can't wait to visit this park! 2) Phantasialand- This looks like the best themed park in the world, with the most creative lands. Although Europa Park seems like a good competitor for Phantasialand, the latter has a better collection of rides I would actually want to go on, such as Chiapas, Taron, Black Mamba, Talocan, and Mystery Castle. The 2018 attraction, F.L.Y., also looks pretty cool. 3) Liseberg- I'm a sucker for flat rides, and Liseberg has a pretty good collection. The coaster collection also looks great with rides like Balder, Helix, and Lisebergbanan. 4) Kings Island- Considering its sister park is my number 2 favorite, I certainly can't wait for the day I visit this park with its amazing coaster lineup and natural beauty. 5) Holiday World- This park has a fantastic trio of world-class woodies, not to mention the best wing coaster and one amazing water park. The park also has some great charm and a very wonderful theme.
  6. Tennessee Tornado has some abrupt brakes. You're heading in at such a high speed that you actually get a crazy ejector air moment in the front row
  7. I'm glad to say I'm returning to Carowinds August 12th, and I'm so glad that you guys got to enjoy your stay! Having ridden 7 B&M Inverts, Afterburn and Alpengeist are the only ones I haven't ridden in the back row. I'm definitely looking forward to a back row ride on Afterburn considering how I'm a sucker for B&M Inverts. And wow, those are some outstanding photos! Great trip report as always Robb!
  8. For me, these are the most annoying things at theme parks: -Going to a park when the ride you want to go on is closed for the day -Dirty bathrooms, I even managed to find one that's worse than the ones in my high school -Assigning seats on coasters -Those moments during Disney parades and fireworks when they force you into a packed crowd more dense than any country on Earth. -Rude guests -In some cases, Fast Pass systems: One fast pass system I despise is Hersheypark's. It's 60 dollars, only allows you one ride for 10 coasters, and it runs out within the first couple hours of the day. Another one is Disney. In some cases it's fine, but sometimes the fast pass line overfills, and they end up letting one group (between 2-6 people) go in the standby line while they let a couple hundred fast pass users go on while ignoring the unhappy standby line.
  9. It's such a shame that two fantastic B&M inverts are now closing for good I really hope that they are relocated and not scrapped much like everyone else is hoping for on these forums, but I do hope that the replacement Ride is something that's even better than anything they've done before.
  10. 1) Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit 2) Tennessee Tornado 3) Nighthawk 4) Expedition Everest 5) Firechaser Express 6) Grizzly (Kings Dominion) 7) Thunder Road 8) Manta (SeaWorld San Diego) 9) Rock N Roller Coaster (Hollywood Studios) 10) Verbolten
  11. I visited only two independent parks (one of which is a boardwalk) as Fun Spot is technically a chain: 1) Skyrush 2) Storm Runner 3) Fahrenheit 4) Great Bear 5) Comet 6) Lightning Racer 7) Sooperdooperlooper 8) Wild Mouse (Hersheypark) 9) Giant Dipper (Belmont Park) 10) Wildcat (Hersheypark)
  12. Couldn't agree more, I haven't been in such an immersive land since Tokyo DisneySea a decade ago, and that was when I was five! And Flight of Passage may very well be the best attraction i have experienced in all four WDW parks. The food is also very unique, and the staff is very friendly. Na'vi River Journey did have long lines unfortunately, as it was broken down the previous day as well as the whole morning, meaning an enormous FastPass line. Still, both attractions are welcome additions to the park!
  13. I rode both sides of Dragon Challenge once back in December 2015 and was pretty disappointed by them. They felt like an "average" B&M Mega-looper. However, I decided to ride them again last June, and they were so much better in the back row. I especially love the wraparound Immelmann on Chinese Fireball! I hope that these coasters do not get sent to the scrapyard and that Universal at least tries to sell the coasters at a reasonable price, otherwise it would be a devastating loss. As for a new attraction, a Mack powered invert would be quite interesting, however it would be nice to see another thrilling coaster added into the lineup to make up for the loss of two of their biggest coasters.
  14. I've had a few: My first one was over a year ago where I took a visit to Kentucky Kingdom, except Storm Chaser and Lightning Run were next to each other. I was about to ride Lightning Run and even sat down in the train when all of a sudden the park closed. I don't really remember what happened next. Then around last July, I dreamed that I met Koaster Kids (idk why) in Dollywood and got to ride Lightning Rod in the back row (I most likely dreamed of Dollywood because I went a month's prior and missed out on that coaster). However, I woke up right before the launch. I finally got to ride a coaster in my dreams last night: specifically an S&S 4D Free Spin named Joker. It was quite fun and was a walk-on, so I got to ride it a couple times. I'm not sure what park it was, but based on the trees and nearby lake it was probably Great Adventure.
  15. I'm trying to imagine how this is even possible. Spoiler alert: I was a GP back then. I underestimated the power of the bull, and considering I had only ridden three wooden coasters back then (all of which were at Canada's Wonderland), I just simply assumed it was just a basic coaster. Probably my biggest mistake ever . Fortunately, I have now ridden several other intense coasters such as Intimidator 305, Kumba, and Skyrush, all of which are in my top 3, and now I feel ready to ride it again. It's all just a matter of time before I head back.
  16. Six defunct, one relocated: Dragon Wagon, King Richard's Toronto Island Monster, Centreville Thunder Road North, Carowinds Thunder Road South, Carowinds Shockwave, Kings Dominion Hurler, Kings Dominion Skyrider, Canada's Wonderland
  17. B&M: Vortex, Carowinds -It was fine for me as it's decent and fun, but the rest of my family members were in pain one way or another. The hour plus wait wasn't worth it. Intamin: El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure -Because I rode this as a GP I got pretty terrified and nearly hit my head at the bottom of one of the hills. I definitely wasn't ready for it back then, but I am now and would love to ride it again someday. Other than that I guess Skull Mountain would be the weakest for me. GCI: Wildcat, Hersheypark -Was unbearably rough and found no airtime at all.
  18. States: California- Manta, SeaWorld San Diego Florida- Kumba, Busch Gardens Tampa Hawaii- Jungle Twist, 50th State Fair New Jersey- Batman the Ride, Six Flags Great Adventure (Holiday in the Park) North Carolina- Fury 325, Carowinds Pennsylvania- Skyrush, Hersheypark South Carolina- Afterburn, Carowinds Tennessee- Thunderhead, Dollywood Virginia- Intimidator 305, Kings Dominion Countries: Canada- Leviathan, Canada's Wonderland Japan- Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Tokyo Disneyland
  19. I have exactly two dozen missed credits However, over half of these are kiddie coasters, so they're self-explanatory. They are: Roadrunner Railway (SFGADV), Harley Quinn's Crazy Train (SFGADV), Original Kiddie Coaster (Fun Spot Kissimmee), Wacky Worm (Old Town), Lucy's Crabby Cabbies (Carowinds), Grover's Alpine Express (BGW), Great Pumpkin Coaster (KD), Sea Serpent (Fun Spot Orlando), Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster (Universal Orlando), Pteranodon Flyers (IOA), Air Grover (BGT), Trailblazer (Hersheypark), and Cocoa Cruiser (Hersheypark) Anyways, onto the meaningful ones: Primeval Whirl (Left Side): it seems like every time I try to ride it, it's closed. Raging Spirits (Tokyo DisneySea): I never grew to the minimum height Requirement for the couple years it was my home park Rolling Thunder (Both Sides): My sister rode one side while I rode Kingda Ka Rebel Yell (Left Side): Rode one side on my first visit, but the second time left side was down. Tempesto: Down for maintenance Lightning Rod: Self-explanatory Sand Serpent: would much rather ride Scorpion or Falcon's Fury Laff Trakk: Didn't have time Sidewinder: Under refurbishment for magnetic brakes
  20. It's such a shame that I missed this coaster by only a few days! This thing looks like it truly hauls! However, I am most likely moving to Florida next year so I cannot wait to try this epic coaster out next year!
  21. Just visited SeaWorld Orlando yesterday for a couple hours. Manta was a 30 minute wait, Mako was a 5-10 minute wait, and then Kraken… had a wait time between 300-400 minutes. It's such a shame they aren't running it a couple hours without VR like the Six Flags chain has been doing, as I'm certain a large amount of people want to ride without it.
  22. Wow, what a fantastic wooden coaster! It kind of reminds me of Phantom's Revenge, but with a third drop being larger than the first two! I do hope the park receives more family coasters soon as that particular audience can only ride the Mine Train. However, the late nineties are a popular time for more innovative family coasters, so I'm guessing a Mack Wild Mouse or Zamperla Gravity Coaster will arrive in the near future. Can't wait for future updates, and keep up the great work!
  23. your number for stand-ups is a bit off. B&M have built a total of 7 stand-up coasters. 1990 - Iron wolf - SFGAm - moved to SFA in 2012 - OPERATING 1991 - Vortex - CGA - converted to floorless in 2017 - DEFUNCT (as a stand-up) 1992 - Vortex - Carowinds - OPERATING (assumed to be getting a floorless conversion soon) 1996 - Mantis - Cedar Point - converted to floorless in 2015 - DEFUNCT (as a stand-up) 1997 - Chang - Kentucky Kingdom - moved to SFGAdv in 2011 - OPERATING 1998 - Riddler's Revenge - SFMM - OPERATING 1999 - Georgia Scorcher - SFOG - OPERATING Thank you for catching that. I keep on forgetting that there are now 5 operating Stand-ups and that there used to be 7. For some reason I thought there were 8
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