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  1. I couldn't agree more! Alongside a good wooden coaster, a good looping coaster is really what Canada's Wonderland needs for their park to become solid. I believe there even is a small possibility that it could be an RMC T Rex or Raptor considering Railblazer/Wonder Woman fit perfectly in Skyrider's spot. However, a B&M invert would be the coaster I want to see more than anything!
  2. Wasn't there already confirmation of a new hotel and coaster in the near future of this park as well as some online teasing by the park's gm?
  3. ^^ Great to hear! I'm planning to head back very soon, perhaps once I graduate college in a few years!
  4. Pandora at Animal Kingdom is definitely my favorite themed area, everything feels like a whole new world and the attractions are the icing on the cake. A close second would be Mount Prometheus at Tokyo DisneySea which I haven't visited since I was five years old.
  5. In chronological order: Frankie's Fun Park Raleigh (Indoor/Outdoor FEC) Hersheypark Universal's Islands of Adventure Magic Kingdom Animal Kingdom Walt Disney's Hollywood Studios Epcot SeaWorld Orlando Carowinds
  6. Im quite confused by this statement. If Universal needs the money for their next E-Ticket attractions, why not sell the coasters to another park? Considerimg how great the ride's condition was, surely it would sell off for a lot of money that would surely pay off for their next attraction. Money doesn't look like the big motive for them, especially considering how large their attendance is with both theme parks, Volcano Bay, and all the people that stay in their resorts. What most likely is the biggest motive for Universal is how "out-of-place" the ride is, especially after it stopped dueling. It wasn't getting rough, it wasn't losing popularity, and the new ride could have simply replaced the remainder of The Lost Continent. But no, the reason was there ever since the Wizarding World first arrived. Dragon Challenge's condition got worse and worse with the removal of the original theming, the addition of metal detectors, and the removal of the iconic dueling aspect of the ride.
  7. 2017- Electro Spin & Do-Si Do, Carowinds Flight of Passage & Na'Vi River Journey, Animal Kingdom 2016- Cobra's Curse, Busch Gardens Tampa Street Fighter 360, NC State Fair Equinox, 50th State Fair Delirium, Kings Dominion XD Dark Ride & WindstarZ, Frankie's Fun Park Raleigh 2015- Space Invader, Fun Spot Orlando Mighty Mouse & Super Cyclone, NC State Fair Waimea Whirl, Wet N Wild Hawaii Fury 325, Carowinds Drop Zone, Frankie's Fun Park Raleigh 2014- Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Magic Kingdom 2012- Manta, SeaWorld San Diego
  8. Congratulations! It's about time a theme park channel hit one million subs, and out of all of them I'm happy it's this one! You put so much effort into not only high quality POVs, but also a fantastic website and multiple social media webpages!
  9. Yes, people really do over exaggerate on B&M rattles. Its amongst some of the biggest nitpicking that I've seen for any coasters period. Its not a big deal, and it doesn't take away from the ride experience. I rode Fury 8 times this past month, and although I did notice a rattle in some of the right end seat (minus front and back row), it didn't make the ride worse than I previously thought.
  10. At Carowinds, I tend to avoid Southern Star, I despise Intamin Looping Satarships. The restraints are painful and you can't breathe at all.
  11. Just realized that. I also never noticed Space Race was being removed, but I mean it's only a kids ride. I guess it's okay that Flying Ace is staying. It's good for kids, but could use some better restraints.
  12. From the looks of the concept art, here is the fate of all the rides currently in Planet Snoopy: Remaining in Camp Snoopy- Lucy's Crabby Cabbies (may be rethemed), Peanuts Pirates, Woodstock Express, Snoopy's Space Race, Snoopy vs. Red Baron, Flying Ace Balloon Race, Charlie Brown Wind Up, Snoopy's Junction. Relocated within the park- Woodstock Gliders, Character Carousel Complete Removal- Woodstock Whirlybirds (elevated tracked ride), Snoopy's Yatch Club Fate Unknown- Flying Ace Aerial Chase (probably not being removed, but the concept art excludes that ride) It also appears that Peanuts Showplace will kick the bucket
  13. I was expecting a Planet Snoopy Expansion, but this is a very nice surprise! I'm glad that Canada's Wonderland always goes for more than one Ride genre for new additions. Lumberjack looks like a well themed flat ride and will most certainly be more comfortable than the defunct Jet Screeam! Flying Canoes looks very interesting, and will be fun for families, and I can't wait to see how it runs! The Splash Island expansion, while not as exciting, will be a welcome addition to the ever-growing water park. All sorts of guests will love the new additions, and 2018 will be yet another successful year for Canada's Wonderland!
  14. It'll actually be between 8:00pm - 8:15 from my understanding. 8:00 pm park time or 8:00 pm EST? Knott's is on the west coast haha. It's 8PM pacific time. Haha. Why would anybody on the Knott's thread be talking about EST? Your guess is as good as mine. I mean, I'm on the east coast, so 11 pm EST is kind of late, but I mean it should be an exciting evening.
  15. It'll actually be between 8:00pm - 8:15 from my understanding. 8:00 pm park time or 8:00 pm EST?
  16. 1) Kingda Ka- 456 ft 2) Fury 325- 325 ft 3) Leviathan- 306 ft 4) Intimidator 305- 305 ft 5) Intimidator- 232 ft 6) Nitro & Behemoth- 230 ft 8) Wild Eagle- 210 ft 9) Griffon- 205 ft 10) Sheikra, Skyrush, & Mako- 200 ft
  17. If were considering this teasimg, then there were about 5 parks that were teasing yesterday. I wouldn't necessarily call the other park's posts "teasers". They simply shared a post or two to wish Snoopy a happy birthday with prizes for kids, cake, and all sorts of stuff. For Carowinds, they're actually giving Snoopy presents for the next seven days, leading all the way up to August 16th, coincidentally the day all Cedar Fair parks announce their 2018 attractions.
  18. #1 Dragon Wagon, King Richard's (2004) #10 Expedition Everest, Animal Kingdom (2007) #25 Between Time Warp, Behemoth, Skyrider, Thunder Run, and Vortex, Canada's Wonderland (2010) #50 Lucy's Crabby Cabbies, Carowinds (2012) #75 Dominator, Kings Dominion (2014) #100 Goat Coaster, Goats on the Roof (2016) #121 (Latest Credit) Mako, SeaWorld Orlando (2017)
  19. First steel - Dragon Wagon (King Richard's); Favorite - Skyrush First woodie - Wild Beast; Favorite - Thunderhead First invert - Silver Streak (Canada's Wonderland); Favorite - Montu First flyer - Time Warp; Favorite - Manta First stand-up - Skyrider; Favorite - Green Lantern First floorless - Bizarro; Favorite - Kraken First wing coaster - Wild Eagle; Favorite - Wild Eagle First looping coaster - Rock N Roller Coaster; Favorite - Kumba First launched - Rock N Roller Coaster; Favorite - Volcano First hyper - Behemoth; Favorite - Skyrush First giga - Leviathan; Favorite - Intimidator 305 First strata - Kingda Ka; Favorite - Kingda Ka First B&M - Behemoth; Favorite - Kumba First Intamin - Kingda Ka; Favorite - Skyrush First Arrow - Big Thunder Mountain (Magic Kingdom); Favorite - Tennessee Tornado First Gerstlauer - Mystery Mine; Favorite - Firechaser Express First Premier - Backlot Stunt Coaster (Canada's Wonderland); Favorite - Flight of Fear (Kings Dominion) First Mack - Journey to Atlantis (Orlando); Favorite - Manta (San Diego) First Vekoma - Barnstormer; Favorite - Nighthawk First GCI - White Lightning; Favorite - Thunderhead
  20. This looks like a very nice cute little park! Can't wait to see it's bright future!
  21. One time at Busch Gardens Williamsburg I heard a ride operator on Le Scoot sing "We are on a Log Flume."
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