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  1. The best plan for Orion is to get there an hour before the park opens and run to it at 11am. That or wait till the end of the season. Line starts at Diamondback’s splashdown and shows no signs of shortening. Diamondback, MT & Banshee have the longest waits at about 20-25 minutes each. Everything else is between 5-10mins Luckily, Kings Island is running at least 2 trains on all coasters. So the theoretical capacity on everything is at 1-train operation. The biggest slowdown from COVID-19 precautions comes from only letting 1 row of passengers exit at a time.
  2. I believe that "veto" was referring to this... ...and not about Amusement & Waterparks opening.
  3. B&M has been known to call what we know commonly as "corkscrews", wingovers. They are interchangeable names, in layman's terms, for the same element. The "space drop" is certainly a marketing buzz-word. The drop provides a weightless experience (like in space), so that's likely where it's derived from.
  4. Yeah. This is severely hurting the City of Sandusky. A quick Google search found me this; Sandusky, Ohio (Pop. 24.7k) - Income Tax Revenue - $13,121,939 (HAS CEDAR POINT) Norwalk, Ohio (Pop. 16.9k) - Income Tax Revenue - $6,576,006 (NO MAJOR THEME PARK)
  5. Friday, August 16, 1991 - Potomac Amusement Park - Maryland, USA Columbia Tisdrick - 20 - Local Resident Visited Potomac Park on this hot summer day to cool off on the all new Backbone Falls. Named after Maryland's Highest Peak, Backbone Mountain. You will get SOAKED! Marketed as the world's Tallest & Fastest water ride & the constant 1-hour que all summer shows that Potomac Park's investment has paid off. I've never seen such lines. I was lucky enough to get a 30-minute que for Vortex, it quickly bumped up to an hour later in the day. Luckily the new hotness drew crowds away from The Eagle. 15-minutes all day! ~Potomac Park 3: END
  6. Monday, August 13, 1990 - Potomac Amusement Park - Maryland, USA Columbia Tisdrick - 19 - Local Resident The 1990 season is well underway at Potomac Park with lots of new attractions. Vortex, new for 1990. Up the 87' lift hill... ...and whipping past the station at over 30 mph! The double corkscrew wasn't too intense for me. You can get close to this thing. There's this new eatery across the exit path of Vortex. Sells lots of meat-skewer treats. Laser was also added this year. By far the most intense non-coaster ride at the park. Snapped this before dispatch. Overview of the new area. A brand new steel looping coaster, an eatery, and a cool new flat was much more than I was expecting to find this year. Potomac Park said they are already planning for what's to come next year. ======================================================================= Official Vortex POV [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]Manufacturer - Arrow Dynamics Train Supplier - Vekoma Investment - $4,750,000 Height - 87' Drop - 83' Angle - 45 Speed - 45 mph Length - 1745' Duration - 1:32 Capacity - 960 Riders Per Hour ======================================================================= ~Potomac Park 2: END
  7. All of this looks eerily familiar Virginia Beast helps balance out the steel coasters. It's going to be hard to out-do Python cause we know the GP loves those "upside down" coasters, love the theming on that as well. The Diner looks really good too.
  8. Sunday, April 2, 1989 - Potomac Amusement Park - Maryland, USA Columbia Tisdrick - 18 - Local Resident A brand new Amusement park has opened in the D.C. area! Rumor has it that some millionaire saw the potential of Wild World and wanted to have his very own park. Entering the park brings you into this large plaza with Centennial Carousel as the centerpiece. My first ride of the day was Weisshorn. The ride starts up going forward then sends you around backwards. Neat! After grabbing a bite to eat at Pizza Pen, Troika was next. This ride is pure joy but made me sick. Barnyard Bullet looked like a lot of fun, and had a huge line. But it experienced a breakdown so I made other plans. Troika left me feeling queasy, so a ride on Riverfront Wheel only made sense. Breathtaking views of the park & D.C. up here! Has something cold to drink from Burger Barn. Those prices were awful, $2 for a soda? Wasn't up for another spinning ride, Centrum was a hard pass. The Eagle looks intimidating. I overhead someone say this is the biggest coaster on the east coast. Don't know if true, but who cares? Was stuck in this cattle pen for over an hour. This park isn't very big but it draws enormous crowds for its size. I guess that's good for business... Wee!! Needed to take a breather after The Eagle. This seemingly randomly placed garden did suffice. Locals were intrigued by this fortune teller machine. I heard a lot of banging coming from behind the fence...what could that be? Had a lot of fun along this stretch. Lots of midway games, and had a few rounds on Dodgem. Last ride of the day was Tree Flyer. Small yet fun. Overall, my day at the park was entertaining. Something I'd do again when I have some more free time, especially with The Eagle being my new favorite coaster. Potomac Park is a little on the small side, only took 4 hours to do everything. Hopefully that will change in the future. ~Potomac Park 1: END
  9. Oh this looks good, again. I love the turnaround helix on Screamin' Eagle and the simplistic station & que. The park is really showing all the signs of a small park on the rise. Arrow Dynamics is sure to bring in something to really put the park on the map.
  10. Interesting. Apparently this is being done by a U.K. company during the off season for the return trip of the ride.
  11. Kevin Kline ~ 23 ~ Park Spokesperson Six Flags announced 5 years ago that a new park would be opening in my hometown of Gurnee IL. Construction has been underway for quite some time now and here are some updates. The future entrance of the park, lots of attractions to be found in the background. Orleans Place, a 19th century rendition of New Orleans's French Quarter. Primo's Pizzeria will feature Italian style pizza, chicken, salads and cold beer. The Dark Knight Coaster, a BATMAN themed indoor steel coaster is pictured in the back. Superman - Ultimate Flight will take riders on a 105-foot flying adventure. V2 - Vertical Velocity, a 70-mph steel twisted impulse coaster, will be anchored inside Yankee Harbor. Hometown Square, themed to small Midwestern towns. The Whizzer. A classic Anton Schwarzkopf Speedracer roller coaster. Multiple turns and dips to be found on The Whizzer's 3100-foot course. Anchored into Hometown Square is the indoor amphitheater; Grand Music Hall. Hometown Park will feature numerous kid's rides, attractions and games. Work recently started on landscaping and we will announce an official opening date soon. Overview of progress. Until next time~
  12. The fact that this could be well within the park's budget and would be an easy sell (next-gen + a coaster), and yet we still have nothing.
  13. The parks seems to be well on its way to become a go-to thrill destination on the west coast. And Demon Force is just what the park needs to kick things off in that direction. I'm assuming Little Demon is the first step towards achieving the children's area in the park. The park is shaping up nicely!
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