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  1. To make it worse, RMC goes out of business as a company. All theme parks get a height limit of 50 ft!
  2. Great trip reports as always! I definitely wish to visit some of these epic Boardwalk parks, especially for their awesome flat ride packages!
  3. Yes, CW would definitely not retrack some of the ride if they are RMCing it next year. But on the other hand, they really only retracked a bit of the ride. I don't know normally how long it takes to do a whole retrack, but I wonder why they only chose to retrack a bit of the ride. Retracking a coaster doesn't mean it won't be RMC'd or even torn down. Look at Thunder Road at Carowinds which had the first half of the ride retracked just a couple years before they tore it down, or Iron Rattler, which recieved a little bit of Topper track just a year before it closed. I am doubtful that they will RMC either coaster in the near future, but this option cannot be ruled out simply because they are re-tracking the ride.
  4. Lived in: Kentucky, Florida, Hawaii, North Carolina Visited: Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Maine, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, California, Texas Drove Through: West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Indiana, Michigan Airport: Minnesota, Colorado 4+14+5+2=25
  5. Ridden 24 B&Ms 2/6 Stand Ups: Vortex (Carowinds), Green Lantern 7/32 Inverts: Afterburn, Alpengeist, Batman the Ride (SFGADV), Hungarian Horntail, Chinese Fireball, Montu, Great Bear 1/5 Sit-Down: Kumba 2/10 operating Dive Machines: Griffon, Sheikra 6/14 operating Hypers: Behemoth, Intimidator, Apollo's Chariot, Leviathan, Fury 325, Nitro 3/15 Floorless: Bizarro, Kraken, Dominator 2/11 Flyers: Manta, Superman Ultimate Flight (SFGADV) 1/8 operating Wing Riders: Wild Eagle I'm riding two more within the next week (Incredible Hulk and Mako) and plan to ride many more in 2018!
  6. Fahrenheit at Hersheypark. It may be my least favorite Intamin in the park, but it's still a solid coaster!
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