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  1. Lochness Monster for me and that was also my first EVER coaster way back in 1989. Then I went on to ride the Laser at Dorney Park and said; "Hey! Aren't these looping coasters supposed to have some kind of over the shoulder restraint?!" To this day I am amazed that no one has plummeted to their untimely death out of the Laser.
  2. My money is on a brand new drop tower and probably a world record breaker at that. Either that or some new $3.50 soda machines would be great! I hope it's the soda machines.
  3. Yes, Ka dwarfs everything in the park, I was making the point that Rolling Thunder and El Toro are literally side by side. THAT makes Toro look monstrous to a greater degree than if it was just standing alone IMO. And I wasnt trying to say that The Voyage looked unimpressive... I was just saying it looked "ugly" constructed out of steel as opposed to wood. Think of when the Statue of Liberty was refurbished in the late 1980s and it was surrounded by a similarly massive steel structure. That was impressive to see up close but not such a pretty sight in the grand scheme of things. Think of how much prettier the Statue of Liberty would have looked surrounded by massive cloumns of wood instead of steel
  4. Huh?!? Explain. This poll, unlike any other, allows anyone to participate, which gives a better sampling than a bunch of random ballots sent out to a few people in Ohio, most of whom have never done little to no international travelling. The way this poll is structured makes it the most accurate and fair one out there. dt Like Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, "I keed. I keed." Mitch's poll is a thousand times more accurate, IMO, than that Golden Ticket crap. It's no wonder Cedar Point has 6 billion adds in that magazine since those awards make that park look like the greatest thing going. It amazes me that Cedar Point hasn't announced plans to build a new wooden coaster cause I guarentee that it would probably be automatically number one on the Golden Ticket awards if it was at all a decent ride... thus many people would subcosciously convince themselves it was great even if it was truly mediocre. I'm already bracing myself for the top three ranking the Golden Ticket is going to give Maverick, but I'll hold back that argument till it happens.
  5. Good point. I haven't seen it in person yet so I may come away with the same impression. From what I've seen picture and video wise so far was just kinda "bleh". I just feel Voyage would look so much more monstrous made out of wood. El Toro on the other hand is monstrous on two levels; 1) It's sheer humungous size of clutter of all that stacked wood and 2) It's placemnet side by side and through Rolling Thunder showing how RT is absolutely dwarfed in comparison. Now that's monstrous.
  6. Wow... they really are making fast progress on this coaster. This thing may be opperational by January. That would be hella sweet! But who would ride a Aquatrax on a cold January day. That would just be stupid.
  7. Does anyone know why the Voyage was chosen to be built with those metal frame supports as opposed to wooden ones? Imagine that, a wood coaster actually built out of wood. That is the biggest gripe I have against this coaster. That support structure is just so ugly. At least paint it or something. But, the ride kicks ass so I guess one can look past the aesthetic ugliness of this "wooden" coaster. Why would they build a coaster but make it look more like a big pile of scaffolding than a world class coaster? I guess it's easier to build a "scaffolding" coaster than a good ol' wooden one? And just how is The Voyage considered a wooden coaster anyway?
  8. I don't know how many of you out there got to ride this drop tower regularly over the past years but trust me when I say this ride was beat up. I like rough rides and all but this past year Free Fall was borderline serious injury inducing shape compared to the much tollerable condition it was once in. This ride had to go in my opinion. I wonder what Great Adventure is going to do with all those way outdated movie stunt pictures/signs that were in the que to Free Fall? (checking Ebay.... now)
  9. What would be sweet is if they got to the point where they could get a slow-mo video capture of riders on a ride like Kingda Ka or Top Thrill Dragster. That would be kewl. But, that technology is a few or more years away.
  10. Man, the Golden Tickets/Amusement Today rankings were way more accurate than this poll.
  11. Damn! I thought Balder got the number one spot over The Voyage. Robb, you tricked me with that pic of Balder on the homepage next to the link to Mitch's poll results. Yay El Toro! That ride deserves top three respect.
  12. ^ Wow, Cedar Point... leave the movie making to Hollywood and stick to building theme parks and rides. I turned that video off at the two minute mark of complete and utter horribleosityness. That video was so bad that I had to create a new word to describe it. The ride still looks cool though. This aquatrax is going to rule!
  13. So... you guys are all saying that it's not an aquatrax? But thats like the only type of coaster that Intamin makes. I still think it's going to be an aquatrax.
  14. So... have they revealed the secret plans to make Maverick into an aquatrax yet? Just wondering.
  15. I honetly thought El Toro looked like a weak piece of garbage when I first saw it doing test runs this year. I thought it looked slow and didn't have that wooden coaster "sound" to it. But after riding it... wow. I still miss that authentic wooden coaster "sound" but with that comes headaches and broken spines so it's all good that El Toro sounds more like a steel coaster.
  16. Why are there brakes on the drop on Big Bad Wolf? How weak is that sh*t!? I'm sure there is some logical engineering reason behind this but.... whatever. I guess slowing down the drop would add .005 seconds to enjoy the view of the turn over the water or something? Those are breaks, right? Anywho, good pics, bro. I love these onride photo trip reports to compliment all the TRs that are just pics of the park and rides from ground level. And I agree with a previous poster that pointed out that the foliage is more September-like than late October. The park is usually very colorful from the trees changing at this time of year. Bummer. Stupid global warming or whatever the excuse is this year. Breaks!? On a drop!?
  17. ^ You must have ate at a different Pat's and Genos. Did you eat at the ones that were caddy corner from each other? If so, then you lucked out man. I have ate there; in my meat eating days, 1 trillion times and they always had lines that ironically would start across the street on the competitors property. Regardless, they chuck you to the back of the line if you aint ready to order when you get to the window. And yes, Geno's wins. Real cheese beats out Cheeze Whiz any day of the week. You ate at both places within a half hour? Are you aware that you just took 10 years off your life by doing that?
  18. lol... that's a Philly tradition. It started with Pat's Cheesteaks where if you come to the order window and you don't know what you want they yell; "back of the line!" Which sucks since the line to that place is ALWAYS atleast a half an hour wait. Even at 3 a.m. This concludes our lesson on Philadelphia history.
  19. ^ And the photography in that picture is brilliant. I mean, you have both the words, "TimBuck Tu" and a billboard for "Bible Sale" in the background. That is just such a great mix with the Mullet-person in front. And is that guy a... guy?
  20. Oh, I see. And Konami is cool with that?
  21. Ummm.... I don't think RoXor will be releasing anything new for In The Groove... ever again. Check the press release link I posted in my comment earlier today four posts above this one.
  22. Funny you should ask. We were talking, and she said she was in need of a date for Maverick's Media Day next year. Turns out she's a huge aquatrax fan! I'll hook you up, bro. I always look out for my friends. Sweet! Thanks, bro. All we gotta do is get Enrique out of the picture and I'm set. Hopefully Anna will just grow tired of shacking up with that; rich, kind hearted, awe inspiring, super gorgeous, non-gay pop musician. I hate that man and his perfection. I can't believe you found a place more than 20 miles away from Philadelphia that sells "hoagies". But they are from Chester, PA so they must be down there for retirement... or they just realized that winter and high crime rates suck.
  23. I'll join this chain: www.myspace.com/happydudehomer
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