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  1. Well, I checked Wikipedia and came up with nothing. I can draw only one conclusion from this research: Mutant Distributors are obviously some sort of alien technology that the government is keeping the general public from becoming aware of. My guess is that the feds have tracked down any known source of information of said distributors and had it destroyed. I imagine that we may all be destroyed as well for discussing such matters.
  2. ^ Which is why they should remove that worthless "air-time" hill on Ka. The train is going just fast enough off Ka's "twisty" drop to make a simple heartline. I think. Plus you can have brake fins either just before or during this imaginary heartline on Ka to slow it down if needed. Anyway, enough of my fantasyland thoughts for today.
  3. ^ It's not going 120 mph on the way back to the station. I'm talking about the return track not the launch track section. Storm Runner has a nice little heartline near the end of the ride.
  4. I can and for a number of reasons: 1). Ka is bronken down, being fixed, being checked, etc... alot. I have been to the park atleast 30 times since Ka opened and I cannot recall one single time that Ka had a full day of opperation with atleast 1 or more hours of down time. I've seen near fights break out several times already from hood-rats that got pissed off that the ride shut down for the day after waiting in line for hours. 2). As many have stated; it's a one trick pony. The launch is crazy intense but thats about it. Air time at the top of the top hat is minimal to none. The speed is hardly enjoyable as it's total duration of 100 mph+ is about 5 seconds. The view form the top is hardly enjoyable at just a brief glance at the surroundings. The only thing I find enjoyable about the height of this ride is riding it when there are low-lying clouds. That is a crazy-cool experience to burst into the clouds and back out to see pavement. But low-lying cloudy days are few and far between. 3). The "air-time" hill on the return to the station. No air time. Complete waste of money adding this feature. They should of just kept the track straight to enjoy some extra speed or put a heart-line there. I think a main reason why Top Thrill Dragster always out ranks Kingda Ka is because TTD doesnt have a speed killer, worthless "air-time" hill going back to the station. You can actually enjoy the speed of Dragster for a few more seconds back to the station unlike with Ka. 4). Well, I dont have a four. Honestly, this ride is good for an awe inspiring sight when you enter the park and a unforgetable 5 second rush. Me, I look for more than that out of a great coaster. I'd probably rank Stealth over Kingda Ka as well if I rode both.
  5. That ejector air doesn't do it for me. Don't know, I'm just not fond of it at all. The first time I rode El Toro the ejector air hills just felt more awkward then "omg". But I do find El Toro's ejector air much more enjoyable if you cheat the stapling and get at least one molecules width between your lap and the restraint. I know the park doesn't want people flying out but the stapling and seat belting can cause for an awkward ride experiance in my opinion. Nitro on the other hand... no stapling or seat belts and plenty of floater air goodness
  6. Nothing at all? That is a sub-ridiculous statement. I'm not saying it is the end-all be-all of coasters. But don't paly if off like it's trash. Just sticking up for my #1. Nitro doesn't to much for me either. Add me to list of one of those people who just don't "get it." I can easily do a day at Great Adventure, not ride Nitro, and not feel as though I missed out on anything. Well, I like the speed and non-ejector airtime of Nitro. You seem to be an ejector-air-liking kind of guy so I can see why Nitro doesn't tickle your fancy. I guess you should stay on El Toro for your ejector air fix the next time you go to Great Adventure and help make my wait for Nitro shorter .
  7. Probably because accelerators suck for opperational reliability. Good first post. Welcome to hell.
  8. Nothing at all? That is a sub-ridiculous statement. I'm not saying it is the end-all be-all of coasters. But don't paly if off like it's trash. Just sticking up for my #1.
  9. So I guess this poll and the Golden Ticket make's Superman Ride o' Steel @ SFNE the undisputed heavyweight champion of the steel coaster world. SFNE should put out a park pamphlet with a picture of GeForce on it with the word "PWND" across it. Nothing like a good ol' intercontiental coaster rivalry. On a side note... Why don't these polls ever pick an overall winner by ranking woods and steels together? That would be pretty cool to see if something like The Voyage out ranks the likes of SRo'S or Expidition GeForce and vice versa. Just a thought.
  10. Or an Aquatrax like the new one being built at Cedar Point as we speak. And how ironic that that Aquatrax is the color of a cherry.
  11. Why bother spending money refurbishing and moving a ride like Flashback that is a minimal thrill (as far as coasters go) even if they got it back to brand new condition? This ride will not draw people to the park nor will it stand out compared to many other rides at Magic Mountain. Sure, its a cool ride and can have a place in any park... but to spend a significant amount of money to get it working again, no way Jose. Bad call if they do that. If they go through the costs of refurbishing and moving Flashback then I will have endless nightmares of Viper being resurrected somewhere at Great Adventure again. *shudder*
  12. ^ So were "pounds". Muaahhhh...... Actually, I think the "pound it" thing got old when Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco ran it into the ground in the late 1980s. But anyway, bring in termites. Lots of termites.
  13. Maybe Six Flags can get Chuck Norris to come down to the park just to stare at the Psyclone.... and cause it to disintegrate.
  14. I think they should lift Flashback off the ground with several large helicopters and then drop it on Psyclone. That would rule.
  15. This guy seriously kept track of how many times he rode this coaster? You'd figure that once you hit atleast 500 rides that you'd just stop counting. OR... did he even keep count to begin with and just threw out a big number? I'm sure the park could verify that he has been on the ride ALOT and then take his count for whatever he says it is. Whatever. I love riding coasters and all but this is a level of geekdom that I will never understand.
  16. Don't you mean launched Aquatrax? Yes. The double launched one.
  17. And that pic doesn't even include the new Aquatrax that CP is getting this year. I still feel that Great adventure looks the most intimidating from the road. See...
  18. That shield will really help keep you dry on this Aquatrax. The people in the back car will probably not see the benefit of that wooden watershield.
  19. Correct if I'm wrong but don't these parks now lose some of their liscensed content, like Looney Tunes characters and certain ride names? Those names and characters are part of a Six Flags licensed agreement to use them and not the specific park, right? So, will characters disappear and names of rides change now that these several parks are sold away from Six Flags?
  20. I take back everything previously said, here's their website, does sound legit: http://www.parcmanagement.com/ More on their plans: http://home.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/index.jsp?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20070111005442&newsLang=en I still don't see any list of parks this company owns. Do they just serve as a staffing agency for theme parks? That's what it looks like from their website... unless I'm missing something.
  21. ^^ I dont think a core for the company can be determined just by which are the original parks. Some or many would argue your core assets of any company are those that draw the most money. Thus parks like Magic Mountain and Great Adventure could be considered the frachise core. Also, Six Flags is a franchise known for good to great coasters. I think Magic Mountain more than symbolizes that more than whats wrong with the franchise.
  22. Who and what is Parc 7F? I searched online to see if I could find out if these guys own and opperate any other theme parks but found nothing. Anyone know or heard of this group?
  23. After they pay Shapiro's bonus. That leaves about $2.37 for maintenance. rbpia Sweet! A couple of more years and we got a new screwdriver for the park. Flat-head, not Phillips.
  24. I actually saw a special about Disney World, on the Disney channel some years ago; and they said how they drain all the parks fountains and collect the change every couple of months and each year they donate it to chairity. The amount was upwards of $100,000 per year. Thats crazy for just spare pennies and nickels for the most part. From what I hear, all shopping malls do the same thing, though I'm sure some places keep the money for their own use. Imagine how rich you'd be if you had a garbage dump of just used couches.
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