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  1. I'm pretty sure this is all just Poseidon exacting his revenge on the park for this coaster not being an Aqua Trax. I don't blame him.
  2. This ride should have been an Aqua Trax. We'd all be riding it already if that was the case. Probably. So... who wants to bet that the heartline roll in question gets replaced with "humps" like Great Adventure did with Chiller this year? I know that was a different coaster with a completely different problem... but just throwing that idea out there.
  3. I wonder what it sounds like in that room when that puppy launches. I imagine it sounds like a really big toilet flushing. Just a guess.
  4. I'd totally recommend trying to do Wildwater Kingdom and Dorney in the same day. Any day early on in the season (when the water park is open) is always short lines, especially in the water park. **WARNING** The water will be very cold if you go early in the season. It's very easy to knock out half or most of the water park by noon to two o'clock and then spend the rest of the day in the park and even get multiple rides on the main coasters. I'm not overly thrilled with the coasters there but the overall park experience is well above average. The water park is much better than most of the ones in the north east. And I've yet to find a park that you can do so much in with short lines on a beautiful day. I don't think I've waited more than 30 minutes to get on any ride there and I've gone on perfect days in July and crappy days in April. Ok, maybe the water park gets packed when it's hella-hot, but Dorney is usually a short wait-in-line park anytime of the year. As for food... got me. I don't eat park food.
  5. I'd remove that no-air-time-having "air-time" hill on Kingda Ka and just keep straight track there. That or just remove Ka alltogether and plant poison ivy there.
  6. Not sure what to say. The database says you voted: There isn't any way for someone else to vote using your screen name. I can't imagine hitting it by mistake but it's possible. There is a community computer in my household that I sometimes leave this page up on and there is another coaster enthusiast in the house but she knows better than to do anything under my screen name. There's a chance someone used my computer at work as I sometimes check this page from there but I doubt that too. Anywho, you may absolutely strip that vote out of the system. If anything, I'd rather my vote go for GeForce given my opinion of the two but I still don't want to tally a vote for either.
  7. But yet you voted in the poll! WHY?!?!?! Ummm.... I didn't vote in the poll. Where did I say that I did? I just checked this thread for the first time and clicked "view results" and was a little stunned thus I commented on it. But for $5 I'll tally my vote for whoever you want. Trust me Robb, it is a pet peeve of mine as well when polls like these are swerved by flawed voting. I've got a bachelor's degree in Political Science and a 4 year career in politics/working for politicians to know just how much one can hate innacurate voting.
  8. Well, I've ridden neither of these coasters and I am kinda stunned at how close this vote actually is. Goliath is just a few votes from tying GeForce in this poll. I figured an overwhelming majority would go for GeForce given the reviews and general word of mouth about the coaster that I have seen/read. I think they both look really good, but the layout and design of GeForce just looks mindblowingly-awesome. That and Goliath looks a bit more "generic" if you will while GeForce looks more modern and somewhat more innovative. Just from the onride look alone I'd more likely make a trip to go on GeForce rather than Goliath. But I'd still make a trip to see both regardless.
  9. Really they didn't even have water? As a vegan who doesn't drink any sugar, soda or alcoholic beverages (by choice) I always just; drink water, bring my own food, or just don't eat till I leave the park. And besides, I go to parks to ride rides and not to sit on my butt eating.
  10. Man, I regret not riding this coaster when I lived in Albuquerque. Stupid job out there kept me so busy and tired that I just never got around to going to Cliff's eventhough I drove past it every day.
  11. I kinda like hearing/reading the differing views views of similar coasters here and from any other enthusiasts. I think it has only ENHANCED my total coaster expeirence by reading a forum such as this one. Think of it this way... If you had a favorite actor; lets use Arnold Schwarzenegger, and you really enjoyed his films. Would you just willing always go to pay and see his movies everytime one came out? I know I'd like to atleast hear from some people/critics who like his kind of films and say, "that was good" or "it didnt have eough explosions" or "he didn't kill anyone"... etc. Thats why I like to hear people say a coaster wasn't fast enough, or the air time sucked, or the theming blew... etc. Criticism and/or praise is a necessity of life my friend. And there is only one real good coaster on the planet that deserves no criticism. And it goes by the name of Atlantis Adventure. Which now has a onride video on YouTube.
  12. ^Already been covered in this thread, bro. I was more implying to keep tubes more rounded so that they are harder to get out of or netted like the current one at SFNE. When exactly did I ever say passengers had to be restrained to their innertube anyway? I was just making the argument for netting or something more than a 1 to 2 foot curved wall seperating a passenger from a plummet.
  13. That ride looked weak as all hell from a coaster element standpoint. One bunny hill, and every other hill was a turn. Looked pathtic for air time. Speed didn't look to impressive either and how can it keep decent speed with 6 billion turns to constantly slow the train down. Oh, and that lift looked like the slowest lift in the history of coasters. Other than all that... the ride looked awesome!
  14. Well, you could just look at the finished products of each company to see how they design their coasters.
  15. Uhh... I don't understand this. How can you have five coasters run together even in makebelieve? Are we saying that the trains magically change from El Toro's, to an inverted one for Batman and so on? Are we sitting through five lifthills or are all these rides joined at the tops of the first drops? Anywho... Here's my version/twist of this: All on a Nitro Train: 1. Start with Nitro's lift and drop and to the top of the first hill... 2. Which turns immediately into El Toro's drop over Rolling Thunder and through the infield track section... 3. Which leads to Top Thrill Dragsters launch... 4. Which leads to and rockets you over Expedition GeForce's lift hill and through the entire ride at an ungodly fast pace... 5. Then you end up on Kingda Ka's launch which is not set to a powerful enough thrust to push you over the top-hat so you get repeated roll backs to the station till you can't take it anymore... or die.
  16. I remember when I was a little boy going to Great Adventure every weekend thinking that it must be the greatest thing in the world to work there. My childhood goal was to work in the giant teepee. What a silly little lad I was.
  17. As a vegan I would like to say that I like the water Universal Orlando, and the pretzel's at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg. That is all.
  18. Man, it would be so cool to be able to go to a park like this when it snows. Kinda like the ones they keep open year round in Japan. Granted... I know attendance would be hella-low but they could just keep major rides like coasters open and have the park have like a $15 enterance fee. I'd go to a park like Great Adventure or Cedar Point year round if that was the case. Just a thought.
  19. Am I the only one here who gets some joy out of seeing when someone who hates/is affraid of coasters is dragged on by their friends and then freaks out while the ride is going. I always smile when someone has second thoughts, especially on the lift hill when they realize the size and scope of the ride is too much. "Get me off! Let me off!! Wahhhhhh!!!" Yeah, good stuff. Anyway, I'm evil I guess.
  20. Well, I must say that this is my third favorite coaster in the park and I may actually like it more now if the rumors of removing the zero-G's for good is true. That zero-G roll just kinda felt awkward to me. Don't know how to explain it. As a element I really didn't feel it offered much to the ride compared to the dozens of other zero-G's I've been through. I'm not expecting to much added thrill with just air time hills there but I doubt the ride will all of a sudden suck now without those zero-G's.
  21. ^ Funny you should mention that because they would only let people go on that were... shall we say.... not fat. As you can see in the picture the tunnel narrows at the top of the loop so that you don't smack your face/front side on the bottom of the top of the loop. Many children that rode this did just that and that became a major complaint with this ride. One of my friends didn't make it through on the first pass and had to manually crawl through the loop. Least, that's what he said. I personally think he's full of it though some others have said they had to do the same.
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