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  1. Wow, that sucks on so many levels. I could see them possibly giving the name Nitro to another BRAND NEW coaster that was similar in style as Nitro. But renaming a old ride to, Nitro!? That is just asking for bad karma. Shame on you Six Flags. I'm goiong to go outside now and blow up something with an M-80 to release my anger over this
  2. I went to a Six Flags park on 4th of July before and it was the worst experience ever. It was at Great Adventure and to say the park was packed is an understatement. EVERYONE in the park was lucky to get on a maximum of 5 rides the entire day. Even the flats had people waiting outside the ques. Good luck if you do go. Maybe the weather will be less than spectacular and not as many people will go.
  3. I'm the guy holding "Disney". The girl next to me is my cousin. The two other kids are our underage servants that we imported from Guatemala. Six Flags all the way baby!! EDIT: For the record... Disney parks RULE!! Disney the company in general sucks. For whatever sense that makes. Keep in mind, Eisner was top mouse when this picture of me was taken.
  4. Look at the picture in a mirror then. Happy now? Wait... then it would be krahS smuT nevermind.... "Krahs Smut"... That sounds like an German porn store.
  5. If your name is Shark Tums... then why is your avatar Tums Shark. Could you have not taken a picture with the shark and the Tums switched around? The Earth will continue not to spin until this question is answered!
  6. Well... I like any and every version of Afronova, V for Extreme, Tsugaru, Rhythm and Police among many others. But, my favorite above them all is, Cartoon Heroes. That song is so corny and the step pattern is awesome. Just like me... corny yet awesome.
  7. No, but people sometimes call me Jim. Are your shoes always that dirty?
  8. I like to, as was said on a classic episode of The Simpsons; "celebrate the birthday of my nation by blowing up a small part of it." Though all the celebrating this year will be done on Monday the 3rd as one will be able to sleep in on Tuesday since the me and many others have jobs to tend to again on Wednesday morning the 5th. Good times will be had by all. Injuries should be minimal. I think.
  9. Not true... there are several motels all within several miles of the park on Route 537. I know of atleast three that are less than 5 miles down 537 if you make a left/head south on 537. One is right next to a Wawa about 3 or 4 miles from the park. They are all off-brand motels and not main stream hotlel/motel franchises, for what thats worth.
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