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  1. Here you go: I had several friends that rode this... and lived. Anytime I went to Action Park when this was there I said; "Hell no!"
  2. Actually, I thought it was stupid right from the get go. But to stay true to form... Maverick will always be my favorite Aquatrax.
  3. OK, well you would have the worst review of any Disney park that I have ever seen. I'm sure you must have had a bad experience to speak such ill. But seriously, you are one out of the hundreds of people that I have talked to that went to Disney parks and had nothing but great things to say, including myself. Stop being so negatory and be more happitory. Negatoryness cause's wrinkles.
  4. ^^ It is just a waterslide and for the most part they are very safe. Take this rider here: That is an typical waterslide. No major risk of capsizing or shooting out of the slide. But that isnt exactly the great wall of china holding her in that ride if the rider broke from proper riding protcol. I just fear in this day and age of kids and adults acting like little show-off jerks that any typical waterslide, that doesn't take extra precautions such as this new one with netting, is not that hard to get hurt on. If you stay seated or even if you fall out you will be fine 99% of the time. BUT if you get that one schmuck that doesn't follow the rules then you got a potential problem on your hand. I'm all for the netting they are adding to rides such at this one. Anyway, I worry too much I guess.
  5. You haven't ridden any of the other water coasters, or any large raft ride for that matter have you? If you get out of the tube you're still in the slide itself. You'd have to try really hard to actually get out of the slide. And it would half to be on purpose. And in that case it'd just be human stupidity. Water slides are all an "at your own risk" attraction. There are plenty of ways to get hurt or injured if you don't follow the rules, or can't control yourself. You just don't hear about incidents because they're not as spectacular as say a train derailing on a roller coaster. Are we still on this? Yes I've been on slides like this before. And yes you could get out of the raft and easily over the 2-3 foot wall that keeps the innertube from going out. That hardly constitutes a "really hard" way to get out of the ride itself. MY POINT WAS... why is acceptable to have a ride like, as you say; be ride at your own risk waterslides BUT something less risky like a 12 mph kiddie coaster HAS to HAVE restraints. I'm not saying you have to have ridiculous restraints that strap you into each tube, but it should be harder than just scaling a 2 foot wall if you were out of your innertube. I can name atleast ten waterslides off hand that fit that description exactly. The netting showed is a perfect example and was obviously put there because someone thinking like me saw people potentially falling out as a risk. If it's so tough to get out of a slide like this then why were the nets put there to begin with? It's like the parks are saying we can take the chance of people being stupid on a waterslide that they could easily plumment off of and get seriously hurt if they wanted to. BUT on any coaster be it big or small you will always have atleast some restraint to keep you from getting out of your seat.
  6. Oops, my bad. I changed my Aquatrax signature to a clearer font to amplify the annoying value of it.
  7. Umm... why is my last comment totally mixed in with the previous post? Is this just my computer doing this? This is trippy, man.
  8. Overweight dad? I think he looks to be in great shape for a guy thats probably in his mid to late 40s. Maybe those were just two patrons reacting to a price increase.
  9. It absolutely will hit $100+ for the entrance fee and no one will raise a fuss about it because inflation and a workers average salary will increase in time as well. When our parents were young they all paid like one third the cost of what it takes to get into Disney now. Prices just always go up in due time.
  10. I thinks its way more worth it to go to Disney @ $95+ for one visit and get a way more quality experiance than you would get out of several visits to Six Flags over the summer for less money. Crap, I dropped at least $150 a day over 5 days the last time I went to Disney World and didn't have one complaint about doing so. It sucks that the prices went up again but that's a cycle that will always continue into the future.
  11. Yeah, it does. It's a really weak comparison. If you jump out of the train on a coaster, you plummet to the ground. If you jump out of the boat/tube on this water slide, you're still in the water slide. Again, its a water slide. There's no logic for a restraint. I'm sorry but I fail to see what sense you're making here at all. If you jump out of this slide/innertube you're still in water? Last I checked on the video there was solid ground underneath and a two foot tall (if that) wall seperating your innertube from a pretty sizable plummet to the ground. That is absolute logic for a resraint. I wouldnt want to fall from that height. Would you? But I think Waterviper hit the nail on the head with the lack of many incidences yet on water rides such as this being the reason for lack or implementation of restraint.
  12. So the potential of falling out of a open air (mostly) water slide with a height that is 3-4 stories tall is less of a concern than falling out a kiddie coaster going 12 mph and a maximum height of 15 feet? That makes sense to you?
  13. Yeah! SMASH! SMASH! SMASH! I missed the "smashing" part the first time I read this. We may get a decent public destruction display out of this afterall.
  14. Why do you need restraints on any coaster but not on this ride? I mean seriously... what is the logic to put it on any and all coasters but not this? You would get hurt just as bad if you got up or were "forced" up during this ride or a small to mid sized coaster. I know this ride isn't going to have ejector air but you run a chance of someone getting paniced all of a sudden and trying to get off out of stupidity.
  15. Did I see the words "water" and "coaster" in the same sentence!?!? I'm so there!
  16. ^ lol. I'm usually first to notice a miss-spelling or bad grammar but I totally passed that one by. My brain just atuomatically added the "b".
  17. I want to fullfill my dreams and ride every single AquaTrax on the planet. that or Expedition GeForce, The Voyage, and Millenium Force.
  18. ^ My favorite name change was the "Toasticle's" one.
  19. Mmmm.... chocolate and lemonade. Two great tastes that taste great together. That's actually a pretty cool publicity stunt. I don't know how much 100 kilos of chocolate is but I'm sure it's alot.
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