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  1. Oh, that doesn't mean he WON'T sue the park. I'm sure a few lawyers will talk to the parents here and they may change their tune in a heartbeat. If the family sued they will more than likely get something substantial from this. I'm not saying that this family will definitely commit to settling this and get money but the odds of them doing so would point more to the side that they will if past lawsuits are any indication. The thing that sucks about this is that this is a lose-lose situation for the park. There is no way that they could come out looking good in the end of this. This is a huge blow to their already skeptical family park image that they are trying to rebuild. Even if the kid got high on crack in the parking lot and then wnadered back in a complete stuper the headlines will still read "Decapatation on Roller Coaster at Six Flags". Plus there will always be the argument that; the fence was too short, there were no guards everywhere, there was no river with alligators in it around all the unsafe perimiters, etc. This one act damn near negates what progress they have made or are trying to make. Hell, I already heard from atleast 6 different people today that swore that someone got decapitated ON the rollercoaster. It wasn't till I checked here that I found out that it was a patron going where he shouldn't have. Huge, huge, HUGE public relations blow for Six Flags. And it's not even a event that is slightly their fault. Ugh, imagine how much the park will crack down about bringing anything on the ride with you other than your clothes if this kid was trying to get his hat that flew off during the ride. People thought it was strict now.
  2. Microwaved canteloupe?... Interesting. How exactly do you know of this friday night "treat"?
  3. My one complaint about the front page is that the pics in every update/feature on the front page are not clickable links. I always go to click the pics on the front page here as I find that is the trend that most of the other sites use that I go to. Other than that minor quib, the front page serves it's function just fine for me.
  4. That's almost as creepy as those people that wait around at the bottom of those water slides that drop straight down and cause some of the bikini tops of girls to come off. Or so I've heard.
  5. Six Flags Great Adventure printed out a pic of my cousin and I's infamous "Disney Sux" Nitro onride pic and left it out as a sample at the counter. True story. I was not upset that they printed my picture without my knowledge as they did this only because I'm so ridiculously gorgeous and they wanted that pic to help boost sales of onride photos and motivate all employees to show up each day to just to see me.
  6. I was thinking the same exact thing. They remedied this "look" on Skull Mountain by putting in a faux mountain front and painting a mountain skyline on the sides of it. Hopefully they do something more than just leave Dark Knight gray. As for the park... I honestly don't see much of a improvement at all. If anything; lines will be longer from even less rides throughout the park now, and more people will be pissed that they have to get a locker on the main coasters (I could care less). Granted, guest services and some other bells and whistles may enhance a park goers total experience but I can honestly say that I am less than enthused to go to a park that looks to be moving more backwards than it is forwards. Building a good family coaster and planting more pretty flowers doesn't erase the net ten plus flat rides, drop tower, and coaster that have been lost in just two seasons. /end sourness
  7. This thing is so going to revolutionize my current way of getting my luggage to the check in desk at the airport.
  8. Shiriki's laugh sounds like the noise that the Transformers make when they transform.
  9. El Toro for wooden. For steel coasters I would have to go with the air time hill back into the station on Kingda Ka. *One of the preceding statements is entirely false.
  10. I shall answer thou's question if thou will answer me these questions three: Question the first... Seriously though: Will it work... If it rains? Nope. If it has a technical/mechanical problem? Nope. Does anyone on the planet know for sure if any of these conditions will apply to your visit? Nope.
  11. Nice little trip report. Those pictures of Chiller being taken apart make me sad. It's a good thing I wasn't able to meet up with you guys because I had no idea Chiller was being removed until two days ago. That means you would have had to deal with me crying for the entire day upon finding out the Chiller was done for. Though the pictures of me going from shock to anger to sobbing would have been great for your report. Not all is lost as you can get those same reaction shots of me next year when I physically see The Dark Knight coaster on Chillers former location.
  12. Drops don't do anything for me anymore. I remember riding my first hyper coaster years back and damn near throwing up. Now I ride any major coaster and get little to no feeling of stomach churn at all. Weird. I guess you kinda just get used to it or something riding thrill rides for so long and so often. But to stay on topic: I guess I would have to say that the drop on Hercules (R.I.P.), at Dorney Park was the greatest since that is the only ride in my life to literally make me throw up.
  13. Wow... I just saw the pics of Chiller getting disassembled and signs for the Dark Knight all around it. WTF!? This is weak! Why did they waste all that money to refurbish and modify Chiller just to tear it down months later? I know it's reliability to work suck and all but that was a kick butt coaster. I'm sad. Time to go sob now.
  14. Aww... everyone is getting to ride an Aqua Trax except me. Life isn't fair.
  15. Man, I haven't read the forums here in months and I just HAD to stop back and see the commentary in regards to the Golden Tickets. You guys didn't disappoint. Keep up the good work. See you all next year.
  16. Now get your butt over to South Korea and get this same picture in front of Atlantis Adventure. Archfiend approved background.
  17. My count is still at ZERO! Great trip report. Arguably one of the best ever posted on this site. But that's only because you included so many Aquatrax photos. Way to rub it in
  18. Nice! Eat your heart out El Toro! Now South Korea is going to have a Intamin wooden coaster and an Aqua Trax! I'm in love!
  19. This is all just bad karma for the park. And I find it amazing that The Chiller took 10 years to fix it's heartline issue while this ride took what... 10 days to get track removed and parts started in fabrication? Should have been an Aquatrax from the get-go.
  20. Disney is so going to open a can of pay-back and even the mighty Chuck Norris will run for the hills. Seriously though. Is Disney even going to sue over this or can they even? I guess they would be seen as an anti-Islamic organization if they sued whoever made this kids show so they will stay away from this one.
  21. Maybe they are testing Maverick to see if all the other components/sections of the ride are still working properly. They would be running Maverick today if the ride was perfect or not. It's no surprise to me that it's testing.
  22. Well I'm sure their goal was to piss everyone off by dropping this information last minute. Please, no one here knows what exactly caused this set back. All I do know is that both the park and Intamin would like this ride to be fully operational.
  23. I wonder how much the fanboy outrage will be flowing when this ride doesn't blow people's minds when it becomes operational? In all honesty this coaster doesn't look that much worth getting disappointed over a delayed opening. But, se la vi.
  24. I was hoping to get the credit count in my signature up to one with Maverick.
  25. Wow... 17 pages of posts in a day already. I must admit that this story even got me to post here for the first time in months. Anywho, I'm glad I didn't make those plans to visit Cedar Point in the end of May. I think I'll go to South Korea instead. After all, they have a Aqua Trax that is fully functional.
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