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  1. OK im trying to get this right... Even with cable lift hill... its still not steep.. Let me get pictures of some coasters that people have made to show what I mean.. ps .( what is with all the damn RCT2 cheats THAT DONT WORK!!.. really though all the cheats ive looked up on the net DO NOT work...) pss. ( will RCT games load in RCT2?)
  2. When i choose the steep slope, it doesnt let me make it a lift hill...
  3. I saw a rollback when i was there... Does it give any sensations when you fall back?.. like the weightlessness that superman gives?...
  4. I guess that your still home and your just messing with us... OK thats a bad guess but I cant think of anything.. .
  5. 2 thumbs up!!!! ...... Where is your Oscar Award?....
  6. Its September... lol.. gotta love bringing things back from the dead...
  7. Is there a way to make a coaster 300ft and have the lift hill steeper? ...So you dont have the entrance miles away from the bottom of the drop?. Sort of like how Mellenium Forces lift hill is?.. Ive seen it done before but I dont know how..
  8. I saw Star Wars, and Chocolate Factory.. and I loved them both... Im looking forward to seeing Harry Potter and King Kong... ( since there like the only good movies left this year).... Pixars new movie looks like crap.. compared to the rest they have done.. but disneys movies sucked this year.. Did anyone see the new Disney movie?.. I think it was ok for a "non pixar" animated film.. but IMO they havent had a GOOD pure Disney film since Lion King.. and Lilo...
  9. I know you shouldnt eat late.. but isnt 6:30 kinda pushin it?... sometimes I dont eat till 7, 8.... and thats not late at all... 10, 11.. thats late.. But ya ive lost almost 100 pounds... It all started when I wanted to fit into all the intamins... so ya.. im about 160 pounds now.. I was 250... So I call my diet the "Intamin Diet"..
  10. Well for the limited amount of coasters ive been on... S:ROS @ SFDL was pretty good... Magnum had great airtime.. but it hurt me.. ( S:ROS @ SFDL and SFA are the same thing right.? ) ..Although I think Dariens is better placed...
  11. (Anyone ever notice that Cedar Fair has far fewer coasters with Inversions then other Chains?) Oh well... Cedar Fair has amazing coasters for not being inverted... but then again that means lapbars...!! OTSR...eww
  12. I dont like Itunes... so i did it threw the red cross
  13. Im on TPR the most, but I also read various Game and Movie forums...
  14. They should do something cool with the supports... Like how Mellenium Force has those sexy supports on the lifthill.... but after this Goliath... i think that name needs to be retired...
  15. When I was seven... I had sex... ... just kidding.... geeze
  16. I love MCR!!.. "What they do to guys like us in prison" and "give em hell kid" are my favorite songs.... but Helena is a good one to!.. I wana see them in concert.... They did a bad job at the VMA's but they only got like a day to reherse...
  17. Hello No well have superman you can have KK Alteast America has a couple cool Superman coasters already.. but this thing looks amazing..
  18. Trade KK?.... NEVER!!! Ok but for real.. that thing HAS to be better than KK..
  19. I cant believe all the pictures/videos on the news. Its so strange to think that this is the US and yet it looks like some 3rd world country.. People are stranded and helpless and thats not something you think about everyday . Those states will never be the same again.. and as for Six Flags, with the park having the financial issues.... can they afford to fix anything?
  20. Thanks for the video... there is a similar topic here already though.. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=18622
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