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  1. I heard about that on the news also.. that would be cool to see a nice theme park built close to me.
  2. The only roller coaster ive been on at night is ROS @ SFDL.. it was nothing special..
  3. Ive never been on a rocket coaster.. ive been on an Intamin impulse coaster (Wicked Twister) .. that was fun.. . Dragster was down when i was at CP..
  4. ... Intamin does make those amazing coasters.. nothing can beat Superman ROS or Mellennium Force or Geforce...
  5. The water effect is cheesy...and I dont find it realistic at all.. i dont see how all these people are saying the game is life like..
  6. The problem is that the detail gets to be way too much sometimes... my computers graphic card is not that good so it glitches alot.. and the water is way overdone.. it looks too much like a corny video game IMO. I dont think there will ever be a game like RCT2 .. because its just a classic game that cant be remade.. and then the whole switching of the company issue..
  7. LMAO.. this is easy for me.. Cedar Point Six Flags Darien Lake Six Flags New England Waldameer Park Hershey Park Marine Land... Yes its pathetic.. i know...
  8. Um... Best hyper is SROS @ SFNE... Best invert would have to be Raptor @ CP Best Giga.. well duh theres only one.. Stand up.. hmm probably Mantis @ CP.... I love to many woodies.. so thats to hard to choose on..
  9. I could of sworn I read that in a post here before.. a while ago.. anyways... that is a bad article.. they need to get coaster education..
  10. I think a casino would KILL the family atmosphere... It just doesnt belong in a park like CP... Sandusky and Vegas .... not the same.. and how can they just have a casino there?.. I thought that gambling is illegal in most states.. but then again im probably wrong..
  11. Q building the ride... enjoy air conditioner , a cool drink, and best of all.. u can pretend to be waiting for a coaster!!.... This will be a record breaking ride.. for the longest waste of time ever!!... that will be a great credit...
  12. I want to start a site.. but I have nothing to put on it.. Ive never bothered to take pictures or videos... Sure I can always put other peoples stuff on it.. but I dont feel like reading nothing but hate mail.... and threats about stupid copyrights every day..
  13. Superman ROS @ SFDL.... oh and Raptor.. but knowing CP that probably broke records but I dont know of them right now..
  14. Ya.. it was alright when I was there... I go to Niagara Falls for other things though..
  15. Well Darien Lake is the only SF ive been to.. so to me its a great park lol.. ..... Atleast it has an amazing Intamin coaster ...
  16. This is supposed to be Dariens biggest year ever, but I havent been there yet so i havent seen any of the new stuff..
  17. Its not a bad park, it is small though.. Superman is one of the best coasters IMO Darien Lakes Viper is enjoyable The Mind Eraser is ok, but its rough Boomerang is just like a Boomerang. The Predetor is alright but its one rough woodie.... (its not running most of the time anyways) .. One of my favorite rides is Shipwreck Falls, just because I like to get soaked. And Dariens Ferris Wheel is nice aslo, because its placed soo you get a GREAT view and its really tall. They also have good fireworks sometimes...
  18. They are sooo different... CP has the thrills , but IOA has the theme and family atmosphere.. I would say that CP beats IOA in terms of cool rides, because IOA never adds anything new... well.. barely ever anways... Id say CP for now, just because Ive never been to IOA
  19. Cedar Point is great, and I think that it is one of the best parks in the world.. I cant wait to go again.
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