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  1. Coolness. I like how the theme is just like the movie.. with the volcano and stuff..
  2. I noticed that!! My Viper experience is actually a good one, because I enjoy Darien Lakes Viper, it seems as if "vipers" have bad reputations... but ive only ever ridden one...
  3. Could you imagine what a Cedar Point used ride would be sold for??. :shock: ..... $$$$$$$$$$$$.... just because of the rides history and location..
  4. They have some space issues, although they always manage to build rides because of the ways they build.. Disaster Transport could be torn down, so then another twisty ride could be put in that midway... becauuse Wicked Twister, Ferris Wheel, and maXair are all beautiful... and then there is this ugly building just sitting there.. I dont think CP needs that many coasters right now... they have plenty of them.. maybe some more original rides.. a state of the art dark ride.. Unless Intamin builds CP another record breaker like they usually do.. I wouldnt expect anything too amazing .. anytime soon ..
  5. I had the chance to go to that park yesterday and I didnt ...Instead I had a tour of Washington DC, and walked around the city in 90+ heat.. I should of checked out Busch Gardens....
  6. Ive never been on Delerium but ive been on Maxair.. so I think you should add that..
  7. Because of me being in NY I wont see knotts, however I have seen many Cedar Point and Darien Lake commercials ..
  8. Tilt-a-whirls can be found at Cedar Point - Sandusky Oh. Waldameer Park - Erie Pa. Midway Park - Mapple Springs Ny (a tiny old park ) Astroland - Wherever that is... and thats all that I know of but im sure there is more...
  9. Im sooo sick of them talking about Superman TE , and how it has broken all the records and how its the best coaster ever.. ... because there are way better coasters... SROS @ SFNE is the best Superman coaster IMO..
  10. I love tilt-a-whirls .... I think CP has one, and a small local park here has one.. they are getting rare though... the local SF doesnt have one...
  11. Im bringing this topic back from the dead because ive been on vacation and away from the forums so i have the right to do it.. Anyways, I dont even see the point of having brakes on the top.... it might help it run better...
  12. They need to make some new ones because the information is outdated The show says "Goliath has the tallest drop"........ not knowing that in just a few months Cedar Point would change that phrase to " Goliath had the tallest drop".... And obviously Dragster and Kingda Ka are larger then Superman, so they need to take out the part that says Superman is the tallest in the world.. .... and they always talk about the dumbest coasters also..
  13. Early Entrance Cedar Point Resorts guests can enter the park one-half hour before it's opened to the general public to ride select coasters, including (when available).Top Thrill Dragster and Millennium Force. During your stay you may pick up an early entrance pass at the front desk. The pass recognizes that you and your party are guests of our hotels/campground and therefore allows you to enter the park prior to the general public. For entry times during our operating season, please contact our reservations office at (419) 627-2106 or email us. _ the breakers express was listed on the site as a resort so im guessin you do get early entrance. When I emailed CP , I was told that weekends are the busy times. 2 days should be enough... exspecialy for Dragster, because you never know if the things going to be working.. And also Millennium Force, because the thing was getting stuck on the lift hill all day when i was there..
  14. Magnum @ CP And yall already know what it looks like... so im to lazy to post a pic
  15. :shock: ... ive never seen that tango thing... it looks cool though.. do they have it at any parks or just fairs?>.
  16. .. Thats awesome.... When I was at CP I got to ride Wicked Twister 3 times in a row, because ...surprise surpise, no line..... I actually love that ride, I dont get why its just not popular... then again its because everybody is at Dragster.. in the 4 1/2 hour wait.. yes.. it was terrible... I didnt get in line, and then the thing broke as usual... What are the reasons for only running one train?. MF only had one going, and when i was at sfdl ROS only had one going.. and that made the lines long..
  17. holy crap talk about a post archive.. that topic is almost 5 years old.. I look at CP to be a generally safe park. Is there laws that say coasters have to be built to survive earthquakes, tornados, huricanes, floods, etc..? Im sorry but if there was ever a twister or quake at CP, i have a feeling that park would be destroyed, doomed by its own likelyness to build tall rides.
  18. I know what you mean!. There is a large structure that looks just like a roller coaster in my city, but its actually a huge conveyer belt that carries cement blocks up and down large hills for a local factory. There is also a HUGE cell phone/radio tower that has supports and a structure that looks similar to TTD,KK from a distance and when I drive by it all I can think of is roller coasters... Oh I forgot about the town library... Its built like a castle and reminds me of Disney...
  19. .. Ive heard so many untrue storys about Cedar Point its not even funny!.. Ive heard everything from Dragster accidentaly launched too fast, causing peoples hearts to explode. Dragster flys off the tracks occasionally Dragster is visable from space ( and that one is a more believable rumor but I believe it is untrue, because it would just be a dot, and you couldnt pick it out from any other tall structures unless you zoomed in to Sandusky)
  20. Im posting this because of all these accidents that happen and then people dont think twice when getting on a ride.. I was just asking people what rides they feel unsafe on..
  21. So what parks have a spotless safety record?.. According to www.pointbuzz.com CP does.. , ( 'Question. Has there ever been a fatal accident at Cedar Point? Answer. No one has ever died as the result of an accident at Cedar Point.Next time someone tries to tell you about the time Demon Drop flew off it's tracks, or about how many people have died riding Top Thrill Dragster - don't believe it! " ) but when I was looking at the roller coaster accident site I found this (Saturday, May 28, 1994 - A 14-year-old boy died after riding a roller coaster at an amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio.) parks besides CP in Sandusky?.. is it a lie? And on the subject of roller coaster accidents, it seems that people are just dumb. On atleast half of the deaths, people either stood up (duh?) , or took off their seatbealts (duh again? ) Are these people trying to die, or what?.. geeze. So what rides make you feel unsafe?.. I dont like Magnums lift hill because its so tiny and the cars sway from side to side when its going up making it seem like its going to fall right off, and I also felt very unsafe on SFDL's wooden roller coaster. (forgot the name of it?) And I will NOT go on carni rides.. :shock:
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