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  1. Top Thrill Dragster.... ehh its ok.. Expedition Gforce sounds corny for the good coaster that it is.. Magnum XL.... makes me think of condoms...
  2. Cedar Point for a day would be fun.. And also having Disney World all to my self...
  3. That sounds familiar?.. I know that from somewhere.. anyways Im doing the forms for u Alvey..
  4. A LONG time ago (early 40's) , a park by the local lake here was totaly destroyed by a Water Spout that came on land. The Ferris Wheel fell into the lake, and its still there.. it became the home of many fish, so it was voted not to be recovered. The small woodie that was there was blown to pieces, and the only thing at the park that was left was the bleachers of the baseball field.. ( they are still there also)
  5. How well do coasters stand up to winds?... You would think they would have building codes for strong winds right?.. ( do you think Dragster or Ka would survive 175mph winds?)
  6. I would give the ghetto SF's some good stuff.. forget about Magic Mountain and Great Adventure..
  7. Cant they just make Dragster go faster?.. I mean 128mph isnt a big difference to 120....
  8. Mellenium is a good coaster but is it really still number one? .. I agree with Cedar Points souveniers... I couldnt decide what to buy when I was there... the merchandise was amazing..
  9. They need a Disney in the northeast.... but that will NEVER happen.. I dont care about China.. let them build there..
  10. ugh.. geforce looks coasterlicious... so does Silver Star... I need to go to Europe...
  11. Hmm... X and Scream would be nice for Cedar Point.. I mean those are coaster types that Cedar Fair is missing... 8) .. but only in ones dreams.. I mean come on.. SFMM is the xtreme park.. but CP is the coaster capitol
  12. The forums load slow for me lately... I dont know if its my problem or what but it always tells me that " The operation timed out when connecting to Themeparkreview.com "
  13. I just dont see why Six Flags had to go buy they tallest and fastest coaster... I mean they should be making the parks better in general.. not just throwing breakdown machines in for a quick buck$$$ ..IMO
  14. Maybe someone will buy SFDL and finally do something with it.. Because its popular around here... everyone goes to it because the only other good parks around are CP and Hershey and those are still about 4 hours away. The concerts held at Darien are a plus, because they are major artists that come all season long... and you can get into the park for cheap if u go to a concert..
  15. I still cant believe i turned BGW down when I was able to stop there.. I toured Washington D.C instead.. and everything was closed.. and it was 105 out.. and we walked the whole time... so ya.. i should of gone to the park..
  16. I loved maXair... so im going with HUSS... even though thats there only ride ive been on..
  17. I have no interest in getting a ride on KK.. I think Intamin needs some more damn good coasters....non rocket coasters.. Geforce, S:ROS, Mellenium, those rides beat TTD and KK anyday..
  18. Cedar Point was great so im going to take his side and say that Dragster is way cooler..
  19. I think Drag racing is way cooler then some over used golden jungle theme... so ya ttd..
  20. I think a stand- up backwards would be cool.. like mantis or something.. and Mellenium Force backwords.
  21. That would be a great view of the park..!! I saw Dragster rollback... my friend was on it and he doesnt know how its built to handle them and he thought they were gonna crash.
  22. I just killed myself reading that.. no offence but you should edit it..
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