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  1. When I download a file for rct2 and try to load it this is what happens .. error message "unable to load file , corrupt data" and ive loaded other peoples stuff many times before.. this just started happening.. HELP...
  2. Blue streak was good.. but I dont really know how old the rides ive been are so I cant answer this.. but oh well look at my birthday cake
  3. Magnum is overated... it was a little rough.. but lots of airtime.. and fat people friendly lapbars..
  4. or just download it....... instead of worrying about seeing a picture..
  5. This is looking very nice... I wish my computer could play rct3 correctly..
  6. dragsters looks the same right?... Ive seen into the engine room before
  7. :shock: and those darn coasters are supposed to be safe... false advertisement 8)
  8. Large quicktime files are the best.. but divx is also nice..
  9. God this topic is still alive :shock: .. anyways.. I just wish that they would release a patch or exspansion for rct2 that has intamin rockets and newer flat rides, like a maxair type ride.. since rct3 blows in comparison.. imo..
  10. Since this is a great site, I think we should show some love.. Lets get 100 reasons why we love Theme Park Review So lets Start 1) Coolest webmasters around 2) Constant updates 3) No ads 4) Videos that are more than just coaster footage. 5) A forum thats not full of loser's (i hope ) .. your turn..
  11. TTD had a 4 hour wait when I was at CP.. I didnt even bother to get in line... Instead I took the time to ride all the other rides.. or in the words of the ride ops "world class coasters" . Though I will say that Magnum is even more overated than TTD.. all I can say for Magnum is OUCH, OUCH, OUCH.. those hills give amazing airtime but.. its a little rough. :shock: . same with Mantis..
  12. Has anyone had luck with Cedar Point?.. All im getting is the outline but you cant zoom in...
  13. Kingda Ka was a good idea for Six Flags IMO.. even though its similar to TTD.. good to hear that its running..
  14. I think its fair.. I mean you never know if the leg could fall off or something. but they should have let the girl off of the ride.. ( but then again... When I was at Cedar Point there was a boy with a prosthetic leg that got on Wicked Twister with no problem.)
  15. right... anways leave it to Disney to hide the news to the public.
  16. My favorite - Cedarpoint ... it has so much stuff... the pictures, videos, the info, .. its just really nice.. and the webcams are a nice touch.. (when they actually work lol) and the animated banner is cool.. worst?... i dont know.. i havent been to enough of them..
  17. I avoided the "too small" idea so I just made random things.. Wal*Mart continues world domination Microsoft also continues world domination The avatar
  18. I have many Cedar Point and Darien Lake , also some Marine Land and various tickets from some Las Vegas rides.. Id be glad to give you some mail me at Chad14701@gmail.com or pm me.
  19. I wont believe it untill Cedar Point anounces it, but IMO it sounds like a bad idea.. maxair was nice but now we need a coaster.
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