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  1. Last major one was Cedar Point in May.. but ive been to a few local parks..
  2. That would be fun... would the airtime be the same..
  3. I still dont get it..... how could those coasters be there...
  4. I cant edit my posts... it says something about Debug mode...
  5. Final Exams...Graduation.....Senior Class Trip... June 2006 is a bad time for me to go .. but maybe next time!
  6. woop!.. these forums are the coolest.. because the webmasters are the coolest..!! (ok that was cheesey but take it as a compliment )
  7. Darien Lake is a nice small park... but the coasters are crap.. besides superman and viper..
  8. I think its soo nice to have a smoke free new york...
  9. TTD has ran many times in the rain.. but it usually closes soon after a few rides... or if your lucky enough to just be on it when it poors..
  10. So you sign up for the forums to sell a ticket?.. I dont even know you.. like i would buy something from somebody that has made one post...
  11. Im sorry to say that its actually a WalMart and Starbucks being built. .. (ok maybe not)
  12. I also noticed how Raptors brakes ruin the whole ride.. its so smooth.. and then CRASH... Magnum had amazing airtime, but the lapbar was hurting my legs and crushing my cellphone in the pocket.. I also agree that Wicked Twister is an amazing ride.. I dont think it gets enough apreciation.. and there is NEVER a long line for it. maXair is just coolness... Its good to ride after you get wet.. because the air just drys you really quick.. and the best part is the front seat view of you falling to the ground.. but I only got that view once out of 3 rides.. Dragster was down when I was there.. And whats the deal with Mantis always having the huge lines? I didnt find it that good.. it hurt me.. Hope you had a nice trip and nice pictures.. I plan on going again soon.
  13. When I saw the CP skyline It was amazing.. seeing Dragster for the first time! The way you see all the rides from the parking lot gets me exited..
  14. I kinda think that the name is cheesey but I voted for the pendulam also..
  15. :shock: .. They are getting rid of Demon Drop?.. maybe this is a sign of good things to come..
  16. I hope to have a good time.. and I hope its not to crowded..
  17. That parking lot looks like its not fitting much more cars in it..
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