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  1. Is it true that Dragsters launch is so strong that you cant scream?
  2. I like Six Flags Darien lake, because its small and I like how the rides are built around water. Boomerang and Mind Eraser are very photogenic with the scenery around them, and the way that Superman pops up over the trees and appears from nowhere on the highway is very cool.. And the staff have always been friendly for me, and the bathrooms and stuff are clean everytime im there. The giant wheel also has one of the best views of a park.. I always bring a camera when im on it.
  3. Alright thanks for the reply, It looks like Im going to Universal because I want to actually ride something...
  4. Most coasters let u have glasses on right? They just get pushed back into ur eyes, so they dont like fly off or anything. I had sunglasses on Superman:ROS however something with twists or something upside down might make them fall off.
  5. My girlfriend would do Britney Spears Mariah Carey Madonna (just to say she did Madonna, because not many people can say that) My men fantasy can stay private... hehe
  6. I want to go on the stratosphere rides .. they look like fun.. exspecialy that new one...
  7. Ok I have a chance to go to Disney World and I just want to know what kind of rides the park has. Is there any coasters in DW? Also "this may be a dumb question but' is Universal part of Disney? Is Islands Of Adventure better for a coaster lover?
  8. Ive been on Superman:ROS @ sfdl many many times.. cant count them.. but its one of my favorite coasters..... I would like to try the sfne version..
  9. I choose Dragster just because It looks cool.. and yes I said "because It looks cool" Ive never been on it yet but the other ones look very small and slow compared to dragster... ya im ignorant but i dont care...
  10. My park rating was 999 and I had awards for the best coasters, and best food. I was getting no problems from the guests and my park was very clean. For no reason my rating will drop down below 700 in just like 10 minutes. What makes the ratings go down?
  11. I have a girlfriend, but there is atleast 2 or 3 male celebrities i would soo do.. :shock: .. but hell, who wouldnt? ... .. my girlfriend has her female celebs she would do...
  12. Can you really compare skydiving to a roller coaster though? The free fall from a skydive is like what thousands of feet?
  13. IM guessing Intamin is going to be the one to reach the 700 mark soon... they just keep building up, up, and up...
  14. Wow, dragster is getting low ratings.. I havent even riddin it and just by pictures it looks like an A... Wish I could answer this post but Im not going to CP till may... The only coaster I have ever been on that I would give an A to is Superman: ROS.. and thats just the Darien Lake version, I would like to try New Englands track some day.....
  15. This coaster looks fun, but I will only get to ride dragster because its way closer... it would take about a 9 hour drive to kingda Ka, yet CP is only a 3 hour drive lol...
  16. the coaster does not look that good from the video but im sure its a great ride..
  17. I didnt understand how to use it so i got rid of it..
  18. Well ive only been on one that I know for a fact is in that list Hypercoaster- Superman ROS @ SFDL
  19. It doesnt look like a big deal with difference, and is that bunny hill really going to have any air time? ... but Im going to ride Dragster for the first time this May.
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