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  1. ^ there's only two other things in the water park that could really be removed. The Kids area by Halfpipe and the regular pool.
  2. To make it worse it doesn't include the cobra roll Magic Mountain gets a hand me down ride
  3. I don't think a Giant Discovery would be worth it here. The capacity would result in absolutely no line whatsoever. I think the regular size discovery that seats 30 would be a better fit here.
  4. Well... I gave this a try. It's not a "Top 100" its more of a "Top/Most Popular 75 Roller Coasters in North America" list. So for anyone who is bored, and wanting something to do... Here you go: http://www.listchallenges.com/topmost-popular-75-coasters-in-north-america We finally got a good one.
  5. ^ the only place where people are speculating these things are on this site. I highly doubt SFA is looking at a discussion thread about the park.
  6. Nah that's not Planet Coaster. It's believable but I'm doubting it actually comes to fruition.
  7. ^They've already started building it. I don't think they would halfway construct a star flyer.
  8. If Magic Mountain intends in adding a record breaking Star Flyer it's gotta be at least 430 ft because there's one in Orlando @ 425.
  9. My prediction is some type of worlds first/record breaking slide (North America's tallest body slide or North Americas first Mat Blaster slide) and maybe King Chaos.
  10. I've never really understood the clientele complaint about the park. The people here are the same as I've encountered at nearly every other park I've been to.
  11. For anybody going to Cedar Point do yourself a favor and stop at one of the Swensons locations in the Canton area.
  12. Last real coaster was Valravn but I got on Woodstock Express after.
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