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  1. Sorry for the double post but apparently the park has added a one day dining plan option.
  2. I just became #8. I would drive thousands of miles just to ride a Pinfari Coaster. Kings Dominion used to have one called "THE GALAXI" when they first opened up their doors and I first rode it in 1978, my first visit to the park. If the lines weren't too long I would do marathons on that coaster. I remember other parks having that type of coaster; such as Busch Gardens, Magic Harbor, and Indiana Beach. But sadly that type of coaster is starting to become an endangered species with two parks that I know still operate a Pinfari coaster: Adventureland U.S.A. in Maryland, and Morey's Pier in New Jersey. Whenever I hear of any park getting rid of their Pinfari coasters I feel like . The adventure park USA coaster is a schwarzkopf
  3. Looks like our chances of getting V2 are diminishing by the day.
  4. I can't recall where the water balloons and tennis ball games were? But if I could think of a coaster to build at SFA . . . . I'd have a B&M Hyper . . . . 2 trains (red/white, black/gold) . . . . 263.2 feet high Sadly this can't be a reality because we are stuck with a boring intamin hyper
  5. They have a decent amount of land where the old water balloons game and tennis ball game were.
  6. I'm assuming you are talking about a Larson Flyer? If so, yes, they have one. I think he's talking about the Junior SLC like at Carowinds and Kings Island.
  7. Somebody could be getting the first Unicoaster. On the webpage for that ride, they said they sold the first one.
  8. Is Hershey's manufactured by KMG or someone else?
  9. I'm surprised no one said Ride of Steel. You hit the brake run right after an airtime hill. And your coming in at a decent speed.
  10. The park posted a teaser with a phone number attached and when you call it gives you a corny semi-teaser. Here's the number: 210-697-5478
  11. ^ I am 100% with you. I hate carnivals. When I visit them I ride the scrambler and maybe a UFO but never the huge rides like that because of the possibility of something like that happening. Prayers to the people involved.
  12. For all the LGBTQ folks/Anyone who would care to attend, here is the info for pride night at SFA.
  13. 1. You probably won't encounter a line longer than 10 minutes for anything on a weekday unless you plan on a water park visit. 2. Wonder Woman, Rodeo, French Quarter Flyers, and the Rapids ride are all pretty solid flats. 3. My personal faves are Crazy Horse Saloon, Chop Six, and Gator Mcgees. Gator Mcgees Jambalaya is really good but you have to ask for it because it's not on the menu. 4. If you are a water park person, you should definitely do the one here. Don't waste your time on the drop tower. Ride front row on Mind Eraser and Apocalypse because other wise it's not as good. Lastly, Have fun and post a TR.
  14. It would make more sense to remove Scream because there are several parks in the chain that could definitely use it. Viper on the other hand would probably just get scrapped.
  15. Does anyone know if either of the wooden coasters had patriotic trains? From Wild One's break run I saw some trains that kinda looked like the new articulated ptc trains.
  16. Visited the park today to get my first ride on Lasso of Truth and all I can say is wow. Every park needs one of these rides. Definitely one of the better additions to the park. Also while I was in the park I noticed that they ditched the tubes on Mako and Hammerhead and now they are being used as body slides.
  17. In no particular order: White Lightning MineBlower Wild West Express (Zamperla Windstorm) Coney Island Cyclone Skyrush Storm Runner Lightning Racer Great Bear Fahrenheit SooperDooperLooper
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