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  1. Does anybody else think that Six Flags could've bought Kanonen. It would be within their budget considering Liseberg only paid 6 mil for it when it was brand new.
  2. ^Yeah after rereading that I'm pretty sure it could be a Gotham City retheme to something more inclusive to every hero.
  3. This ones not really worth posting but I figured it would spark some discussion.
  4. Based off of the recent screamscape rumor, I am thinking that it's going to be a large water park expansion that includes multiple attractions. It's rumored to be called pouring piers.
  5. I'm surprised no one has thought about the possibility of King Chaos and a water park addition.
  6. Hopefully they take away all of the Zoomazon falls slides except for the green one. I'm thinking we see a mat racer but I'd love to see a Mat Blaster. It would be the best of both worlds and a first in North America.
  7. Are you asking if it is a popular attraction? That's a tough question with regards to a park where the vast majority of the attractions are walk-ons... Just tell us what ride you've been told it was.
  8. I've got a sneaky suspicion that SFA will troll with us over the next few days... there are several attractions that have been rumored to be closing at SFA recently (PBR was one, ROAR another)... but I have a feeling (if my sources are right) that the attraction closing will surprise some folks (something that many/most people wont have seen coming... but not necessarily a bad surprise). Is it a ride that people actually ride or nah?
  9. Don't read too much into it becauseits likely that they'll do the same thing with a different ride.
  10. Considering the caption I asked in a question this may just be one of theose teasers to allude to the fact this could possibly be getting removed. It's kinda like what Jeffery Siebert did this year.
  11. As far as we know there could be markers and spray paint but we wouldn't know because the layout is far away from public view.
  12. Unless the park is that very profitable, which I doubt considering its close proximity to SFOG, there is no point in keeping a park like that open. If a company is profiting off of a park, they're going to invest in it and it doesn't seem like they're investing in this park much at all. This park should get a coaster before SDC or Dollywood even considers adding one.
  13. They wouldn't retrack something a week before they decide to close it unless they were just notified by corporate about something.
  14. Yeah at this point Herschend should just sell the park because they aren't really adding to it enough for it to make sense.
  15. Why are people pushing so hard for these. They look incredibly boring.
  16. It's closed because it's getting the trains from Greezed Lightning at KK.
  17. Don't ride yellow unless you feel like getting kicked in the head.
  18. Pirates Flight (Intamin Swings), High Seas(pirate ship) and Riddle me this were the only rides added before wild one that they could remove however none of those plots would be big enough for anything besides those rides unless they removed either the sky coaster or shipwreck falls as well.
  19. I think the teaser is related to the name. We might finnaly see Total Mayhem.
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