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  1. It was the only ride for SFStL in 2017. So yes, if it is SFA 2018 addition, it will most likely be the only ride. That post was outdated. I wrote that assuming that a ride may have been going in the small parcel of land now occupied by a games stall.
  2. The comment section on that video is truly horrendous. It's sad to see that many people being that Idiotic. I hope that all the victims recover well.
  3. Give yourself another 15 years... and a few years to see how other parks are run Then you will understand. In 15 years I'll be 30. By then I'll probably have at least one child. There is no way that I would ever fork up 200 each for a platinum pass. I'd rather deal with the low quality but know that I could eat 3 times a day, refill my cup and enter and exit as I wish for less than a basic cedar fair platinum pass.
  4. It's crazy that people are really complaining about Six Flags because the memberships are cheap.
  5. What if they got this : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nMhY-JbKsaU It would fulfill one of the 5 record breaking/worlds first rides.
  6. Another Six Flags park getting an raptor or a Six Flags park adding an X-Flight clone.
  7. 1. Hopefully not but maybe. 2. Definitely not happening this year if at all. Six Flags has stopped adding them an even if they were adding it we would've seen demolition of the arena. 3. I doubt a ride is going in that space. If one were to be added hopefully it would be in either Coyote Creek. If one is added, it definitely will not be the only ride.
  8. Does that mean Kaeson Youth Park is going to launch a middle at us.
  9. I would argue that Hershey and Dorney are actually its closest competitors as they are equally as close as KD and BGW
  10. ^ It could be very simple like a stall or if they happen to remove Blizzard River it could be for a station, Maintenance shed or queue. Not saying they will remove Blizzard River but the Survey Markers re awfully close to it.
  11. ^The metropolitan areas that surround SFA are areas of low income. SFA wasn't and still isn't generating the type of money that the other parks are. The park that was there before SFA was not very large either which means they would have had a hard time expanding it so much. However it does seem like corporate is starting to invest a bit more into the park. It just has some catching up to do and I think Wonder Woman may have been the first step.
  12. Nah, I heard they are closing Great Bear and that they're gonna put Dragon Challenge in its place.
  13. First Steel: Vapor Trail @ Sesame Place First Woodie: Comet @ Hershey Park First Looper: SDL @ Hershey Park First Invert: Great Bear @ Hershey Park First Stand Up: Apocalypse @ SFA First Launched: Joker's Jinx @ SFA First Flying: Batwing @ SFA First B&M: Apocalypse @ SFA First Intamin: Storm Runner @ Hershey Park
  14. I've visited the park about 5 times this year and I've seen it get stuck on 3 of those visits.
  15. I visited the park yesterday and while I was riding Wonder Woman, I noticed a few Survey Markers in that area. This could mean this might be the last season for Blizzard River. We may also be seeing the end of Apocalypse's run at SFA. The ride is consistently getting stuck on the lift hill and I'm sure maintainence is getting tired of dealing with it.
  16. What's their second RMC? Seriously, though, how is Blazing Fury an RMC? I'm reading that it was built in 1978. I would say because RMC constructed rides but I don't think they were doing that in 1978. Maybe they retracked the whole thing.
  17. Nice pics. I agree with you very much about Zierer making some pretty impressive coasters. More parks need to buy coasters from them.
  18. The 8 persons trains shouldn't be too much of a problem once all the hype dies down as long as the ride time is similar to Goliath at SFGam.
  19. 1. Six Flags Fiesta Texas - First ever RMC Raptor!!!!!!! Not much else needed to say. 2. Magic Mountain - I need to get my credits up and there's no better way to do it than going to Magic Mountain 3. Six Flags Great America - Great coaster line up - Great city of Chicago 4. Dollywood - LIGHTNING ROD!!!!!! - CINNAMON BREAD!!!!! 5. Canada's Wonderland - Great Flats - LEVIATHAN
  20. I have a strong feeling this won't be the only one being built in the Six Flags chain this year.
  21. If you guys are indeed getting a Raptor, it won't be the first anymore
  22. How are crowds on Sundays in August. My family plans on visiting the park the in 2 weeks and we will probably not be purchasing fast passes. Thanks in advance.
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