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  1. Nobody's getting rid of their season passes. The poster above you and one other person literally just said they were.
  2. I think we can all agree that this park needs to chill out on coasters for a bit. They've gotten 3 coasters in the past 5-6 years.
  3. To those of you getting rid of your season passes, think about it like this. •We are actually getting something while Dorney and MIA will actually get nothing at all. •We'll probably get a new restaraunt as they seem to add one every year. •It will be something to do when they close the Wave Pool for 30 minutes. •We missed out on the 4D clone. •It shows that Six Flags wants to put creative and innovative stuff into the park. No other Six Flags parks has one of these so it's something unique to our park.
  4. I'm starting to warm up to this now. It's possible that they could completely update the leisure pool area by replacing the old slide with new ones. Based off of my experience with the fast lazy river at Volcano Bay, this should be fun if Six Flags isn't cheap about it.
  5. The GP won't even know the difference. Does any other Six Flags have one of these interactive rivers?
  6. Nobody was really expecting that to happen. It was more of a last minute pipe dream.
  7. I beg to differ. It's quite obvious Six Flags was incredibly cheap this year. The chain as a whole spent around 50 million as supposed to the 75 million number that was being thrown around. They may not see a big profit at a few of the parks.
  8. This looks like a great addition and it was totally unexpected. The park barely teased.
  9. They could've at least put in King Chaos. I used to reject the fact that SFA is the ignored park in the chain but it really is. This will probably hurt their income as you can't really market a Lazy River.
  10. I'm kinda confused why someone would waste their time teasing just to add something this miniscule.
  11. My Park would be located in Delaware as there are currently no parks there. Coasters: Gravity Group woodie (Mine Blower) Gerstlauer Infinity (Hangtime) Zamperla Motocoaster Zierer family coaster Miler kiddie coaster Flats: Larson Flying Scooters Star Flyer Swinging Ship Discovery Splash Battle Wet/Dry slide Water Park: Halfpipe Vertical slide Toilet bowl Mat racer Play Fort
  12. The only negative thing about an RMC conversion of roar is the possibility of it being a clone and the fact that it would be the loss of a good woodie.
  13. I'm really feeling this RMC roar rumor. There might have been a reason it was the last ride teased. And the fact that there is one unknown RMC really isn't helping my suspicions.
  14. QUICKTRACK ROLLER COASTER TRACK SYSTEM READY FOR LAUNCH Bridging the gap between the Hardware Store and World Class Roller Coaster model Mooresville, NC, 8/22/2017 – The quicktrack system provides all of the parts that aren’t readily available from a hardware store to produce a World Class 1:32 Roller Coaster Model. Quicktrack is primarily a low cost rail tie system and ride vehicle that utilizes many readily available items such as PVC pipe, water pipe and standard bearings used in many RC vehicles. Conceived and designed by two active mechanical engineers with over 30 years’ experience in bringing consumer products to market, the quicktrack system will allow educators, hobbyists, makers and roller coaster enthusiasts to produce a model limited only by their own imagination. “Because the quicktrack System isn't a kit with a fixed finished outcome or limited number of interlocking parts, it allows you the ultimate freedom to go through the creative process and reap all of the benefits it sows. By the time you finish the first few feet of track you will know infinitely more about Physics, rollercoaster design, and design in general.”– Steve Guilmette, Co-Founder With a passion for S.T.E.M and it’s place in the current education system, Steve and Lee plan to build an online community and provide a place for the roller coaster designers of the future. The forum on the website, http://www.coaster-track.com, will launch simultaneously with the Kickstarter where backers and fans alike can begin the communal creation process.The co-founders aren’t simply going to administer the forum, they have committed to sharing all of their accessory CAD files for free, so customers with their own 3D printers can print the parts themselves. “As product development engineers, not only do we understand the ins and outs of designing and bringing a product to market, we also understand the fulfillment of design. It's an iterative process, you try, fail, modify and try again, the learning and progress that comes from this is not attainable any other way.” – Lee Williams, Co-Founder Quicktrack systems purchased through Kickstarter will include track ties, a working train, and all required hardware and specialty tools. Systems will be available in configurations for everyone from amateur builders and seasoned enthusiasts to educators and entire makerspaces and S.T.E.M facilities. For more information reach out to Steve or Lee via marketing@coaster-track.com and check out our social media on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, @coastertrack
  15. What if this whole teaser campaign was just showing what's gonna happen in the next 5 years.
  16. Here's my predictions . . . . 1. Penguin's Blizzard River gets removed for an S&S 4D free spin 2. Castaway Creek gets removed for a water coaster 3. ZoomaZon Falls gets removed for a mat racer I wish all of this could happen in the same year but probably not. I could see it being a possibility if the free spin is replaced with a Discovery or Relocated ride.
  17. Considering Universal has recently gained the rights to Dreamworks, you would think they would've kept the ride and given it a How to train your dragon theme.
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