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  1. ^True. SFA is in desperate need of an indoor attraction. There's not a single thing to do in the park when it's starts pouring down.
  2. ^ A giant discovery. One of those would be perfect there or in between Superman and Batwing.
  3. Does anyone else think that the Gotham Arena is going to be torn down in the years to come. It's been years since they've hosted anything of substance there. There's also another venue in the front of the park which could easily host any cheer events or anything along the lines of that.
  4. Let's hope so. I'd rather have KBF's old Boomerang, TBH. Why would you wish that pain upon me. That need to sent that turd to SFSTL so they can get their long awaited Intamin Steel Coaster.
  5. Well that was very unanticipated. I thought Hologate VR was the only thing arriving this year. The Skycoaster is a little dissapointing. I'd rather see the Water Park or A new flat like a drop tower or some larson flyers.
  6. Off topic but with Black Panther doing so well in theaters, do y'all think it would be possible to see a land based off of Wakanda at the speculated third gate?
  7. ^ I didn't mean Shipwreck falls. I meant Typhoon Sea Coaster. They definitely should remove Shipwreck Falls though. That would be prime real estate for a Raptor.
  8. I'm talking about rides such as Two-Face, Krypton Comet, Shipwreck Falls, etc.
  9. Apparently SFA owns all the land seen in this picture (https://www.facebook.com/sfafans/photos/a.393824844853.170862.310053629853/10156115593369854/?type=3&theater). With that much land why do they continue to remove rides?
  10. Link to article: https://www.vekoma.com/index.php/198-press-release-vekoma-sansei Vekoma Rides Acquired by Sansei Technologies Rollercoaster manufacturer Vekoma Rides acquired by Sansei Technologies Vlodrop - Tokyo, March 30, 2018. Dutch roller coaster manufacturer Vekoma Rides (Vekoma), based in Vlodrop, the Netherlands, was acquired today by Sansei Technologies (Sansei), a Japanese company listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange. With the 100% acquisition of Vekoma (100% of the shares will be taken over), Sansei will increase its global market share in the field of designing, supplying and installing roller coasters. Headquartered in Osaka, Japan and active in the global entertainment equipment industry, Sansei achieved a turnover of around 225 million euros in 2017, largely from the sale of attractions to amusement parks and dynamic stage installations to theatres. The collaboration with Sansei is the beginning of a new chapter in Vekoma’s development. Since the start in 2001, Vekoma has steadily grown into an innovative manufacturer of roller coasters. In addition to seeing geographical growth, Vekoma has also managed to position itself as a preferred supplier to a number of globally operating owners of leading theme parks. With the acquisition by Sansei, Vekoma can now further expand its leading position in the worldwide market of rollercoasters and other amusement park attractions. Reputable partner Vekoma’s takeover is a logical next step, according to its Management. Explains Kees van Biert, chairman of the Supervisory Board: “In recent years, a solid foundation has been laid, in which safety, innovation, quality and customer satisfaction have served as spearheads of our policy. In Sansei, we have found a reputable partner, with equivalent standards and values, who can offer continuity to the company and bring us even further. Through their presence and contacts, we also see opportunities to better serve new regions, such as Japan, Southeast Asia and North America.” Governance structure The conditions of the acquisition stipulate that no changes may be made to the strategy, management, terms of employment and the location of the business. Vekoma’s governance structure will, therefore, remain virtually unchanged after the acquisition, and its current management team will remain intact. Mr Nakagawa, CEO of Sansei, will sit on the Supervisory Board along with the current two Supervisory Board members, Mr Van Biert and Mr Steenbakker. The company will continue its activities under the same trade name as an independently operating company. The Works Council of Vekoma Rides, which was involved in the process from an early stage, gave a positive advice on the acquisition. About Vekoma Vekoma (vekoma.com) is a leading rollercoaster manufacturer – one of the world's most innovative. The focus of the company is on the development, production and installation of roller coasters and special attractions and after sales services for theme- and amusement parks. In addition to a portfolio ranging from thrill- to family rides, Vekoma is continuously working on the development of customized projects commissioned by and in close collaboration with a wide range of international clients. Its head office is located in Vlodrop, in the Netherlands, and with over 300 employees, Vekoma is an important employer in the region. About Sansei Technologies Sansei plans, designs, manufactures, installs, repairs and maintains attractions, stage installations, elevators and other designed equipment in Japan and beyond. The company's attractions include roller coasters, water attractions, dark rides and much more. It also offers stage equipment, such as sliding stages, mobile stage equipment, inclined floors and rotating stages. Founded in 1951 and formerly known as Sansei Yusoki Co., Ltd. the company changed its name to Sansei Technologies, Inc. in January 2014. It is headquartered in Osaka, Japan.
  11. Source? Ask Highridn(user on this thread) I have no idea where he go the info from.
  12. In reality, Never. Apparently the Park President didn't want one.
  13. ^ That would make sense accept for the fact that Hersheypark, Dorney, and Great Adventure all have Inverts and are less than 300 miles from each other.
  14. [attachment=0]brit.gif[/attachment] I'm just stating what I was told in this thread about a year ago.
  15. I'm pretty sure BGW has an exclusivity deal that basically says KD can't get an Original B&M coaster.
  16. Not even sit down or floorless trains would save it. The only way Apocalypse would be good IMO, is if it had lap bars. I strongly disagree. A sit down train like Kumba's would provide an awesome experience and would probably require literally nothing besides the purchase of trains and maybe rebranding for the park.
  17. Yeah, I agree with you Coasterbill. Mind Eraser w/ Lapbars or Vest restraints would probably be the 4th best coaster in the park. Mind Eraser's layout is actually pretty cool albeit short and without the Headbanging I'd definitely ride it more than apocalypse, roar, Batwing and Rajin Cajun
  18. We'd probably have to spot them sitting nearby. The Marketing team st SFA is pretty bad for the most part so I definitely wouldn't expect an announcement
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