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  1. Here's the deal: for people in the region, complaints about the clientele consistently come up and have been coming up for as long as I've been connected to the rest of the hobby or people living in the DC/Baltimore area. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that these complaints are really down-low racism, but confronting that fact doesn't change the reality that there's a lot of people there with a lot of alternate options who are basically afraid of a theme park with a greater than 15% African American or Hispanic customer base. Six Flags can do two things then: -Shrug, put lots of money into infrastructure that was ignored during the initial flagging process from Adventure World to Six Flags America -Do bare minimum to keep numbers where they are in a highly competitive market place The current management has never chosen for #1 for any park, so it shouldn't surprise you they've gone with #2. That park needs to spend millions on things like plumbing before they spend it on rides. This. The "clientele" thing really grinds my gears about this park. Leading up to the first time I visited SFA that is all I would hear about. When I finally visited the park I said to myself "what the hell are they talking about?" They were speaking about the place as if there was drug dealers slinging dope on ride exits and people were getting knifed on the midways. Man people are sheltered sometimes. I completely agree with you. The people saying that should just go to valley fair or michigans adventure instead.
  2. The Larson Superloop for Over Texas is probably not gonna happen. They have said that they do not want one.
  3. This Forum is to discuss our predictions for our Home parks (closest big park) My Home park is Six flags America and I am predicting them to either rmc roar or refurbish whistletop park as DC Super Friends
  4. I know everyone is probably going to disagree with this or think I'm downright stupid but I personally think the Vekoma SLC clones are very underrated. If you can get past the roughness which is on practically every rollercoaster if its not brand new the ride is pretty good. It has a very good layout in my opinion. The only bad things besides roughness is maybe the color scheme but your not riding it for the color. At least I would hope not.
  5. 1. Intimidator 305 2. El toro 3. Skyrush 4. Storm runner 5. Incredible Hulk 6. Great Bear 7. Volcano: The blast coaster 8. Wild one 9. Kingda ka 10. Joker's Jinx
  6. Apocalypse at Six Flags America has a beast color scheme.
  7. Six Flags America is very underated. It gets a lot of crap for being the hand me down park and attracting a rather bad crowd of people. What do you expect from a park in a metropolitan area. How are they stopping you from having fun.
  8. Sfa has a different market compared to Six flags great adventure. Six flags great adventure also draws a lot of people for the safari which is a unique experience not to mention they have some of the best roller coasters on the planet such as el toro and the general publics major draw Kingda ka. If the lineups were the other way around I think its safe to say Sfa would be the dominate park.
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